PROLOGUE "RINNNGGGG!!!" My alarm clock burst into life, and I was suddenly awakened to the dawn of Christmas day. It was 6:00 a.m., and the bright, warming sun was not yet gleaming on my cheeks. It took me a few seconds to realize what day it was, but once I gained some consciousness, I was immediately out of bed excited for the big trip that lay before me: our annual family excursion to Palm Springs. I rubbed my tired eyes as I staggered my way to the bathroom where I took a quick bubbly hot ba
Characterization of Finny In a Separate Peace by John Knowles there is a character Phineas other wise known as Finny. Finny is an honest and ignorant charismatic young boy of 16 who is outgoing. Finny is unknowing of his ability to manipulate people. Finny is a lover of basic simple life. This story is set in a New England Prepschool. Finny and Gene are the best of friends. Making their contribution to the war effort by simultaneously jumping out of a tree, Gene jounces the limb and causes Finny
Daytime Talk Shows Topic: Why or why isn\'t it important to consider daytime talk television. Daytime television talk shows are an important factor in American Culture. By all means they should be considered. Almost any way it is looked at, daytime talk shows have a significant effect on American Culture. For example, parents should be concerned about the things their children are watching. Or, speaking in terms of advertising, for certain products, daytime talk shows are the best place to adver
John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the second child of nine children. He lived in the suburbs of Boston but as his family grew his father\'s income increased and they moved back to Brookline. John had a seemingly happy childhood. He attended private selementary schools where he played sports and games. Though never making the varsity, his father encouraged him to take part in athletics. He was taught by Roman Catholic lawmen at Canturbery
Dan Marino Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins has had a very successful career on and off of the foot ball field. Dan Marino has led a very interesting life throughout his existence on this planet. Whether it is playing football to appearing in commercials or movies to leading a normal everyday life with his family. Dan Marino has grown to being a role model foe millions and millions of children and adults to look up to. Dan Marino has had a very successful career that has had its ups and downs, b
Huckleberry Finn CHAPTER 1 - In the opening paragraph, Huck introduces himself to us as the narrator of the story. He talks to us in a relaxed, matter-of-fact tone that makes him sound friendly, honest, and maybe a little less respectful than he should be. He does, after all, come close to calling Mark Twain a liar. Try to imagine Twain writing that paragraph, in which he has a fictional character accuse him of "stretching the truth" in an earlier book. Twain seems to be sharing a joke with you,
THEODORE ROOSEVELT (1858-1919) Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most successful presidents in American history. He was fun to hang around with. He had a screeching voice that sometimes scared people who did not expect it coming from a man like himself. He told jokes and played with children. He loved children. He told ghost stories that would scare the little children to death. However, he had another side to him. When it was not time for fun and games anymore, he meant it and he did his job we
Porsche Porsche I have narrowed down my project to just Porsche vehicles. I am not going to talk about the man behind the car to much. I have found several web sites that have criteria about Porsche and their different models and their performance. I will discuss these subjects along with others. The history of Porsche will be discussed. I will also talk about some different models such as the 911 GT3. I will also discuss the GT1 and GT3 race seriesI will also discuss Porches latest press releas
JFK: His Life and Legacy On November 22, 1963, while being driven through the streets of Dallas, Texas, in his open car, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead, apparently by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. The world had not only lost a common man, but a great leader of men. From his heroic actions in World War II to his presidency, making the decisions to avert possible nuclear conflict with world superpowers, greatness can be seen. Kennedy also found the time to author several best-sellin
Teenagers and Marijuana During the past 5 years have teenagers been using more marijuana? Well, the statistics show that they are. In fact, since 1992, the use of marijuana has doubled. Why are teenagers using marijuana and what are the effects? This question will be answered to the fullest with test results, recent statistics, and personal experiences. Many people believe that kids start to use marijuana because their parents did it back in the 70\'s. They want to see what it\'s like so they tr
