A Beautiful Mind

The film is like a sumptuous dinner complete with tickling appetizers, gratifying main course, superfluous side dishes, and quenching drinks plus pleasurable desserts. It makes one full to the stomach. After taking in, digesting, and absorbing it, it makes one fully satisfied without wanting to have the coffee anymore. It makes one say I had a great meal or should we say That is a great film.

The totality of the film, A Beautiful mind, is very satisfying and fulfilling. Everything and anything in it is so appetizing, right from the start until the end. One would be so absorbed with the movie that one would be transported into the world of the brilliant mathematician, John Nash.

It is a captivating film that invites us in his quest of finding himself and of learning to live life along with his other companions namely: Charles, a friend; Marcee, a little child; and William, the boss. They will take us to a journey of reaching one’s dreams and aspirations with lots of discoveries, surprises, side dishes and desserts along.

The story began on John Nash’s life in graduate school, where he struggled with peer and academic pressures. He found a friend that helped him through with these pressures until he did discover something that is worth publishing and had a good placement. With his intelligence and talent in code breaking, he becomes entangled in a mysterious conspiracy in which only his devoted wife can help him.

To begin with, the story itself is beautiful. The real John Nash’s life is alone an interesting story to make a movie out of it. Ron Howard and Brian Brazer successfully directed and produced John Nash’s life story into an exceptionally good film. It has great cinematography, with the smooth transition from one setting to another, perfect picture and atmosphere of the film, and other great good shots. The actors’ make up also looks very real, especially in the last part when the characters aged. They indeed deserved the Academy Award.

The dialogue of the movie is also a good factor that led in the greatness of the movie. It is like the garnishing of the meal. The movie’s play of words made a lasting impact to the audience as well as to the film itself. Russel Crowe’s lines, suited perfectly to the intellectual character he is portraying. In short, they have a very good script and that is a verifiable empirical data to mention.

The film is brought to life by the great actors it has. Russel Crowe successfully portrayed the dynamic character of John Nash from being the aloof weird young man to the friendly and humorous older man, and not to mention being the crazy John Nash. He acted every detail of John Nash’ character spontaneously from the way he walks, talks, and even gestures his mannerisms. Russel Crowe’s facial expression are also very distinct and his acting as the old John Nash was perfect.

Another essential merit of the film is the twist of the story, which is successfully and perfectly performed. You would be caught unaware of the drastic turn. No one would have an idea that there would be a surprising and drastic change in the later part of the story. The twist successfully placed the audience’ feelings right where the producer wanted it at the moment one least expects it.

It also made the audience confused for one would not know what was real and what was not. One gets to wonder what happened in reality. You have to play the movie back in your mind and determine which were John Nash’ delusions and reality. One fears getting crazy figuring it out. More or less like the feeling of the lost crazy John Nash, which is disadvantageous to some audience who will not be able to understand and much more appreciate. But it is challenging to any genius to unfold. It gets them to struggle being sane again.

The over hiding of the twist is like the chili sauce served with the main course. It bites the tongue. As a result some people will miss, or say not appreciate or understand the main course. But when the chili sauce is accepted, a satisfying dinner would result.

A bountiful dinner