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What is a term paper?

A term paper is a research paper written by students usually at a college level. The topic of the term paper can depend on the course taken by the student. The term paper is usually lengthy and accounts for a large portion of the student's grade in the course. The term paper should be original work examining a topic in detail.

How to write a term paper?

Learning to write a term paper can be easy and fun. First, pick a topic to write the term paper. Research the topic and understand the background of the topic. Refine your thesis statement and reflect on the chosen topic. Create a term paper outline and sketch out the introduction, paragraphs/sections, and conclusion. In your introduction paragraph, make your statement known. Using the preceding paragraphs to convince your reader with supporting arguments. Finally, conclude your term paper with restating your thesis. Remember to proof read your term paper!

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Term Paper Examples

Education is an important medium of acquiring ski
Education is an important medium of acquiring ski (556 words/4 pages)

This term paper is about Education, Alternative education, Tertiary education, Vocational education, Literacy, Multicultural education, Philosophy of education

lls and knowledge. Our education begins at home. Thereafter, as we grow we go to schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Education bring positive changes in human life. It enhances the knowledge, skill, and intelligence of a person and enables him to lead a successful life. Child education: Children or kids start going to school to get the primary or elementary education. It is considered a human right for every child to get the opportunity for education. School education lays th...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1135 words/4 pages)

This term paper is about Culture, Economy, Europe, Christopher McCandless, Hikers, Identity, David Ricardo, Into the Wild, English people, Cultural identity, Alex

Prof. Jarrod Hagadorn ENG 102: Composition II 11, May 2016 Creating an Ideal Fantasy: Identity in ItW Names can represent different things and a change in name can reflect and shape identity. But what is identity? Identity is the recognition of an individual based on their behavioral and personal characteristics. With having a name others could identify who one really is. So then why change identity? The thrill of being who one wants to be and being able to change at any given time. When one se...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1190 words/5 pages)

This term paper is about Book of Genesis, Torah, Hebrew Bible, Bible, Bereshit, Cain and Abel, Abraham, Adam and Eve, Ishmael, Daniel Quinn, Fall of man, The Bible: In the Beginning...

Prof. Jarod Hagadorn ENG 102: Composition II 13 May 2016 Ishmael Comparisons to the Bibl e When I first started reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn I didn\'t really know what to think. I wasn\'t really sure if I liked the book or not, the reason being was because I thought the book was mocking the Bible. As I continued to read my realization grew that it wasn\'t mocking the Bible, but it was just a rather different interpretation that had the same similarities and names of characters from the Bible...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1199 words/5 pages)

This term paper is about Fiction, Literature, Utopian novels, Speculative fiction, Herland, Y: The Last Man, Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Professor Douglas Guerra ENG 236: American Lit 27 February 2017 Sexuality and Motherhood; Language and Education In Herland Reading Herland I noticed that there was a major theme going on in the book, that theme is gender inequality between men and women. The author, Gilman, portrays how women\'s humanity is unjust and they are seen as a lesser human, that hasn\'t reached their fruition. In this book, Gilman has taken a personal note in her writing because she has always felt like a powerless w...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1324 words/6 pages)

This term paper is about Metaphysics, Autonomy, Social philosophy, Will, Philosophy, Reality

POL 201: Global Politics Professor Craig Warkentin 16 December 2016 Exam 4 According to global politics , there are many things that are wrong with the world. The big question th at we must ask is what can we do to change the world? One step that can bring change to the way things are currently wrong in the world is through the education system , once people have the knowledge and understanding of how things work in the world things would gradually fall into place little by little. It will star...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1360 words/6 pages)

This term paper is about Economy, Money, Finance, Capital, Financialization, Poverty, Financial crisis of 20072008, Neocolonialism, Student loan

POL 201: Global Politics Professor Craig Warkentin 23 November 2016 Exam 3 When discussing the issues that are going on around the world, it is beneficial to know how essential it is to today\'s understanding of the global political economy . Financialization plays an important factor in the society alongside on how the world is economically organized. There must be a way to end inequality in these groups and why there seem to be people who are just better off than others. Neo-colonialism seems...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1261 words/6 pages)

This term paper is about Demography, Terminology, Environmental social science, Maia, Human migration, Censorship, News, Internet

POL 201: Global Politics Professor Craig Warkentin 31 October 2016 Exam 2 When discussing the issues that are going on around the world, global politics is very important. But what is global politics? Global politics is the political and economic patterns of the world. In global politics, there are several approaches that are the right and wrong aspects. The idea of the world being divided, whether it be territorially or through nation states is acceptable, but with certain restrictions, there...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (173 words/1 pages)

This term paper is about Racism, Terrorism in the United States, Lynching in the United States, Anti-Catholicism in the United States, Discrimination in the United States, Ku Klux Klan, Persecution of Jews, White supremacy in the United States

Women in American History February 2, 2016 "Klu Klux Klan Violence in Georgia, 1871" History Matters Please write on the following? What is this document? This document is a primary source For what reasons was Maria Carter and her neighbors terrorized? The reason Maria Carter and her neighbors were terrorized was because the people who terrorized them was looking for John Walthall they had been hunting him for a long time, he was charged for sleeping with white women Who terrorized them? Did sh...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (1339 words/6 pages)

This term paper is about Epistemology, Philosophy, Belief, Reason, Logic, United States presidential inaugurations, Theoretical philosophy, Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals, Cogito ergo sum

POL 201: Global Politics Professor Craig Warkentin 30, September 2016 Language Language helps us understand contemporary global politics, global politics is the study of the way things get done in the world both politically and economically. Language in global politics is "how we think about the world" (Pin-Fat , 2014). The way that I speak about myself or other people may be different than the way someone else speaks about me or a specific person in general. The words we use and express then b...

Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell
Vickttoria Henry-Maxwell (484 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about The Indian Emperour, Aztec, English literature, British literature, John Dryden, The Indian Queen, Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire

ENG 204: Writing About Literature Prof. Karol Cooper 6 October 2016 John Dryden\'s The Indian Emperour Nature & Art The Indian Emperour was written by John Dryden and it is a sequel to The Indian Queen. John Dryden was born on August 9, 1631, and died on May 12, 1700. The Indian Emperour was first performed in 1665 and the play was significant to Dryden\'s community and era because a couple of weeks after the play was performed the Second Dutch Naval started alongside with the bubonic plagu...