Essay 3:American Beauty

American Beauty tells the story of man\'s search for happines in his life.The film

focuses mostly on Lester, his problems , his relations with others.Apart from Lester and his

attitudes the film focuses on American Dream.In the film everybody wants to have his/her

own American Dream.They want their own happiness, freedom and success.

Lester is an unhappy man who has problems about life.He want to change something

in his life and he was searching for happiness.He is beginning to realize that his life is just

like a hell. His marriage has no true feeling, he thinks that his daughter hates him and he hates

his job.He gets bored of his life and marriage.These problems are more than mid-age

problems.He becomes really indifferent to life although he has everything( a

house,car,family) to be happy.We see that these things which can be bought by money isnít

enough for peopleís happiness.So Lester is in search of an escape and a rebirth.He is

searching any possibility for happiness.There may be a relation between his childhood and

his unhappiness.In the film he remembers his past many times.(I think he had a good

childhood but now his life is more different than he expected.) He becomes different when he

sees Angela(his daughterís friend) in cheerleadergirls show in the match.He really becomes

excited.Although he is recording all the cheerleaders he only focuses on Angela.It shows how

Angela\'s sexuality motivated Lester to realise who he is and his big attention to her.It is

important to notice that Angela and Lester are never shown in the same scene. This suggest

that there is a barrier between them because Lester is desiring a girl that is his daughter\'s

age.Other important thing is lightning.The light shining on Angela shows us that Angela is the

object of Lester\'s attention.He sees roses coming from Angelia.At that time Lesterís brain

produces happiness hormones and according to me these roses represent happiness

hormones.When Lester thinks about Angela an erotic sounds is played backround.

While Lester is passing in front of his daughterís room, he hears that Angela also

wants him.He becomes happy and Lester feels excited by the thought that a teenage girl

thinks he is hot and handsome.This suggests us Lester isnít a self confident man.He hears

Angela saying that she would have sex with him if he would start build-up his body.He

finds an escape in Angela.He thinks that if he has a sex with a beautiful teenager like Angela

he can feel reborned. Lester\'s mission for happiness and escape is impressed by his eighteen

year old neighbour, Ricky. In Ricky, Lester finds his model for rebirth. Lester calls Ricky his

hero.I think Lester wants to be like Ricky.So Lester begins to build up his body, smoke,use

illegal drugs, and drink beer. Much like a teen he leaves his job and finds a job in a fast-food

restaurant because he doesnít need much responsibilty in a fast-food restaurant.Then he

changed his car with a sports car.

Other important scene is at the end when Lester\'s erotic dreams are about to become

real. Lester and Angela are in his house. Lester admits to Angela that he wants her since he

saw her.The scene begins with Lester laying Angela down on a sofa so he could have sex

with her. This scene is important because Angela and her virginity is about to be taken, but

Lester comes to a realization and refuses to have sex. Lester transforms, from the teenage boy

he had become, to the man he was. He understands, as most boys do when they become

mature man that sex is not the key to happiness.And he may think his own daughter in the

same position with Angela.He feels just like a father to Angela not like a sex partner. Lester

wants his past back. However, he wanted back the past and also the family he had lost.

Another important thing that American Beauty focusess on is American dream. The

American dream is like a grade which a student works hard to receive. The dream, just like

the grade, may not always be easy to achieve, but through hard work and determination

anyone can live out his/her dreams. Everyday many immigrants come to America, home of