A Bad Job

People who work may always experience a bad job. One in this position may not be paid enough, may have to deal with the public; and may have to wear dress cloths. One has to be able to get along with the higher ups. One may never let a boss, or higher-ups. One may never let a boss or high-up see her tired or setting on the job one may be hired as a cashier, salesperson, or stock cleark, but one is expected to do three different jobs.

Minimum wedge is five twenty five an hour. If one works a part-time job one will only make one to two hundred dollars a week. One may need two jobs in order to buy food and gas in the same week. Eventually, a raise may be mentioned, but only twenty-five cents on the hour; still clearly not enough for food and gas in the same week.

A job means a lot to help someone self-esteem to keep it alive. I ones job dental means dealing with the public, the public can be mean. A customer may need help picking a pair of shoes. The same customer may ask for help. If the salesperson gives the wrong answer, she ends up with an angry customer. The reaction of the customer all depends on the salesperson answer. The customer may not want someone to see his or her shoe size. The customer may not want any to know see has big feet.

At work a sales person has to dress respectably. Respectably may mean a dress with flat shoes. One may wear dress slacks with a sweater and pantyhose and a skirt. Working is difficult especially if a lot of walking is required. I s it possible for an employee to stay on her feet for twelve hours a day, by doing three different jobs. One may have to do the job of three different people no matter the dress.

A boss may seem as if he is better than the employee. One has to remember just because the boss makes more money does not mean he is better. Some people have problems with authority. A boss with authority can be a problem, for he may think he does nothing wrong, or he may believe he does everything correct. Working for someone who uses authority in the wrong manner may cause stress. The employee may never be allowed to rest. She may be expected to pull the bosses weight as well.

In conclusion, a bad job can only be what one makes of it. The work environment may be stressful, but one can do anything if one wants. Some jobs may require doing three different jobs at on time. One may not get paid a lot, but at least one has self-esteem and money.