An exploration of the ways Shakespeare presents father/son relationships in the play Hamlet. Ideal paternal relationships are made up of loyalty and respect from both the father and the son. The two care for each other and those around them in their family. In the play Hamlet, there are three father/son relationships. The first is between Old Hamlet, in the form of the ghost, and Young Hamlet. Another is between Polonius, the King’s adviser and Laertes. The last is between two Norwegians, Old Fo
Shakespeare Shakespeare does an excellent job of building suspense in the closing scenes of act two. The letter that Artemidorus intends to give to Cesar is a twist in the plot. Up until this point the audience believes that Brutus and his co conspirators will be able to confront Cesar without him having any prior knowledge. This leaves the audience wondering if the plan will actually succeeded. The final scene reminds me of a locker room scene before the big game of a modern sports movie. The e
Discuss the way in which Shakespeare creates dramatic tension based around the transformation of Juliet’s character The complexity of Juliet’s character shines through in Shakespeare epic tragedy. The subtle change from immature adolescent teen to mature adult in the space of no more than two weeks. The transformation takes shape at each twist and turn of the plot. The first time the audience meets Juliet is Act 1 Scene 3, and the first interpretation of Juliet is dependent child as she walks in
Why Vocabulary is Important? 12/13/2004 English-6th For hundreds of years, English has been continuously changing. Words that were unacceptable 300 years ago are now commonplace. English has always had a trademark of being a comfortable language, the language of the common people. Change in the grammar and diction of a language is natural, and English is always confronted with changes. Among them are the use of slang, clipped word endings, and new dialects. Some Conservatives do not like changes
Comparison of Moliere’s Mariane And Shakespeare’s Juliet English 121 M Response #1 January 23, 2004 “Spare me, I beg you; and let me end the tale.” (Mariane, Act IV, III). The connection between Moliere’s character of Mariane in his comedy “Tartuffe” and Shakespeare’s Juliet in his romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” is an obvious one. They are both young girls, caught up in the grip of young love, and desperate for an escape from parental confinement. Even though the genres of each story are ve
ELIZABETH I September 28, 2003 World History This report will show that Elizabeth 1 was one of England’s most significant and influential rulers by discussing her accomplishments and the effect she had on England and its people. Elizabeth was born to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife, on September 7, 1533. Henry and Anne were England’s king and queen at the time. Elizabeth was third in line as heir to the throne, behind King Henry’s other children, Edward and Mary. Henry was extrem
History Men M edici, Lorenzo de: From Italy during the Renaissance. The Medici’s riches gained them political control in Florence. They established one of the first public libraries in Europe. The most notable and most generous patron of the Medici family was Lorenzo de Medici, called “Il Magnifico”. Italian Humanist Writers P etrarch, Francesco: (1304 – 1374) From Italy. Known as the “Father of Humanism”. He was the son of a Florentine merchant. As a youth, he followed his father’s wishes and e
Hamlet and Othello In William Shakespeare’s tragedies Hamlet and Othello, he uses the powerful act of sex as a catalyst for chaos. In each play the protagonist is forced into confusion and ultimately a state of insanity. The role of women in each of the two plays is similar as well; they are objects upon which men vent their anger, as well as a tools used to propel the protagonists into madness. Shakespeare, the cunning playwright that he was, was able to add analogous motifs into each play. As
The Real Macbeth Macbeth, also known as Maelbeatha, was born in 1005 in Moray Scotland. He was the son of Princess Donoda of Scotland and Findleac Macrory, Mormaer of Moray. Macbeth was the grandson of Malcolm II, king of Scotland and in some eyes, including his own, had more right to the throne than the chosen successor, Duncan I, who was the son of Malcolm’s second daughter (cousin of Macbeth). The legend of Macbeth was later used as basis of a story written by William Shakespeare. The life o
A Critical Analysis of ‘Angela’s Ashes’ by Frank McCourt Frank McCourt was born on 19th August, 1930, in Brooklyn, New York at the height of the Great Depression. When he was abut four, his sister Margaret died. The family subsequently returned to Limerick, Ireland, and is the main focal setting of this book, Angela’s Ashes, a memoir of his childhood. McCourt returned to New York when he was nineteen, and managed to become a teacher after studing at New York university. His brother Malachy came
