AIDS Research

Amy Langton

All A.I.D.S research should be funded by the government.
Today A.I.D.S has become a large concern within society. Sexually active youth
are constantly threatened with the chance of getting A.I.D.S.. A.I.D.S is
everyone\'s problem and a cure has to be found.
With funding from the government, it will provide the capital necessary for
the research to find a cure, to stop the spread of A.I.D.S; eventually bringing
down the number of people contracting and spreading the disease.
Presently, many people have contracted the A.I.D.S virus, and it has become
close to an epidemic. People who are sexually active have this constant threat
of the disease looming over their heads. The people that contract the disease
are normal people just like you and I. This disease does not favor any race or
sexual preference. Many more people than you might believe have this disease,
and the thing is many of these people, don\'t even know that they have the virus.
Although many people may consider A.I.D.S research as costly and ineffective
it is extremely important as a cure is found. Research requires a lot of
funding whether it be private or government funding. This money is exceptionally
important, as it provides the equipment, and the peoples salary who are doing
the research. The amount of money needed for the research may seem like it is a
lot, but it is worth it. It is worth it because if you consider the amount of
money that we give to foreign countries to aid their economy we could be using
this money to save peoples lives all around the world. People are dieing
everyday, and many more are in hospitals; so if we find the cure we will save
lives, and get these people who have contracted the disease out of hospitals,
and living on their own again.
Furthermore, research to stop the spread of A.I.D.S must be done. Meanwhile,
in the search for a cure, research has to be done to find better methods of
stopping the spread of the disease. Presently, we have a few methods but the
most common are abstinence and the use of a condom. The only method that is 100
percent is abstinence. The condom is not 100 percent and you still run the risk
of contracting A.I.D.S during sex. In conclusion as A.I.D.S is becoming more
common and there is no cure we need to provide the funding to stop this fatal
disease. For this reason, it is important that the Government provide sufficient
funds for research.

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