Jasmine, A 14 year old girl, is pregnant she has 3 more years left of high school and needs to establish a place in the real world. She doesn’t even know the father and she’s addicted to marijuana. She has two options, she could have an abortion, or she could have the baby and risk the life of herself and her baby. In cases like these there aren’t very many choices especially for young teenagers. If abortion was illegal then the girl would have to have the baby with no others choices, while risking her life and the baby’s life. Abortion should be legal; women should be able to make their own choice about having abortion and exercise reproductive rights also. Having an abortion it is not killing a baby it’s more like saving a life.

Women should be able to choose if they want to have a child or not. Many of the women that have abortions became pregnant after being raped. Others became pregnant when they are still teenagers. Out of the one million teenagers that become pregnant each year, 485,000 give birth, not even half (www.noah-health.org). The poor eating habits of teens increase the danger that their babies will be born with health problems (www.noah-health.org). High blood pressure, anemia, and premature labor are just a few of the problems a young mother (under 20) is at risk for (www.noah-health.org). Sexually transmitted diseases are affected by three million teens (www.noah-health.org). Syphilis, a STD, can cause maternal death and cause the baby to die (www.noah-health.org). If someone in the United States was raped and wants an abortion the federal Medicaid funds would be put towards the cost (www.agi-usa.org). Since the U.S. Congress decided that women who were raped didn’t need to pay for abortions it means that the U.S. supports abortion. In the United States, 52% of women that have had abortions were younger than 25, teenagers are 19% of that number (www.agi-usa.org). Many women aren’t even married by 25 so they don’t want to be a single parent. Women have given many different reasons for having abortions, 75% say that if they gave birth to child it would intervene with work, school, and other more important things (www.agi-usa.org). 94% percent of teenage women who did not give birth graduated from high school compared to the 64% of the teenagers that did give birth and graduated (www.noah-health.org). Almost 75% of all single teenage mothers go on welfare before their child is five years old (www.noah-health.org). Also, on average, 50% say that they are single and are not ready to have that type of responsibility or they are having marital problems (www.agi-usa.org).

Women have “reproductive rights” that say that if one wants to have an abortion one can. The quote below was said at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, “Human rights of women include their right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to their sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. Equal relationships between women and men in matters of sexual relations and reproduction, including full respect for the integrity of the person, require mutual respect, consent and shared responsibility for sexual behavior and its consequences,” (www.colby.edu.) One of the consequences is becoming pregnant and in dealing with that consequence one of the options is abortion. Women have the rights to choice, freedom, and access. Choice is to have children or not. Women can control their own bodies they don’t need anyone’s help. Freedom is the right to make choices without pressure and unfairness. Women have the right to also have access to abortion clinics, and different health care and planning services.

Abortion should also be a legal option to pregnant women because some wouldn’t be able to take care of the baby in the best way. When a prostitute becomes pregnant from one of her clients what should she do? The best thing to do would be have an abortion, since many prostitutes are on drugs or drinking the baby would be extremely unhealthy when born and probably suffer immensely. 66% of the women that choose abortion say that they can’t afford a child (www.agi-usa.org). Women can’t just decide to have a