Biographical Preface English 12 4 April 1997 On July third of nineteen thirty seven, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia, a boy was born by the name of Tomas Straussler. Tomas was born onto Eugene Straussler and Martha Stoppard. Later in his life Tomas took his mother’s last name and shortened his first name to Tom. His father was a physician. When his father was killed by the Nazis the rest of the family fled to the far East. Tom went to school in Darjeeling, India. There his mother met a British officer w
Brief History of the English Language OLD ENGLISH UNTIL 1066. A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE Old English (500-1100 AD) Old English Words The Angles came from an angle-shaped land area in contemporary Germany. Their name Angli from the Latin and commonly-spoken, pre-5th Century German mutated into the Old English Engle . Later, Engle changed to Angel-cyn meaning Angle-race by A.D. 1000, changing to Engla-land . Some Old English words which have survived intact include: feet, geese, teeth, me
character Analysis of Iago in “Othello” Shakespeare’s “Othello, The Moor of Venice” is a play of deception and trickery. There are several important characters, however there is one who is particularly interesting. Iago (a villain) is perhaps one of the most interesting characters. Iago is a dynamic character that takes on several roles. He is known as an honest trustworthy friend but is actually a manipulative deceptive snake that is only looking out for his own interests. Iago is able to mani
William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a great English playwright, dramatist and poet who lived during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest playwright of all time. No other writer\'s plays have been produced or read as much as his. Shakespeare was born to a middle class family. His father, John, was a Stratford businessman. He was a glove maker who owned a leather shop. John Shakespeare was a well known and respected man in the tow
The Evolution of Greek Theater 1 One of the most famous things related to Ancient Greece is theater. No one is sure who personally started theater, but Greek theater began all theater in Europe and had major influences on plays performed today. Drama was performed for special occasions and as contests, with the playwright and actors winning prizes. Playwrights originally acted, but when contests began, they stopped. Actors were semi-professional and usually selected and paid by the state. The th
Representation of female characters in Shakespeare Shakespearean plays are written within the patriarchal ideologies of the Elizabethan era. Women were considered to be subordinate to men. This subordinance was clearly projected in the portrayal and representation of women and their sexuality. The 1970’s and the rise of feminism challenged these Shakespearean, stereotypical representations. These new, feminist readings brought new perspectives to Shakespeare’s works. More particularly, the repre
Henry VIII and Wolsey: The Relationship A clear understanding of Henry VIII\'s relationship with Wolsey is fundamental to any analysis of Tudor politics and policy-making. A consensus is emerging. Henry VIII, it is generally agreed, was less consistently the author of his own policy than Edward IV or Henry VII, but it is wrong to cast him either as an \'absentee landlord\', who delegated the affairs of state to others, or as a \'mental defective\', who needed his ministers to manage him. Henry V
Character Analysis, Marc Antony English PIB-6 March 15, 1999 Marc Antony, of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, changes dramatically throughout the play. He begins the play a foolish reveler and ends it as a power hungry, vengeful, cold hearted member of the Second Triumvirate. What prompts this dramatic change of character in Antony? A number of things, chiefly the death of Caesar, and the power he gains in the Second Triumvirate. In Act I and II the characters of the play see Antony as little more t
Comparison and Contrast Essay: Brutus and Cassius Julius Caesar was written in the 16th century by William Shakespeare, an Elizabethan-English writer who wrote from 1591 to 1611. In this tragedy, the author makes reference to Roman times and the assassination of Julius Caesar with certain details and dramatic elements to make the story more interesting and to make the play more enjoyable. In addition, the author also adds lots of character descriptions referring to their similarities and differ
How does Shakespeare’s Richard II put politics on stage? On Literature in History 2: Richard II Due 14/05/99 Richard II is a play of sensibility, which is unique in Elizabethan literature for two reasons; firstly it looked to the 14th century for inspiration and secondly it emphasised the importance of emotions. This switch in narrative focus makes Richard II a play, which is concerned with the exploration of personality and intrigue, as opposed to merely dramatically relating historical action.
