Herbert George Wells Herbert George Wells Herbert George Wells was one of the world’s most talented writers. He was able to write in many styles, whether it be science-fiction or nonfiction. Although talented in many areas and genres of the literary world, it is for his contribution to the realm of science-fiction that he will always be remembered. H. G. Wells is known as "The Shakespeare of Science-Fiction." He is one of the writers that gave credibility to a rising new genre of science-fiction
Horatio\'s Role In Hamlet Horatio’s role in the play Hamlet, which was written by William Shakespeare, is extremely important. In the first place, Horatio was the person who told Hamlet about the ghost. He also had the job of watching Claudius while the play was going on in order to see if he showed his guilt. Lastly, at the end of the play, Horatio had to tell everyone the truth about Hamlet. Hamlet could not do it himself because he died along with eight other characters. Hamlet would never ha
HUMAN ACTIONS IN ROMEO AND JULIET In the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, two teenagers are controlled by a chain of human actions. Act 4, scenes 1,3 and 5, are a good representation of the web of human actions that cause tragedy between the pair of “star crossed lovers” (prologue). One example of human actions being dominant in those particular scenes is Friar Lawrence. His actions, while being in good intent, caused much of the pain for the other characters in the book. His first
Iago IAGO: a cold-hearted villain capable of manipulating anyone to get what he wants. William Shakespeare, born: 1564 died: 1616, is considered one of the greatest writers who has ever lived. He had a unique way of putting things into words. All of his plays, sonnets, and poems have gotten great recognition. But when Shakespeare wrote Othello he created one of the most controversial villains of all times; Iago. He is best described as disturbing, ruthless, and amoral. No other character can eve
Images of Mac Beth How does the play’s Imagery help us to understand its themes and characters? For me to answer this essay question I must first find out what exactly imagery is, to do this I used an Oxford dictionary and this is the definition; Imagery n. Images collectively; statuary, carving; mental images collectively; ornate figurative illustration, esp. as used by author for particular effect. An image is a picture that the author places in your head by graphic descriptions about a subjec
insanity Insanity Insanity to a certain person is someone’s inability to make reasonable decisions and also the inability to separate the real from fake. In Shakespeare’s MacBeth, the main character MacBeth goes through many incidents that make him seem insane. His insanity is evident throughout the whole play from his hallucinations to the ability to kill anyone he feels as a threat. One instance of insanity is his the meeting the witches. Witches are of the supernatural realm. Even to believe
Interpretation- Romeo and Juliet Interpretation: Romeo and Juliet What would cause young lovers to mysteriously commit suicide so they can be together? Is it their parents who forbid them to see one another, or is it themselves? William Shakespeare\'s play, Romeo and Juliet, tells about two young "star-crossed lovers" whose deaths were caused by fate, not their parents or themselves. First of all, Romeo and Juliet were from feuding families: Romeo a Montague, and Juliet a Capulet. Romeo was so d
Is Othello A Racist Play Is Othello a racist play? Although there are lots of things to suggest this is a racist play I don’t think that racism actually dominates the play, even though it has a racist theme. There is a romantic union between black and white which gets destroyed because most people think the relationship is wrong. At the time the play was written, 1604, even the Queen of England was racist so there must have been a strong hatred of blacks around that time. Most racist comments in
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Themes play an integral role in the play Julius Caesar. The actions and the way that the characters express themselves define the themes in the play. The play is not comprised of one or two themes, but rather made up of an innumerable amount of them. A major theme in the play is fate. Fate is found from the smallest instance such as a dream to the prediction from a soothsayer. Another theme that is prevalent in the play is betrayal. Julius Caesar is betrayed along wit
Julius Ceaser Essay: Brutus Character Analysis Marcus Brutus William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is mainly based on the assassination of Julius Caesar. The character who was in charge of the assassination was, ironically, Marcus Brutus, a servant and close friend to Julius Caesar. But what would cause a person to kill a close friend? After examining Brutus’ relationship to Caesar, his involvement in the conspiracy, and his importance to the plot, the truth can be revealed.
