While we\'re growing up, outside world offers us different experinces endangering our lives. Young people may meet one of these dangers, alcoholism, as an "entertainment provider" but they must be aware of problems they could face. So the question is clear: what are the reasons affecting human-being and enforcing him to drink? Commonly known answers are purposes like entertaining or forgetting something, and addiction.

Alcoholism might be caused by just a fair purpose like entertaining or forgetting something which gives pain. When alcohol is taken into our body, it affects us in a relaxing way, getting away our self-control. We behave with ease; nothing concern us. By the way, we get used to drinking a bit more, we approach alcoholism one more step. For instance, if your darling leaves you, most of your friends recommend drinking as a treatment. Secondly, if the person is already addicted, no valid grounds is needed to drink. He do not decide to drink because he has to do it; maybe he doesn\'t want it but he can\'t stop himself. In this case, this person is an advanced level drunk as he is an open-target for dangers of alcohol.

Now, it\'s time to ask second question: what are the negative effects of alcohol for mankind? We know that many social problems and even cirrhosis may result from alcoholism. You may be an addict or not, anytime you overdose alcohol, you have some difficulties in society. The person under affection of alcohol may hurt people around him unconciously. Relationship between the drunk one and his environs might be handled in a negative aspect where the drunk one might be excluded. Even your partner may leave you because of alcohol. Or, by a darker view, we could say that drinking is not only endangering the individual, but also the entire society. If you drive drunk, you become a threat for everybody in the traffic. Furthermore, the worst effect of alcohol to human life is the most serious disease of liver, known as cirrhosis. Considered as the most functional part of our organism (after brain), liver is tidying up our body from alcohol by transforming it to less dangerous chemicals which we can easily get rid off. But liver also has its own capacity and if you give it "extra job", it would fail to function. Disfunction of liver, cirrhosis, may lead to death.

To sum up, drinking alcohol with or without a reason results in social problems and worst, cirrhosis. Personally, I think that if you like to do so, do not drink too much to not cause trouble. Our health is more important than alcohol, isn\'t it?