Some aspects of civil rights do wonders for our country, such as allowing every citizen the right to vote, and allowing for freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, but I do think we enjoy a little too much freedom at times. I think certain freedoms, such as the special rights Native Americans are given (tax-free, reservations, whale hunting, casinos, etc.) make others appear to have less freedom. We are all Americans, we should enjoy the same freedom. It shouldn\'t be about allowing others who are percieved to be less capable of making thier own way in this country feel more secure by giving them special interest. Homosexuals have rights to have parades in the middle of the street when it is still such a controversial subject and has never been proven to be more than a choice. It\'s a contradiction to the rights of those who do not agree with it and those who wish to raise thier children in a christian environment. People fight against such groups as the Boy Scouts of America for "discrimintating against gays, but in reality they are way within thier constitutional rights.

(Burns p.130) In regard to the right to chose an abortion. I guess you could say I\'m more of a republican. I support the fact that even life inside the womb is protected under the fourteenth amendment which states "...nor shall any sate deprive any person of life...". A man can be charged with the murder of an unborn child if the mother didn\'t "choose" to have an abortion done, but it\'s legal for a doctor to do it. It just makes no sense. This country has moved forward in so many ways, but at the same time with so many contradicting rights, it seems to slide backward as well. According to Burns, page 164, we have the right to protests, such as picketing, sitins, and marches. Well, what about the rights of others who are stuck in traffic such as the protest on I-5 two years ago? Don\'t others have the right not to be hassled? And that is exactly what I\'m saying, the rights conflict. I think the only way to correct this problem is to take away some of our "rights". Right now it\'s chaos. There are so many technicalities that keep people out of jail, because of thier rights, but what does that do for victim\'s rights? Affirmitive action hands out extra "rights" to some and takes them away from others. It\'s all a mess. I really don\'t know what else to write on civil liberties. I\'m sure I could write a whole series on it\'s flaws, but for now this is what I have. We, as American\'s enjoy too many civil liberties, and they need to be ironed out.