King Lear Assignment Shakespeare\'s tragedy King Lear is a detailed description of the consequences of one man\'s decisions. This fictitious man is Lear, King of England, who\'s decisions greatly alter his life and the lives of those around him. As Lear bears the status of King he is, as one expects, a man of great power but sinfully he surrenders all of this power to his daughters as a reward for their demonstration of love towards him. This untimely abdication of his throne results in a chain
Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth: A Wife in Support of Her Husband One of the main characters in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, has been an object of intense criticism. Although sometimes regarded as cruel and vile, evidence exists that Shakespeare did not intend for her to be judged so harshly. By evaluating her character in relation to her actions, her overall relationship with Macbeth, and her death, we can see that Shakespeare quite possibly wanted Lady Macbeth to be judged in association with the actions
Lady Macbeth Responsible For Duncan\'s Death ohn Keating English Honors Lady Macbeth Must Take Some Blame for Her Husband’s Destruction In Macbeth, a play written by Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth is partially responsible for the destruction of her husband. Lady Macbeth is not a monster without feelings, however she is tricky and cunning when she influences Macbeth to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth’s ability to influence her husband leads the audience to believe that she is the primary cause for the destr
Lear As the play opens one can almost immediately see that Lear begins to make mistakes that will eventually result in his downfall. The very first words that he speaks in the play are :- ...Give me the map there. Know that we have divided In three our kingdom, and \'tis our fast intent To shake all cares and business from our age, Conferring them on younger strengths while we Unburdened crawl to death... (Act I, Sc i, Ln 38-41.) This gives the reader the first indication of Lear\'s intent to ab
Light-DArk Light / Dark Outline Thesis : In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses light and dark to bring out the ideas of good and understanding, and to show his audience the evil and hiding that take place during the play I. Intoduction (Tom) A. Readers see schemes fail; lead to destruction B. Many themes 1. Motifs 2. Help tie play together; reinforce themes C. Thesis II. Light (Aaron) A. Good; Shakespere uses this motif through the play to show his audience that goodness associated with light. 1. Day/Sun
Literay Critisim Something about Charles Dickens and his ability to take his reader to unbelievable places with his imaginative powers allows him the honor of being the most popular English novelist of the 19th century. Dickens has thrilled his readers for many years with his down-to-earth stories about real people forced into real situations. Charles Dickens has the ability to tell his stories from personal experiences. He fine-tuned his ability to tell his own story through the life of another
Sonnet 73 Although at first glance this sonnet appears to be about death, it is, like the majority of Shakespeare’s poetry, about love. As is typical in his work Shakespeare has kept to the traditional sonnet form of 14 lines, all in iambic pentameter, and is arranged in three quatrains with a closing couplet. Its rhyme scheme is ab ab cd cd ef ef and gg. The most powerful imagery within the sonnet is that which describes the passing of time, giving the poem an almost palpable aura of pathos. Fr
Tess Durbeyfield Tess Durbeyfield is a victim of external and uncomprehended forces. Passive and yielding, unsuspicious and fundamentally pure, she suffers a weakness of will and reason, struggling against a fate that is too strong for her. Tess is the easiest victim of circumstance, society and male idealism, who fights the hardest fight yet is destroyed by her ravaging self-destructive sense of guilt, life denial and the cruelty of two men. It is primarily the death of the horse, Prince, the D
The Tempest: Masque The Tempest: Masque World Literature Essay Question: What is the impact of the masque to the overall structural unity of the play? How does the masque differ from the rest of the play in theme and poetry? The ‘masque’ scene in The Tempest, in Act IV Scene I, clearly differs from all other scenes. Many producers of the play have chosen to eliminate this scene on the grounds that due to its differences it disrupts the overall structural unity of the play. The theory has in fact
