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What is a term paper?

A term paper is a research paper written by students usually at a college level. The topic of the term paper can depend on the course taken by the student. The term paper is usually lengthy and accounts for a large portion of the student's grade in the course. The term paper should be original work examining a topic in detail.

How to write a term paper?

Learning to write a term paper can be easy and fun. First, pick a topic to write the term paper. Research the topic and understand the background of the topic. Refine your thesis statement and reflect on the chosen topic. Create a term paper outline and sketch out the introduction, paragraphs/sections, and conclusion. In your introduction paragraph, make your statement known. Using the preceding paragraphs to convince your reader with supporting arguments. Finally, conclude your term paper with restating your thesis. Remember to proof read your term paper!

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Term paper topic on American History
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Term paper topic on Medicine
Term paper topic on Miscellaneous
Term paper topic on Movies
Term paper topic on Television
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Term paper topic on Mythology
Term paper topic on Philosophy
Term paper topic on Physics
Term paper topic on Poetry
Term paper topic on Political Science
Term paper topic on Psychology
Term paper topic on Religion
Term paper topic on Science
Term paper topic on Shakespeare
Term paper topic on Social Issues
Term paper topic on Sociology
Term paper topic on Speech
Term paper topic on Sports
Term paper topic on Recreation
Term paper topic on Supernatural
Term paper topic on Technology
Term paper topic on Theater
Term paper topic on Zoology

Term Paper Examples

Review topics - Methods 2 F - Sheet 10 a
Review topics - Methods 2 F - Sheet 10 a (615 words/10 pages)

This term paper is about Division, Elementary arithmetic, Fraction, Numbers, Sine

Review topics - Methods 2 F - Sheet 10 a 1a) Work out 2 . 3 + 2.1 3 1 b) Work out 3 7 of 770 2a) Work out the value of ( 3 27 +3 )× 4 2b) Find the missing value ‘?\'. 12 0 ÷? =0. 1 2 3a) Write 7.2 % as a decimal 3 b) Which fraction is bigger? 2 5 and 4 11 4a) Work out angle x in this isosceles triangle ? 958519317500 340 340 1459069314960 x x 14814552127250 1062829220345 9353551270000 4 b) T=5+3b . b =10 Find the value of T. 5a) 636270631190 11cm0 11cm 151603226695 3cm 3cm 1481293282575 4cm...

Review topics - Methods 2 F - Sheet 9 a
Review topics - Methods 2 F - Sheet 9 a (629 words/10 pages)

This term paper is about Mathematics, Elementary arithmetic, Division, Fraction, Numbers, Sine, Addition, Hexadecimal

Review topics - Methods 2 F - Sheet 9 a 1a) Work out 4.5 + 4.2 2 1 b) Work out 2 9 of 53 1 2a) Work out the value of ( 3 125 -2)×3 2b) Find the missing value ‘?\'. 512 ÷? =0. 5 1 2 3a) Write 5.5 % as a decimal 3 b) Which fraction is bigger? 2 7 and 3 11 4a) Work out angle x in this isosceles triangle ? 1459069314960 x x 14814552127250 1062829220345 113902956515 400 400 9353551270000 4 b) T=5+3b . b=-3 Find the value of T. 5a) 151603226695 5cm 5cm 639445628488 9cm 9cm 1481293282575 2cm 2cm 4...

Modules 2
Modules 2 (632 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about Breastfeeding, Health, Childhood, Personal life, Midwifery, Babycare, Infant feeding, Women's rights, Breast milk, Weaning, Breastfeeding in public, Milk

Bella Jean-Baptiste How long should a mother breastfeed her child? According to Centers for disease control and prevention, "the American Academy of pediatrics recommends believe breastfeeding should continue until at 12 months and beyond. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond." I believe that mother should breastfeed for about 12 months because around the 6 to 7 months they should start introducing the child...

Bella Jean-Baptiste
Bella Jean-Baptiste (461 words/2 pages)

This term paper is about Abortion, Fertility, Human reproduction, RTT, Religion and abortion, Sexual reproduction, Reproductive rights, Abortion and the Catholic Church, Abortion debate

Abortion is a controversial topic for discussion but it is a fact that we cannot ignore in developmental psychology. Based on your research, what is it? An Abortion is the deliberate medical process of ending a pregnancy. There are two types of abortions: Medical and Surgical. The Medical Abortion is when the woman takes two sets of tablets. Surgical abortion is when the woman gets a surgical procedure to remove the pregnancy tissue. Are there advantages and disadvantages associated with an abo...

Module 3
Module 3 (674 words/4 pages)

This term paper is about Behavior, Bullying, Human behavior, Child welfare, Abuse, Child abuse, Family therapy, Children's rights, Psychological abuse, Violence, Child protection, Sexual abuse

Bella Jean-Baptiste What is child maltreatment? According to the Women Health Organization child maltreatment is, "the abuse and neglect that occurs to children under eighteen years of age. I t includes all types of physical and emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, negligence and commercial, which results in actual or potential harm of the child\'s health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsi...

Module 8
Module 8 (347 words/2 pages)

This term paper is about Ageing, Human development, Demography, Population, Gerontology, Elder law, Old age, Social constructionism, Stereotype, Ageism, Elderspeak

Bella Jean-Baptiste What are some common stereotypes of late adulthood? Some of the common stereotypes of late adulthood according to Senior Planet:  "Most older adults live in nursing homes and cannot get around by themselves"   "Older adults do little more than sit around, watch television, and sleep" "Older adults who continue to work are inefficient and miss many work days due to illness"   "Older adults are lonely and depressed " "Peopl...

Module 7
Module 7 (552 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about

Bella Jean-Baptiste I have been in several classes with mature adults and something that I have noticed about them is that they take the class very seriously, form a great bond with the teachers, and always seem to succeed while balancing their outside life. I personal have a true admiration for them because they understand that education is the key to a better future and they are returning back to the path that will change their life. Mature adults returning to school is a great thing because...

Module 6
Module 6 (491 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about Bariatrics, Body shape, Nutrition, Obesity, Demography, Health, Population, Human overpopulation, Native Americans and reservation inequality, Obesity and the environment

Bella Jean-Baptiste Why are death rates for all causes higher in the United States than in other industrialized nations? Death rates are high in American because of the country\'s health status. "Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death." If people would take the time to eat better and exercise more than the death rate would be lower. It does...

Module 5
Module 5 (805 words/4 pages)

This term paper is about Substance abuse, Drug culture, Public health, Substance dependence, Medicine, Abuse, Preventive medicine, Substance abuse prevention, Drug overdose, Arguments for and against drug prohibition, Very Tough Love

Bella Jean-Baptiste I believe that when a teenager or young adult is put in a classroom to read about drugs and their effects are not effective. When a teen or young adult is put in a classroom to listen to other people\'s stories or facts, the teen is tuned out and believe these things could never happen to them. I find it more effective when someone they know closely such as a parent or a best friend dies from a particular issue. For instance, if two girls are in a car and the driver is attem...

Bella Jean-Baptiste
Bella Jean-Baptiste (740 words/3 pages)

This term paper is about Family, Human behavior, Human development, Parenting, Divorce, Stepfamily, Parent, Stepmother, Marriage, Family structure in the United States, International child abduction in Japan

When it comes to divorce and remarriage the parents are not the only ones who are going through a major change. When getting remarried it is most difficult for the child because they have to give these new people a new identity. What will you call them? Father? Mother? Sister? Their names? How will you address them in front of the biological parent? How will it affect the kids in the house hold, if one child is always stay with other biological parent on center days? These are all different fac...