The Tragedy of Macbeth English 12 22 November 1996 William Shakespeare, when writing The Tragedy of Macbeth, tried to establish two important characteristics of man for the time setting of the play. Macbeth is a thane in Scotland who is at first faithful to his king, Duncan, but later turns against him and becomes king himself through murder. The characteristics that Macbeth has to have and does at the opening of the play, are loyalty to one’s king and loyalty to God. Shakespeare shows that like
The Complex Emotion of Love in A Midsummer Night\'s Dream Love is a timeless topic. It will forever be the theme of popular entertainment and source of confusion for men and women alike. No one understands this better than William Shakespeare, and he frequently explores this complex emotion in his writing of great works. In A Midsummer Night\'s Dream he cleverly reveals the fickle and inebriating aspects of love through his characters: Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius, and Oberon and Ti
OTHELLO IN DRAMA AND IN FILM AS A LITERARY ADAPTATION THIS IS THE VERSION OF YOUR PAPER THAT I WILL PUT UP ON THE INTERNET. BY THE WAY, I WILL GIVE YOU AN EXTRA A- FOR EFFORT. Department of American Culture and Literature Othello is one of the most famous plays of Shakespeare, which has been filmed many times, notably by Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier in 1964. In 1997 it was filmed once again by Oliver Parker, with Kenneth Branagh and Laurence Fishburne in the title roles. This paper aims to
Romeo and Juliet Planning English- Planning Task- how does Shakespeare’s presentation of characters Romeo Juliet en able the audience to ‘believe utterly in their love?’ In my coursework I am going to include the following: - Ø Introduction Just briefly introducing my coursework. I will include a description of Romeo and Juliet’s backgrounds and personality. Ø Following points I must include which scenes/line I gathered the quotes from. Point such as - ‘She is o so beautiful’- No other women com
Romeo and Juliet M-4 6/2/04 In the play “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare, Juliet is in a predicament. Load Capulet is going to force her to marry Paris. Juliet is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. She goes to Friar Lawrence for advice. He suggests she take a drink of a magical potion that will make her look dead, but really she is in a deep sleep, so she wont have to marry Paris and her true love, Romeo will find her soon after. Juliet is so thankful that Friar Lawrence gives her this wonder
Analysis of Sonnet 130 In this slightly odd sonnet, he compares his beloved to everything under the sun. This was a typical gesture. He makes her seem almost unlovable, but then one sees that to him, her voice is music and everything about her is wonderful. She tops any goddess in her mortal beauty and approachability. Sonnet 130 is an octet about the fact that true love is more than skin deep. My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; From the very beginning of the poem, one see’s the traditi
Taming of the…………Women? EH1 Taming of the shrew a play written by William Shakespeare is supposed to show the story of a man trying to make some easy money and ends up liking the supposed shrew. This play is said to be sexist by women. This play was also written in 1600’s and most people can’t seem to make the connection that back then the kind of behavior described in the book was ok. The sexist and time can be used on many different levels. Studies have shown that people who find things sexist
T.S. Eliot\'s The Wasteland Module three Q5 Much of what Eliot writes about is harsh and bleak, but he writes about it in a way that is often beautiful . Comment fully on both parts of this assertion. Most first time readers of Eliot\'s work would, probably, agree that his poems read as bleak and depressing. They would also say that many of his poems portray society as having a terminal illness, but when we look deeper you can see that amid the anguish not all is lost and there is hope to be fou
The Tempest In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, the cast of characters are squeezed into some archetypal roles. Prospero is our noble hero, Miranda is the beautiful maiden, Antonio is the villain . Shakespeare gave each of the characters a sense of humor, a tool that allows us to see the subtle details of their minds; a glimpse at the inner workings of each character’s personality. It is through the humor that Shakespeare employs , that we are able to see roundness in characters that could be oth