Stanford University I. Introduction A. Stanford was founded by Leland Stanford B. My purpose is to persuade you that Stanford University is the best institution in the nation. C. Stanford is the best university in the United States due to: 1. Its reputation for one of the best educational programs in the nation. 2. Its top of the line students 3. Its award winning facility 4. Its tradition in sports and student activities II. Body A. Stanford has a reputation for having one of the best education
Is the Death Penalty Right or Wrong? The idea of putting another human to death is hard to completely fathom. The physical mechanics involved in the act of execution are easy to grasp, but the emotions involved in carrying out a death sentence on another person, regardless of how much they deserve it, is beyond my own understanding. I know it must be painful, dehumanizing, and sickening. However, this act is sometimes necessary and it is our responsibility as a society to see that it is done. Op
Heroes A hero is defined by Websters dictionary as a “courageous, valorous man.” There are many people in history that society deems or defines as “heroes”. An example of a hero from our past is Martin Luther King Jr.. He went against all odds in his fight for freedom. There are fictional heroes that can be considered heroes as well. Superman and his antics in saving the planet are in many ways considered heroism. Many sports stars and actors are considered by many as heroic figures. Mario Lemiu
Mohandas Gandhi Mohandas Gandhi was born the youngest son of his father, Karamchand Gandhi\'s, fourth wife, Putlibai, in a small village in western India called Porbandar. He grew up in a strict Hindu household, for his father was the chief minister, or dewan, of the town. Although Karamchand was not well educated, he was a good leader and politician. His mother, Putlibai was a very religious housewife, and spent most of her time at home or in the temple. She spent much of her time caring for th
Creatine: Miracle Supplement or Dangerous Drug Shawn, an 18 year old football player, is looking though a Sports Illustrated at next year’s college recruiting list, hoping that he might see his name in one of the top spots. He is turning the pages when he sees a picture of Brady Anderson, shirtless. Shawn was thinking if he could grow muscles that big, he would be a top recruit for sure. If only there was some kind of pill he could take to make him that big, he would have no more worries. There
Speech Essay Welcome all. Welcome not only to the familiar faces I\'ve seen in the halls- our class of 1999, Ms. Williams, Mrs. Sachs, and Father Waris- but to the friends, relatives, and family that have joined to celebrate from miles way. It is truly heart warming to see so many join us in a celebration of our accomplishments and achievements. As we open a new chapter in our lives, we cannot be swept away in the excitement of a new high school with new faces without reflecting on things that h
The Olympics Two and a half years ago, 1996 A.D., the world watched as the city of Atlanta, Georgia hosted the modern Olympics over a span of twenty-one days. The first modern Olympics were held 103 years earlier in 1886 at Athens, Greece. Many people don\'t know that there was an actual Ancient Greek Olympics that started over 2,500 years ago. These Olympics were also held in Greece, but not in Athens. They were held at Olympia a now archaeological site/town in the part of western Greece called
Japan Within the country of Japan lies many distinct aspects to the ways of human life. Some of these aspects of Japanese life are found only in Japan and others are found elsewhere around the globe. The Japanese people use many different ways of life and put them together to what works best for them. This can be found in all forms within Japan. Japanese culture comes from early contacts with the early civilizations of China and Korea. Influences of ancient China are found in Japanese literature
THE HISTORY OF PUNK ROCK Punk rock is a style of music that originated in 1964 in New York City at an underground club called The Dom. This little known club at the time was the catalyst that started punk on the road to what it is today (History Punk). Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols was quoted saying; “Punk was created as a cure for boredom.” (Punk History). He sure has one thing correct; one certainly can not be bored while listening to punk rock. The hard core guitar rhythm, slashing bass line
Baseball Unlike professional basketball and American football, interest in baseball has not been sweeping the globe. Declining participation at the amateur level and protracted labor problems at the professional level have thrust "America\'s Pastime" into an era of uncertainty. Despite this current adversity, baseball will always occupy an important place in American culture. This column starts a three part look at the history of baseball. Most cultures have some sort of stick and ball game, cri
