12 marker on Work Re-write
Jayne is a young adult who is faced with making a decision. By doing so, she will decide whether to uptake further education or be employed currently as a sales assistant. Employment is when somebody is able to get and maintain a job where you are able earn money or other benefits. When making this decision, Jayne will also need to consider the opportunity cost, policies, student loans, specialisation, wages, skill and impacts of decision making.
An advantage of the government adopting policy one is that it would make the games industry in the UK more competitive. As a result, more games firms may want to remain/relocate to the UK. This would help the UK government as this would mean that the more games businesses in the UK, the more corporation tax is paid to the government. Another advantage is that the government will receive more income tax from the recent employments of labour for the games firms. Not only that, if more people are being employed by games firms, the rate of unemployment will decrease (which is a government objective) and hence, the government will need to spend less national insurance income on jobseeker's allowance. If the UK games industry became more competitive, Canadian games firms may be influenced to relocate in England.
On the other hand, I believe that the government should adopt the second policy because by reducing university fees, more students will be encouraged to study. This will consequently mean that the UK can produce more computer game programmers and therefore, the UK will have more specialised workers in this industry. By reducing university fees, less students will be worried by their student loans. A student loan is a loan which is taken out to pay partially for the university fees. The student loan has very low interest and it is only paid off over a long period of time (but only if you are able to earn over a certain threshold). If the government reduces the student by 50%, the student loan debt will reduce by £20,000.
The reason I believe that the government should opt for policy number 2 is because more students will be encouraged to study. Moreover, the government will be helping to fill the university computing courses, increase the prospect and interest of the computer gaming industry in the UK and allowing the UK to fend off other countries in competition within the sector. However, this depends on other countries, such as Canada not increasing their wages for computer game programmers. It also depends on if the UK can advertise the job further to make it appeal to more students against other university courses. I would recommend to the government that they monitor the wages of other countries and they react accordantly so they aren't reduced in competiveness in the market. I also recommend that the UK use IT to promote the benefits of working in the computer games industry as this will inspire students more and get them alert about the need for more specialised computer game programmers.