Air Pollution

Many people don’t really care about the environment or what effect they have on it. I feel that if every one knew what effect it had on there health and on life’s existence on earth they might care a little bit more. Did you know that it isn’t Industrial plants that put out the most emissions of dangerous pollutants, it’s actually automobiles! I know that most of you are saying, “Ya so, what does it mean to me”. Well it might not mean anything to you, but these dangerous pollutants can cause serious illnesses or even death in the long run. I know that it doesn’t seem like a very big deal in our area, because we don’t have a big problem with air pollution. Well it doesn’t matter how big the problem is, there is and will always be a problem with air pollution, unless we try to do something about it.

Most people go on with their lives without thinking about what is in the air, and how it affects them. Some of the most dangerous air pollutants that can cause cancer and other harmful problems aren’t even regulated, which are: benzene, arsenic, chromium and one of the most common is diesel exhaust. Other pollutants can cause or worsen asthma, or cause serious heart problems which can lead to heart disease or a heart attack. Study forecasts show that air pollution from 83 power plants owned by eight utilities will cause 5,900 premature deaths, 160,000 cases of upper respiratory disease and 140,000 asthma attacks each year in the eastern U.S. by 2007. Health problems aren’t the only thing that is caused by air pollution.

Another big problem that is often over looked by the common person is that our earth’s ozone is becoming depleted because of these harmful pollutants. Most people don’t think about how the earth’s ozone protects us. It blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun. UV rays hitting your skin can cause skin cancer. The ozone also helps protect you from getting sunburned when you are out in the sun for a short time. The more the ozone is depleted the easier it will be to get sunburned in a short period of time and also increase your risks of getting skin cancer by being exposed to UV rays.

A big problem with air pollution is acid rain and car exhaust. When air that has been polluted condenses into clouds, the pollutants don’t just go away, they condense into rain drops, called acid rain. When the rain falls it lands on plants. This then may be consumed. And a lot of times people don’t properly wash their food, so you are then ingesting the harmful pollutants. They may then go into your blood stream and cause narrowing or the blood vessels. Another way that your food can become tainted with there harmful substances is from car exhaust. When your driving by a field of blackberries your car exhaust is sprayed on the plants, then the pickers came to pick them and they are shipped away to be sold. You buy them and don’t wash them properly and you ingest the pollutants from the car exhaust.

We can’t stop the big power plants from pullulating the environment, but we can do a few things ourselves to help out the problem. Some of the ways you and your family can help solve the problem of pollution in your home are:

1: use florescent lights with energy-efficiency lighting.

2: Turn off lights when you leave the room or don’t

need them on.

3: Use the microwave to cook small meals

(it uses less power than an oven)

4: Paint with a brush not a sprayer.

5: Reuse boxes and plastic bags and such when you


And one of the most important things you can do is to recycle anything that can be recycled like paper, plastic and aluminum.

Another thing you can do is to drive wise. Transportation consumes about 25% of the total energy used in the United States. When you drive you are releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Ways you can help are to:

1: Drive Less, especially during peak traffic periods.

2: Shop by phone, mail or internet.

3: Telecommute

4: Combine everything into one trip

One of the