A Welcome Party

ASAM 100

This was probably the first time in my life that I need to be in charge of a big party. I, as the president of the Chinese Society for fall 2004, was holding a welcome party for our club at CBA139A, on campus.

I was nervous, real nervous. It did not going quite right at the beginning. The Party was supposed to start at 3:00. When I arrived the room with couple of our Chinese Society Officers around 2:30, I saw couple people had already been waiting at the door for us. It was embarrassing, I thought. I had to say sorry to everyone who arrived early. The problem came when our staffs starting to set up for everything. For the next about 30 minutes or so, there were only couple more came. Suddenly, I felt very anxious, because I was very afraid that only less than dozen of the people will come.

Time went by quickly, around 3:15, professors started to arrive. There were still just few students who have arrived. I was greeting to each of professors, while other officers were keep setting up tables. Then, in the next about ten minutes, our new and old members started to come. Things seemed to turning around from then on. I started to feel relieved a little. More and more people came. There are a lot of my friends, old and new. I was very happy to see all so many students weather they speak Chinese or interested in Chinese language or cultural. I was glad to see people are all introduce themselves and making friends. Then we decided to start our party, it was around 3:30.

It went well, generally. I had a little speech, as one of the officer that will serve the club for one year. Then all the professors lined up and introduced themselves. People was quiet, everyone was happy to have professors around, especially when professors claimed to be our student friends when we are having fun off class time.

The peak really came when one of our invited professors donated a big amount of money to our club as our event spending. All of us were surprised at first. Some of our members who have graduated envied all other members who is still in school, because that means our club would have more money to organize events and also meetings. However, at the same time, it was the first time we ever get donation from a professor. Non of our officers know how to react. I was speechless, and just simply said thank you to the professor. Later, that I now realized, I could have shown better appreciation than just thank you.

After a while of our simple introduction, people started to feel more comfortable around our CS staffs and professors. They started making friends in the room, exchange phone number, leave E-mail addresses. I was trying to talk more on the stage, however people spoke louder and louder, and I had to give up talking.

Event went well. There were about 60+ people came, as our CS officers expected. We provided a chance for people to meet and make friends; we provided a chance for students to build better relation with professors; we also provide students get involved in school more often. I am delighted to take this job, and believed that each of individual can make a difference.