Wrt 102

October 27, 2002


As we mature into the college years, we find ourselves curious about the effects of alcohol on one\'s body. I had a friend who always drinks when she needed a confidence booster and she passes out on the floor each and every time. This is the main reason why I want to investigate on how alcohol effects our body. Many teenagers feel alcohol is the key to their problems, that their problems will disappear after they drink. In fact, their problems only get worse because they are only trying to dodge the problems and not solve it. I would say to the teenagers that drinking does not solve problems, but add to the existing ones.

Many times, alcohol is consumed on occasions. Other times though, alcohol is consumed incorrectly by those who try to dodge their personal problems. Teenagers have the highest percentage of drinking to run away from everyday problems. Little do they know that drinking do not solve any problems but actually are harmed from it.

I could remember the solemn look on my friend\'s face when she said, "Drinking helps me deal with problems I have no control over." It always left me thinking how it is possible that drinking is good in any way. Teenagers do not know the seriousness of alcoholism. It leads to mental as well as physical illness that are not easily repaired.

Young people tend to drink more. According to "urbanized and industrial area of New York\'s Nassau County, as many as 860 out of 1000 high school students reported occasional use of alcoholic beverages, the majority with parental knowledge and consent." Young people have a misconception that alcohol will erase all problems. Excessive drinking leads to alcoholism and the abuse of alcohol consuming. "Young people in particular must be able to make these distinctions as they stand on the threshold of maturity and in position to shape tomorrow\'s social attitudes."

Some people have temptations for alcohol and so the society needs to diminish the temptations for those specific people. These are the people in denial to things in their surroundings. They abuse the privilege of drinking. At times, they could cause disasters when they drink and drive.

"The public has, at least before the controversy grew after the change in law, supported the changes, in part because of the belief that teenagers were already drinking." The government is trying hard to make more restrictions on drinking, but since the drafting age is 18, then the drinking age should be 18 also.