A Midsummer Night\'s Dream: Comparison between Theseus & Oberon

Theseus and Oberon are similar in some ways yet very different in other
ways. They both have power over people and are fit worthy to command.
Some similar qualities the two share are that they are leaders of their
people and hold power. Theseus has the power over an army and Oberon has a
mysterious right-hand man known as Puck who does Oberon\'s dirty work using majic.

Another quality they have in common is that they keep a promise.
Theseus is a man of his word and if he says something, you can count on it to be
done. Oberon will not take anything lightly. If something is not done, he will
do it himself or call on Puck.
Theseus and Oberon are also very different in many ways. Their minds
function alike in some ways but very different in other situations. Theseus is
always open to suggestions and trys to make the right choice by his own
discretion. Oberon will only have it his way or no way at all. He does not
want to take someone else\'s opinion into consideration.
Theseus is also a caring person. He wants everyone to be happy and make
their situation better. Oberon, on the other hand, cares for no one but himself
and will use force to get what he wants. He is very selfish.
Both Theseus and Oberon have some thoughts and actions which are very
similar yet they also have thoughts and actions which are miles apart. In my
opinion, they would make a good ruling body if put together.

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