The Springfield Statesmen Hockey Organization HPR 475 - Management of Sport & Recreation Semester Project Proposal - Homework 1 INTRODUCTION Enterprise Description The Springfield Statesmen Hockey Organization will play in the North American Junior Hockey League (NAJHL). The NAJHL is a Division A junior hockey league, which is the highest level of junior hockey, consisting of eight teams located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. The league is comprised predominantly of players 16 -
College Sports Gambling: Fun or Fraud? 5 March, 1999 Over the last several years gambling has invaded college campuses nationwide. The most prevalent form of gambling, sports betting, continues to dig deep into the pockets of highly vulnerable college students. This illegal activity tends to undermine sports and leads to scandal and even punishment by law, if the culprits can be caught. Sports betting is considered the most popular form of gambling in the United States (Worsnop 248). On college
“The History” The Jaguar story is one of “rags to riches”. It was for 50 years, the story of one man who created one of the world’s greatest automotive names, a company renowned for style, performance and quality (3, Jaguar History). A young man by the name of William Lyons started a small company called Swallow Sidecars, which originated in the northern seaside town of Blackpool. Here, as a young motorcycle enthusiast, he met William Walmsley, who was building sidecars for motorcycles. The styl
England England (Latin Anglia), political division of the island of Great Britain, constituting, with Wales, the principal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies all of the island east of Wales and south of Scotland, another division of the United Kingdom. Established as an independent monarchy many centuries ago, England in time achieved political control over the rest of the island, all the British Isles, and vast sections of the world, becoming
Movie Review of Jerry Maguire If you want to take a break from the frigid air of a Montreal winter, go to see Jerry Maguire; it will be sure to warm your heart. If you\'re like me, you\'re a little tired of going to see big name stars in overly hyped, big time busts. Combine that with the fact that sports movies are rarely impressive, (Necessary Roughness?!? The Program?!?) and I have to say that my hopes were not too high for this movie. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. The title ch
World Food Customs Final Paper "France and it\'s Culture" Food & Café France, located in the center of Europe, contains a population of around 58 million different people. Most of these people reside in urban areas; 73% to be exact with Paris being it\'s largest city. Within France, the café is a very big part of their life. So much so, France literally shuts down for two and half-hours during lunchtime so everyone can eat at their favorite café. Since it is one of the most important parts of Fr
LASERS: THE TECHNOLOGY OF TODAY By Phil Long Zap! Storm troopers attempt to overtake the corvette above Zorgon 4 with their blaster rifles. Zap, zap! Their rifles blazing they kill almost all of the crew. While the technology existed a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we lack the technology today to zap today. The closest we come today to the blaster rifle is a laser pointer. The laser, when it first came out, was not cheap by any means. They retailed for hundreds of dollars. Today
The Titanic On April 14,1912 a great ship called the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. That night there were many warnings of icebergs from other ships. There seems to be a conflict on whether or not the warnings reached the bridge. We may never know the answer to this question. The greatest tragedy of all may be that there were not enough lifeboats for everyone on board. According to Walter Lord, author of The Night Lives On, the Titanic could have been saved in the very beginning of the crisi
Anabolic Steroids Outline I. Introduction and Basics about Anabolic Steroids A. Description of what steroids are B. Description of what anabolic steroids do C. Basics on how steroids can be acquired II. The History of Steroids A. Brief description of when steroids started B. Brief description of why steroids started C. Brief description of when steroids became a problem D. Brief description of why steroids became a problem III. Affects of Steroids A. Why people use steroids B. Seven negatives fo
The School Prayer Amendment Pundits and editorial writers pounced on Newt Gingrich when he suggested, soon after the election, that Republicans in the House would take up a school prayer amendment after acting on the agenda outlined in the Contract With America. Most insisted the proposal was a major political blunder. But then most of them had previously decried the contract itself as a major political blunder, sure to lose votes for Republican candidates. The school prayer amendment is an exce
