Who- Albanians who wanted their autonomic government back from the Serbs.

What- Hate crimes against Serbs; Albanians attacking selected Serbian targets.

When- Began in 1980’s when Kosovo had its autonomy in 1989 revoked and a new Serbian constitution introduced.

Where- Bordered with Montenegro, Serbia Proper, Republic of Macedonia, and Albania. Kosovo is a small province that was under Autonomy but was revoked by a new Serbia referendum.

How- The Albanians refused to accept the referendum the Serbs set up. The Albanians were the minority in Serbia so it did not change outcome.

Why- In August 1987, A Serbian Politician, Slobodan Milosevic, had visited Kosovo and pledged, “No one should dare to beat you”, speaking more directly to the Serbs. Then in 2 years, the Serbs set up a new Serbian constitution, which replaced/revoked Kosovo’s Autonomy. The Albanians did not want to lose their Autonomy in Kosovo so they retaliated with non-violent acts, then later on became be aggressive and began planning attacks against certain Serb targets.