‘An open day experience for the students of Luton Sixth Form College’

TAT17-3 Conference and Event Management

Group Assessment:: Plan an event

‘An open day experience for the students of Luton Sixth Form College’

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On reading the Luton university magazine, which had an article on not attracting enough students, and if this trend carried on, the university would be in financial trouble, the group decided it would be appropriate to hold an open day experience for college students considering the University of Luton for further education. Our vision of the event is to have representatives of the university visit the students of Luton Sixth Form College and present university life at Luton for the students. The main objective being to attract new students to Luton University. Shone and Parry pointed out in there book Successful Event Management (2001) ‘that the useful size of committee is about 6 key people that whom should go through several screening process which includes the marketing screen (marketing research) – environmental search, the operations screen – licensing, regulations, permissions or approvals needed, and the financial screen’. This could be apply to our group as we have to undertake similar process including a marketing plan, budgeting plan, venue choice plan and access technological requirements. Swarbrooke and Horner, 2001 say that organising a conference involves not only identifying in great detail the potential customers needs and requirement to insure their ultimate satisfaction but also planning, preparing and directing the conferences activity at the time. We can also consider this statement when planning the event. The end of this report will focus on our performance when planning this event so a critical evaluation of the group is included.

Preparation process
Before launching straight into the event we need to be clear what the aim of the event is. One way of doing this is the 5 W’s approach they will explain the why, what, who, when and where of open day experience. And they are as follows:

WHY do we need to hold the open day?

· In order to get new undergraduate students to come to Luton University

· Raise and improve profile of university.

· Give students a taster of what they are in for and try to attract them to study here

· Explain the importance of and routes into higher education

· To build relationships with colleges, schools and their teachers and enhance university image(as building long-lasting relationships is beneficiary for university getting students Lal joshi)

WHAT do we want to achieve?

· Meet targets for number of new students

· Help to fill more of the undergraduate places and promote the university

· Ensure students come to the university from Luton itself

· Better the image of the University of Luton

· Increase profits for the university by getting more students and by competing well in the

higher education sector.

WHO should attend?

· College students and people interested in going to university, mainly all the college

students in the final year at college education.

· Representatives of the university of Luton should attend, ( One academic representative

and one student) (a student is present at UCAS exhibition events to relate to the students

and give them an idea about like at Luton university Lal Joshi)

WHEN should the event be held?

· The event will be held on the 18th of March between 4-6 p.m, after college has finished as this is the date when sixth form students will be deciding upon which university they want to go to. (Students have usually submitted university applicants by the 18th January to UCAS. Then UCAS sends the application information to the universities, and then the university will know how many students are interested at the each college.

WHERE should it be held?

· At the target college which is Luton Sixth Form College, Bradgers Hill Road, Luton, LU2

7EW. (This college is a target college for Luton university Lal Joshi)

· The event will take place in a conference room in the college, which holds a capacity of

approximately 250 persons so places will have to be limited.

Venue choice

The requirements for the venue are:

· A large room

· Adequate car park space

· Wheel chair access

· Easy to get there with public transport

· Over head