The War on Masculinity and Femininity Growing up we were always told we could be and do anything we wanted to. We were taught that we could do anything the opposite sex could do and more. We didn’t feel limited to our gender, but we were taught that there are differences between boys and girls that we cannot control. We cannot deny that our genders separate us from one another. Since Adam and Eve, males and females have been different, not only physically but psychologically and socially. The di
Leading With My Chin by: Jay Leno Jay Leno is quite an inspiring man. Through his childhood years was lonely yet happy boy. He was forced upon his parents to do certain things he did not want, but he did it until he was forced in not doing it. Jay Leno had a hilarious life growing up and his adventures still reign with him. His most humorous days were his childhood. He was also very mysterious when he was around his friends. Jay Leno wrote this book for many reasons. He wanted to show the world
Gun Control Gun Control, a term that refers to the management of firearms in an effort to reduce the criminal use of these weapons. (MICROSOFT (R) ENCARTA 1995) In the early 1990s there were more than 200 million privately owned guns in the United States, which makes it plain to see why there are arguments for and against even the smallest amount of gun control. The Second Admendment to the Constitution of the United States, guarantees “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be
Sonny\'s Blues The way our government treats African-Americans has improved over the years. Especially during the period of time following the Civil War when the end of slavery came. The prejudice behaviors of some of the American population did not end with last gun shot of the Civil War though. Throughout the years our country has bore trough since the conclusion of the war there has been traces of racism everywhere. It has been witnessed in our California riots via Rodney King and it has been
Henry V Few will argue that the most influential and widely read Elizabethan poet and playwright is William Shakespeare. Though not much is known about the man, a few inferences can be made about his lifetime. Mary Shakespeare, William’s mother, bore him on April 23, 1564. William grew up in the town of Stratford- on- Avon and enjoyed a prominent upbringing with his three brothers and two sisters. However, when William reached thirteen, John Shakespeare, his father, began to fall into debt and l
Motorcycles “Motorcycles, a mechanized version of a horse some may say, were first created in the early 1900’s”. (Scott, p.7) Harley Davidson, a family run business for over 65 years, produced one of the first American made motorcycles. “Through the years of boom and bust Harley Davidson was known exclusively as the builder of large, air-cooled V-twin engines, powering mostly large, heavyweight motorcycles”. (Rafferty, p.8) Harley still remains the foundation of motorcycles today. The first prot
Inline Skating: Past, Present, and Future Blade Basics Inline Skating: Past, Present, and Future Ryan Nairn Advanced English 9 Hills Friday, March 12, 1999 “One of the fastest growing sports in the world”(Greenfeld 80), inline skating has attracted many individuals from toddlers to elders, children to parents. All skate for slightly different purposes, and in slightly different styles. Inline skating demands little equipment, but no matter what, requires skates(Sullivan 12-18). “Skates can range
Creatine Monohydrate In the world of sports and athletics there are many different ways that athletes, both professional and amateur, try to train harder and become stronger and improve their skills. Many methods of training include taking many different nutritional supplements and “weight gainers”. One supplement that has been popular in the recent years is creatine monohydrate, or just creatine. Creatine is a controversial nutritional supplement, having both advantages and disadvantages to its
Holistic Medicine Millions of people around the world are living with pain that could be prevented with the use of alternative therapies. As a result many of these people use harmful or ineffective drugs and surgeries in an attempt to cure their ailments. With a steady schedule of massage therapy, acupuncture, and healthy foods, people can lead a healthy and invigorating life without drugs or surgery. During the time of the ancient Roman gladiators, massage therapy was used to treat everything f
Creative Writing It\'s very dark. So dark it almost hurts my eyes just straining to see into it. While I\'m trying to peer into the darkness my eyes feel like they are glaring and squinting so hard they\'re just slits that I could hardly see out of anyway. They are actually willing themselves to see something-anything. They seem to scream out to my brain to conjure up an image just so they could prove they still work. I suddenly become aware that the blackness that surrounds me is deadly quiet,
