A History of the English Church and People

Conversion of Edward of N. Umbria. Instructed in Christianity. Debate whether or not worship of Christianity is better than pagan. Burned temple down. Sparrow=how we spend life on earth, banquet hall before after is unknown=pagan religion

Las Siete Partidas: Castilian Law Code

Jewish life in Spanish kingdom of Castile in reign of Alfonso the Wise. A learned ruler interested in history, science, and the law. Conduct around Christians. Segregation with protection and oppression. Jews not able to hold office. No power over Christians. Have places of worship was protected. Protects sat. as holy day. Christians now allowed to interrupt.jews converted into Christianity not allowed to be oppressed by Jews. Vice versa, Christian would be killed. Jews must wear mark. Jewish/Christian interaction to be controlled

Divine Comedy-Dane Alighieri

2nd circle of hell=lustful sinners. Virgil is guide, and Minos examines souls of all who enters hell then places them in certain circle. Mystical figures whipping=palo and Francesca. Francesca married to palo’s brother but cheated, and both were killed by brother. Claimed in was fault of literature to commit adultery. Dante fainted b/c didn’t seem like sinners, have sympathy for “lovers” sins are adultery and incest. Lit. gives ppl bad ideas. So many women in second circle b/c medieval ages, women were more lustful

The Decameron

Reaction of City of Florence in 1345 of Black Death. Unstoppable and contagious. Some ran away, other hid in houses, others partied, and others went to church. No on obeyed laws. Society, aristocracy @ mercy of servants. Society broke down, and corpses everywhere. Cause of plague=wrath of God. Society was inverted. Family abandoned each other. Reaction to infliction, after each plague there was a church built.

Trial of Jeanne d’Arc

Joan interrogated about history and experiences w/ St. Michael, Catherine, and Margaret who told her to lead French troops and wear men’s clothes. Disrupts God’s natural order=work of devil. She took back testimonial so she wouldn’t be burnt at the stake, but then told the truth b/c was told that she would burn in hell if she didn’t, and rather burn at stake than hell.

The Book of the City of Ladies

Defense of female character. Lady Rectitude creates city made of women virtue, honesty, and truth. Lutritia raped in Rome by Etruscans. Accused of being greedy but they were thrifty/frugal. Caretakers of family and men.

On the Mongols

William details of Culture and society. Concerns w/ mango khan, suspected William insulted him. Khan says about religion=one God and more than one way to worship. William, Christian, didn’t believe that. Khan said God gave specific religious worships to religions. And dismissed William of Rubuck

Decline and Fall of Byzantium to the Ottoman Turks

Emp. Attempt negotiated w/emp. Of Turks. But war happened. Byz. Weak little men and weak tactics. Romans are Byzantine. Turks have advantage. Citizens reacted by going to Great Church b/c of prophecy that angel would descend from heaven and give sword to roman man to defeat Turks. But was not true, and many were raped, killed, and tortured. Constinople defeated, Sultan goes to andrianople, and they greet him. Sultan gloats, they were outnumbered form Turks and inexperienced. Ducas of Byzantium=not good view of Turks and calls sultan a tyrant who doesn’t know how to negotiate and doesn’t want to.

Voyage to Africa

Empire of Mali. Customs, especially in commerce. “mysterious” men left chunks of salt on side of path and left it there. Malis would come and place gold next to salt. Then “mysterious” men would come and if gold was appropriate enough to sell salt, they took the gold and malis came back and took their salt. Never communicated w/ each other. Alvise Da Mosto captured a “mysterious” man to see what was going on. Kings depended on slaves, and slavery existed in Africa before the European slaves. They were muslims, and inferior

Oration on the Dignity of Man

Man only creature w/ free will. Seeds that man cultivates, can ascend or descend-it is up to each individual. Ability to reach divine through intellect. Free will is what makes man great.