A Civil Rebuttal

Philosophy -- a:pursuit of wisdom. b:a search for a general
understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than
observational means.

Through this most specific definition given to us respectively by Sir
Webster\'s dictionary, I choose in my best interest to refrain to you just what
the meaning of philosophy is. I implore you to try and comprehend this matter
in what exactly this word brought abrupt to us is about. The word philosophy
has two definitive definitions. The first simply means to pursue, or strive for,
wisdom. I beg to differ in the understanding of the fault I make in trying to
gain this unprecedented ‘knowledge.\' The knowledge that we as a unity try to
strive for have made us, again as a unity, divides. I asked myself exactly how
we have achieved ‘civilized chaos\' in the search for our solutions and
resolutions of the very ‘virus\' it seems we have caused. I would not of course
go so far as to say a civil war between the generations within this house, but
moreover to express that simply by me using philosophy, it becomes not only my
benefit, but a mutualism between us.
Please feel more than obliged to correct me if I am incorrect (morally
or politically) but are we not all philosophers ourselves? As a baker\'s
vocation is to bake, a philosopher\'s vocation is to think. Is it not that we
all think? I was deeply saddened at your comments in the oppression and
restriction to what I may or may not strive to think. As a pacifist and non-
sadist, I call what you believe in as ‘ingraining or indoctrination\', whereas
our own society may call it ‘brainwashing\'. Our human nature gives us freedom,
as does the Constitution. It guarantees us the right to “life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness”. Within the refines of this home, I find it a task to see
those liberties granted. Here is a few of the world\'s greatest oppressors: Jim
Jones, Adolph Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, David Koresh, and Anton
Szandor LaVey. I know, as well as you, that these notorious six are among the
world\'s most hated. However here are a few oppressors from another standpoint:
Sigmund Freud, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, and
Siddharta Guatama the Buddha. These are the exact opposite of the previously
mentioned, who put an oppression into a good morality. It\'s not about who uses
the gift, it\'s the entirety of the user\'s ethics.
The second definition of the word philosophy aptly states that it is the
desire to learn more through speculation rather than observation. Without
speculation, we as a planet would be at loss. There would never have been
discoveries of planets, medicinal uses, genetic finds, and behavioral studies.
Lets face it, without philosophy, we would still get leeched at the doctors for
the common cold. These fine discoveries were all made by philosophers. Now
these philosophers were brave enough to challenge science, the government, and
even the Church. Now, I am not one to stand here and say that I will believe in
unholy blasphemy, but rather I feel I should receive the liberty to speak freely
as long as I hold myself in a civil and adult manner.
In conclusion to this essay, I must tell you that this in itself is my
philosophy. I believe it was the great reformist Voltaire who says, “I do not
agree with a single word you say, but will fight to the death your right to say
it.” In some respects, I feel non-indifferent to his theory. So I beseech you
to help yourselves as well as others in this house to let me speak freely of my
philosophy, for the word is simply a synonym to the word think. The famous
quote, “I think, therefore I am.” supports my belief and should support yours.
Furthermore, if we do not philosophize, we do not think. Scholars have made it
known that the only relics of others are within their philosophy. For instance,
GOD, Elshadai, or Adanai, is known exclusively through his philosophies. The
Bible refers to creation as, “. . . and GOD saw it was good. . .” GOD
philosophized that things were good. I know you cannot disagree with me on this
reasoning, for you would be one to doubt GOD. I am trying my best to not make
this about theology, but to simply keep it within one field. In short: the only
people that choose to who speaks of philosophy are the speaker