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What is a term paper?

A term paper is a research paper written by students usually at a college level. The topic of the term paper can depend on the course taken by the student. The term paper is usually lengthy and accounts for a large portion of the student's grade in the course. The term paper should be original work examining a topic in detail.

How to write a term paper?

Learning to write a term paper can be easy and fun. First, pick a topic to write the term paper. Research the topic and understand the background of the topic. Refine your thesis statement and reflect on the chosen topic. Create a term paper outline and sketch out the introduction, paragraphs/sections, and conclusion. In your introduction paragraph, make your statement known. Using the preceding paragraphs to convince your reader with supporting arguments. Finally, conclude your term paper with restating your thesis. Remember to proof read your term paper!

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Term paper topic on Philosophy
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Term paper topic on Supernatural
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Term paper topic on Zoology

Term Paper Examples

Name:Collin Jean-Baptiste
Name:Collin Jean-Baptiste (591 words/6 pages)

This term paper is about Fishing, Fisheries, Oceanography, Coral reefs, Physical geography, Ecosystems, Islands, Coral, Pollution, Marine biology, Sea, Southeast Asian coral reefs

9/29/17 Mr. Salcedo Marine population lab Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to examine the effects of pollution on coral and marine life in the area also to explain effects that pollution has on the age structure of the marine species also how it influences the population of coral and native marine life. The researcher will also infer the steps that will be necessary to will need to be taken to protect and restore the marine life as well as the coral reef itself. Hypothesis:The indep...

You will use this document for Lessons 03.01, 03.0
You will use this document for Lessons 03.01, 03.0 (516 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about NBA

2, 03.04, and 03.05. Please save it to your computer so you can add your work with each lesson. Topic: Write an informative news story about your chosen career in journalism. Chosen Career: Feature Reporter\'s Notebook Part One-Lesson 03.01 You must choose a topic for a feature story that you will write over the next few lessons. Your topic options are listed here. Please pick the one that interests you the most: Gender Bias in the Media - For example, do males or females get an unfair advantag...

Collin Jean-Baptiste
Collin Jean-Baptiste (951 words/5 pages)

This term paper is about Evolutionary biology, Apoikozoa, Transitional fossils, Mammaliaformes, Cetaceans, Megafauna, Baleen whales, Ambulocetidae, Ambulocetus, Whale, Pakicetus, Sperm whale

4.01 Hypothesis: How does fossil evidence determine the relationships of whale ancestors and their descendants? Answer:It determines the difference to the researcher because when a fossil is retrieved and compared one can see the likeness between the anatomy Pakicetus- Pakicetus was the first whale, even though the modern whale is a strictly aquatic animal the Pakicetus was a four-legged mammal that could travel both land and sea. Pakicetus had the body of a common land mammal but had the the d...

Feature Reporter's Notebook Part Two-Lesson 03.02
Feature Reporter's Notebook Part Two-Lesson 03.02 (617 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about National Basketball Association, McDonald's High School All-Americans, Basketball, Summer Olympic Games, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, The Decision, NBA, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal

Feature Reporter\'s Notebook Part Two-Lesson 03.02 You must conduct your research and interviews and then write the first 250 words of your feature story: List and explain how you have used your research sources here. Answer: I used my resources to inform the public the on the situation of resting player showing them the facts of the situation also who, what, when, where, and how. Provide the name of your interviewee, the date of your interview, and the responses you got from your interviews he...

Collin Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste 1
Collin Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste 1 (439 words/2 pages)

This term paper is about Dogs, Puppy, Octopus, Blue-ringed octopus, Apoikozoa

Collin Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste 1 Marine Science 1 Segment 2 Instructor Aaron Salcedo September 2, 2017 Water Puppies The water puppy is a marine animal very closely related to the sea otter. Its ecosystem consists of many slow-moving animals such as fish, crabs, and mussels. Water puppies live in coastal waters where plenty of light passes through and the temperature is around 35-60°F. This mammal can withstand water pressures up to about 45 PSI, which is 100 feet below water and three tim...

Increase(S^1) (393 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about Economics, Market, Economy, Supply, Demand, Unemployment, Supply and demand, Demand curve

Resource cost and availability Disney toy find a cheaper supplier that can make the material faster and much more at one time causing an increase in supply. Causing the curve to shift right. Other goods Hasbro toys market crashes and makes other companies have to shut down as well as itself. Disney toys has zero involvement with Hasbro and since it\'s the holiday season Disney is the only option for Parents this holiday season for toys. This causes the curve to shift right. Taxes,subsidies, and...

Name and Title: (1 point)
Name and Title: (1 point) (408 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about Emergency management, Hazards, Ocean pollution, Oil spill, Experiment, Water pollution, Pollution, Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Name and Title: (1 point) Collin Jean-Baptiste 11/15/2017 Mr. Salcedo Marine Pollution Lab report Objective(s): (2 points) What was the main purpose of the lab? To test the effectiveness of different cleanup methods and how oils spills affect the environments. Hypothesis: (2 points) This should be a prediction that can be tested. You may use the if/then format to write your hypothesis. Chemicals will not be very effective if used,and will harm the environment more. Procedure: (5 points) What st...

Omar Silva
Omar Silva (2290 words/10 pages)

This term paper is about Cinema of the United States, Film, English-language films, Literature, The Age of Innocence, Archer

Professor Cannon English 1B June 1, 2017 The Outcome of Fate Edith Wharton novel, The Age of Innocence , portrays the kind of society that lives in a world that discourages uniqueness, fo cuses on traditional views, shames those who are outspoken, and honor s those who are silent. The novel was written in 1920 and depicts the life of a young ma n , Newland Archer, who finds himself caught up between two different personality types of women , Ellen Ole nska and his fiance May Welland , who happe...

Omar Silva
Omar Silva (1675 words/7 pages)

This term paper is about Beowulf, Literature, Fiction, Culture, English folklore, Geats, Anglo-Saxon paganism, Scandinavian folklore, The Dragon, Grendel, Hrothgar, Breca the Bronding

Professor Mageean Lit 6A Survey of English Literature 10 October 2017 Beowulf an epic and tragic hero Ever since the beginning of time, there has been epic stories about heroesand courageous leaders who conquer down evil to bring peace to the people they protect. In the poem Beowulf, he brings down evil monsters. Furthermore, Beowulf is an epic poem that introduces tales of epic battles and a fictional hero that defeats dangerous monsters. Beowulf is fictional poem that has an interesting coura...

The TOK Presentation Structure 
The TOK Presentation Structure  (1212 words/6 pages)

This term paper is about Education, Epistemology, Wok, Reason, Counterclaim, Educational technology, Philosophy

Slide 1: Title Page   (1 minute) Text on this slide:   Title of your presentation. Your group members\' names What to say: Explain what you thought about the real life situation (RLS) when you first encountered it. Explain why it\'s significant to you. Slide 2: Decontextualization   (1 minute) Text on this slide:   Some of the thoughts or questions you had about the real life situation. Start explaining the situation in a ToK sort of way -using some of the key terms from the course. What to...