Zeus The name of our city is Zeus. It is located on a planet by the star Phoenix, 20 trillion light years from Earth. The city has 2 billion people in it and is the size of the entire USA. The entire city of Zeus is run by a computer so there is no government. Everyone in the city has a identification chip implanted in their heart. This ID chip tells the city computer exactly where everyone is. It has their full name, address, phone number, age, and gender. It also includes a police record, if t
Reverse Discrimination By: Chris Pobst Boston Latin is one of America\'s premier public schools. On February 14, 1998, Sarah Wessmann applied to this school and was rejected along with ten other white candidates. Sarah could handle the fact that she was not accepted but she couldn\'t accept the fact that ten black, and Latin students were accepted over her when they scored lower on the entrance exam. Her mother sued the school for reverse discrimination and won. Her daughter was accepted and the
A HOLD IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Table of Contents Introduction. p. 3 The Czech economy p. 3 Euronova p. 4 Brief profile of Euronova\'s retail store chains p. 5 The Marketing Concept p. 6 Conclusion p. 8 Appendix I: Division of FDI in the Czech Republic p. 10 References p. 11 Introduction Royal Ahold N.V. is one of the biggest players on the food and beverage retail markets as it owns or franchises about 3,200 supermarkets, hypermarkets, and discount stores in 17 countries. Royal Ahold (hereafter re
HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS A connecting link between the two rivers was considered by the French explorer to be needed if the French were successful in settling this region of the south. In 1810, the citizens of Knox County, Tennessee (current location of Knoxville) petitioned the U.S. Congress to build the waterway that would shorten the distance by more than 800 miles for trade with New Orleans, Mobile and other ports along the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly after Alabama joined the union in 1819, the sta
Parenting Children With Attention Deficit Disorder Wendy Martin Prof. Eileen Roth Psychology 11 Child Psychology Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that is usually first evident in childhood and can affect the individual into adulthood. At one time it was thought to be only a behavior problem, later t was redefined in the 50s as "minimal brain dysfunction," before it finally metamorphosed into today\'s ADD and ADHD. ADD is a neurobe
Longboards If you could have been any one person in history who would you choose? Why? If I could have been any person in history I would have been the person who invented surfing or one of the people in the group of people who invented surfing. The person or people who invented surfing definitely made a major impact on surfing. They invented the best sport in history and surfing has developed more into a lifestyle now than a sport. Along with surfing comes many branches of the sport including:
Just a Mood...or Real Depression? How Do You Really Feel? Check off the ones that fit you. Top of Form 1 You feel sad a lot, and it doesn\'t go away. You feel guilty; you think that you\'re no good; you have no confidence. You lose interest in ordinary pleasures like music, sports, friends, or having fun. Most of the time you\'d rather be left alone. You feel restless or tired most of the time. You\'re a nonstop partier, constantly moving around. You get unrealistic ideas about the great things
Web Radio Instant global radio, or Web radio, is the latest manifestation of the Internet’s multimedia successor, the World Wide Web. Improved technology and content are turning Web radio into a mass medium. (Hickman 30) The Web radio concept is mainly underlined by the concept of Webcasting, or broadcasting station content over the Internet. Online users who visit the Web pages of Webcasting stations can find archived and live audio covering news, business, sports, and many different types of m
COLLEGE SELECTION Every high school student has dreams of going to college. It seems like it is the cool thing to do. All the teachers tell kids to go to college, because they must be prepared for the future. So, all the kids want to get in on the action. It is not enough to want to go to college. One must prepare for it by getting good grades and working hard. Once this is done, kids must make a final decision as to the college they want to go to. Picking a college is tough. Several questions m
Night Kites In the book ,Night Kites, by M.E Kerr, there is a secret learned by the main character, Erick, which has a great affect on the story’s outcome. Erick has always been proud of his older brother Pete. He always idolized Pete for his good looks and sports ability. His older brother was always there to give him advice. Erick also recognized in his brother the fact that he was a “loner”, who didn’t conform to everyone’s expectations. Even so, Pete seemed happy with his life, and Erick loo