Romeo and Juliet A Discourse on Tragedy [English 9 PIB] [02.26.2000] What is a tragedy? In modern times, tragedies are very rare, but centuries before, in the 1500s, tragedies were a common genre; and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare was a common tragedy. During the 1500s, a great era of learning, creativity, and imagination swept over Europe. It was known as the Enlightenment Era. William Shakespeare grew up in this period of imagination, and through the freedom and romanticism of this e
William Shakespeare’sA Midsummer Night’s Dream A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play written just prior to 1595 by the most well known dramatist, William Shakespeare. This play has a rather complicated plot, which at times seems very simple to understand. Its setting is in Athens, where Theseus and Hippolyta are preparing for their coming marriage. The complications start when Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, and Hermia are introduced. All four of these young lovers are entangled in a very confusing s
Artaud likened the true theatre to the plague. What did he mean by this? Writing The Stage Essay The French, poet, actor and theorist, Antonin Artaud is recognised as one of the most radical influences on theatre in the 20th century. His main aim was to create a new type of theatre that would dismiss the idea of theatre as a mere attraction or entertainment. It instead would become a sort of communion between the audience and the actor and make theatre a live experience. Many of Artaud theories
Strange Meeting Question: Present a detailed commentary on the poem \'STRANGE MEETING\' by Wilfred Owen. To include - Explanation of the ideas expressed in the poem. Links with specific moments with other Owen poems. Discussion of how the poem works in term of poetic technique. Answer: STRANGE MEETING is probably Owen’s most problematic poem. It’s title comes from Shelley’s “The Revolt of Islam” - “Gone forth whom no strange meeting did befall. It was written in the spring or early summer of 191
Romeo and Juliet Essay In the Prologue of the play, Romeo and Juliet are described as “star-crossed lovers”, but the action of the play shows that their tragic deaths are the result of human behavior. Do you agree? Word Count: 1008 The prologue of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare shows us that the two lovers were victims of fate and destiny, however it is more likely that their deaths were caused by human behavior, as suggested in the action of the play. The actions of Lord Capul
The Renaissance Era Historical Events 1500 – 1600: DL: African Slaves are taken across the Atlantic to work on sugar plantations – 1510. ED : University of Valencia founded – 1500 RP : Ahmed ad Mansur leads Moroccans into a battle against the Songhai – 1500 VA : Nuts and Bolts are first used in Europe – 1550’s. M : William Shakespeare is born – 1564. PH : Elizabeth I begins her reign as Queen of England – 1588. ST : The First toilet is invented – 1589. LT: Sir Walter Raleigh born - 1552 PH : Pol
Destiny Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved, as quoted by William Jennings Bryan, in my opinion, is the one sentence moral of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Even from the preliminary lines, people read or watch Shakespeare\'s tragedy already knowing the inevitable outcome, the catastrophic death of both Romeo and Juliet. The play shows that fate is in control, but also that it often uses Romeo and Juliet\'s
Hamlet Between reality and illusion there exists a subtle line—so fine in fact that often times man steps right through reality into illusion without ever grasping the difference. Exact boundaries do not exist for reality as well as for illusion, leaving this “line” that separates the two nothing more than a blur. Throughout the play Hamlet and the film Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, both William Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard explore man’s incapability of separating reality and illusion b
Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar Period 2 How far would you go for glory? In the novel, Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, a character, Brutus betrays one of his friends because he thinks he is as worthy as he to be king of Rome. He wanted the respect and honor that Caesar was receiving more than anything. BRUTUS: “I would not, Cassius; yet I love him well,...For let the gods so speed me as I love The name of honor more than I fear death.” In the novel, the acts create a literary focus.
