Adversities appears in everybody’s life so everybody has to overthrow their adversities to continue with their lives and become stronger every time it overthrows a adversity.

These everyday adversities we usually have, makes you to don’t fail or be defeated by the adversity next time and teaches you something that it will be useful for others experiences. Experience is a very important factor which allows you to pass over the adversity. For example, the asian believes that the oldest people are the wisest because they lived more time so they could face more adversities and also overcome to them and learn different teachings that the adversity left.

The adversity makes your life success. That means that throw adversity you can success and you can also fail, but you learn something new , another way to try to defeat de adversity for the next time. For example SAT exams. You can do the SAT exam, and the things that you couldn’t do it in the test or the things that you couldn’t understand, you could improve it for the next time. This is a way of saying that it make you stronger because in the next test you’ll know the things that you couldn’t do well or couldn’t understand and this we consequently give you a better result than last time.

To conclude, I wanted to say that adversity is always present in your life by passing these adversities we will get "stronger" in the way we want to.