The Incongruence of the Lover and the Soldier in Othello Shakespeare It is often the case that the themes of Shakespeare have everyday practicality and such is the case of Othello. From the initial introduction of Othello, he is characterized as a brave and honorable soldier. He notes, “My service I have done the signiory… I shall promulgate- I fetch my life and being/ From men of royal siege, / and my demerits.” (I, ii, 19-22) But as we see, the norms of militarism are incongruent with those of
Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Macbeth is a play about death, deceit, and corruption. At the center of all this is Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth. As the play progresses, their relationship changes dramatically as a result of how each of them handles their emotions following King Duncan\'s murder. In the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is a strong, domineering person. She seems able to coerce Macbeth into doing things that he would not do on his own. She seems willing to t
Pygmalion Review Sheet February 19, 2004 10 English George Bernard Shaw: ž Born in Dublin, Ireland ž Social Realist ž Dramatized social and political debate ž Fabian Society (socialist) ž Vegetarian/ Teetotater ôhatedö Shakespeare ž Wasnlt a stylist or a psychologist, but drama has power of invention ž Shape dialoge-Ó ôgreat earö ž Lack of sentimentality ž Quick humor ž Humor in drama, and drama in humor ž Mythopoetic ž Term ôShawianö describes o Wit o Iconoclasm o Polemicism ž WORKS o Pygmalion
Benedict Arnold: A Loyalist and a Hero of the American Revolution Second Marking Period Term Paper Americans today think of the War for independence as a revolution, but in important respects it was also a civil war. American loyalists or “Tories” as their opponents called them, opposed the Revolution, and many took up arms against the rebels. What motivated the Loyalists? Most educated Americans, whether Loyalist or Revolutionary, accepted John Locke’s theory of natural rights and limited gover
“The Father of Modern Astronomy” JMJ April 28, 2004 Physics Period 5 From the first time children are introduced to astronomy in second grade, they are told that the sun is the center of the solar system. This was not always the case. For centuries, civilization believed the whole universe revolved around the earth. This was easy to believe since all the astral bodies seemed to make an arch across the sky, and, in relativity to the people on the ground, it was the sky that was moving, and not th
Romeo and Juliet- the story of impulse HUM 2250 5/20/04 The title “Romeo and Juliet” evokes a story of love. In fact, it is a story about the nature of human impulse- bare, fickle, and indomitable. Through a sequence of events, Shakespeare strips his characters to their bones and blood, where love and hate condense into a single force. By the end of the play, the author proves it is this force which gives purpose to life and at the same time consumes it. The play begins with an introduction to t
VILLAIN’S REVENGE The Roles of the “Villain” in Shakespeare’s Plays M.A. student Early Modern Theatre, essay 2 14, January, 2004-1-14 Among the numerous roles in Shakespeare’s plays, there are some villains profoundly depicted, each exhibiting some unique features in personality and mindset. Their villainousness is so striking that the reader of the plays cannot help contemplating the dark side of human nature and exploring the motives of their evil behavior. Some of the villains --- represented
SPECTATOR AND MORE The Common People in Shakespeare’s Plays M.A. student Early Modern Theatre, essay 1 (Revised) 5 November 2003-11-3 In almost all of Shakespeare’s plays concerning political events, common people seem to play a very important role, no matter whether there have any specific roles actually on the stage, or how many such figures appear in the background in the play. Although the stage may be brimful of emperors, kings, Royal members, and noblemen with various shining titles, there
Spanking Spanking, defined as slapping of the buttocks, is a form of hitting and thus of physical violence. That fact alone should make the spanking of children unacceptable by the same standards that protect adults, who are not as vulnerable. However, there is more to spanking than simply hitting: spanking also trespasses on one of the body’s most private and sexual areas—the buttocks. To fully address the wrongness of spanking children, therefore, we must consider not only the issue of physica
12 1. When I do count the clock that tells the time, 2. And see the brave day sunk in hideous night; 3. When I behold the violet past prime, 4. And sable curls, all silvered o\'er with white; 5. When lofty trees I see barren of leaves, 6. Which erst from heat did canopy the herd, 7. And summer\'s green all girded up in sheaves, 8. Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard, 9. Then of thy beauty do I question make, 10. That thou among the wastes of time must go, 11. Since sweets and beauties
‘Be Like a Comet, my Sun’ Assignment 2 12/03 English 115 English 115 Assignment 2 ‘Be Like a Comet, my Sun’ “And then I stole all courtesy from heaven, And dressed myself in such humility, That I did pluck allegiance from men’s hearts, Loud shouts and salutations from their mouths, Even in the presence of their crowned King. Thus did I keep my person fresh and new,..” (1 Henry IV 3.2.50-54 King Henry) This scene between Hal and his father, leaves the audience in no doubt as to the King’s attitu
Rome and Egypt Compare the states of Rome and Egypt. How are the two states reflected in the characters of Antony and Cleopatra? How does a modern audience respond to this? Through out the play Shakespeare has the two states of Rome and Egypt juxtaposed, these seem to be a well-selected pair for dramatic effect considering their huge contrast to one and other. The love of the two lead characters amongst such a contrast of their cultures and, at times personalities can often be overwhelming for t