“The Tempest” The many roles of Prospero. In the play “The Tempest” written by Shakespeare, there are many different roles that Prospero plays. He has four major roles that I shall discuss as Duke of Milan, father to Miranda, master to Ariel and Caliban, and as a powerful magician. Prospero was the Duke of Milan as he was usurped by his brother Antonio and exiled to an isolated island. He is quite a reluctant leader, “I thus neglecting worldly ends,” and he is perhaps regretful of the way he app
The Theme of Actors and Acting in Hamlet. Many would perceive madness and corruption to play the most influential role in Hamlet. However, it could be argued that the central theme in the tragedy is Shakespeare\'s presentation of actors and acting and the way it acts as a framework on which madness and corruption are built. Shakespeare manifests the theme of actors and acting in the disassembly of his characters, the façades that the individuals assume and the presentation of the \'play within a
Romeo and Juliet English 9 H-Block 6 1/27/2003 The text of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, suggests the possibility of both, free will and destiny. The two seem to be constantly contrasting and complimenting each other. Although the fact that Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers is clearly stated in the Prologue to the play, free will plays a significant part throughout. As the play opens up, Romeo is in love with Rosaline, convinced that she is his one and only, true love. It seem
Theme: How true love ultimately triumphs Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is set in an intense atmosphere of hatred between two families. The lovers are victims of the sin of their families and in the end it is their death and suffering which overcomes the hatred between the families. This drama tells us that true love ultimately triumphs and survives over and destroys hate because the deaths of the lovers end the feud between the families. We are first introduced to this important theme in the Pr
An investigation into the ways in which the language and subject matter of Hamlet’s three soliloquies reveal the key concerns of the play. The play ‘Hamlet’ is one of Shakespeare’s most tragic plays. The play consists of different themes. A main theme in the play is how mad the character Hamlet is and how his madness is presented to the audience. Another interesting theme is Hamlet\'s obsession with death, as Hamlet repeatedly refers to death on several occasions. The theme of the Oedipus comple
To What Extent Is Hamlet’s Madness Feigned? One of the central issues in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is madness. The focus of my essay revolves around Young Hamlet and the questions posed by this character in respect of his sanity. Firstly, is Hamlet’s madness entirely feigned, as he initially leads us, the audience, to believe? To what extent is Hamlet’s madness an act? Does Hamlet’s feigned madness shield him from actually going mad? Or, an opposing proposition would be, does Hamlet’s feigned ma
Twelfth Night Summary Twelfth Night In Shakespeare\'s Twelfth Night, it is clearly evident that the fluctuation in attitude to the dual role and situation and tribulations imposed upon the character of Viola/Cesario ends up in a better understanding of both sexes, and thus, allows Viola to have a better understanding for Orsino. Near the opening of the play, when Viola is adopting her male identity, she creates another self, like two masks and may decide to wear one or the other while swinging b
The Taming of the Shrew In Act 5, Scene 2, Katherina Speaks About The Duties Of A Wife And The Role Of Women. With Reference To The Play As A Whole And The Role Of Women In Elizabethan England, How Could This Scene Be Interpreted In Different Ways by Elizabethan and Contemporary Audiences? In The Taming of the Shrew, Katherina’s speech towards the end of the play is both memorable and very important to the storyline. This is the scene when the confused audience finally discover whether Petruchio
How is Language Used in Act 2 Scene 4 and Act 3 Scene 1 to Mislead Other Characters? 9w Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night, is all about playing jokes on people, sometimes deliberately confusing them, and just basically having a happy time. Most the characters follow the tradition of Twelfth Night, however some do not. In Act 2 Scene 4, the tradition is not comprehensible, however, in Act 3 Scene 1, it is, as both Feste and Viola/Cesario are making jokes with one another. The selected paragraphs
William Shakespeare We know very little about Shakespeare\'s life during two major spans of time, commonly referred to as the lost years . The lost years fall into two periods: 1578-82 and 1585-92. The first period covers the time after Shakespeare left grammar school until his marriage to Anne Hathaway in November of 1582. The second period covers the seven years of Shakespeare\'s life in which he must have been perfecting his dramatic skills and collecting sources for the plots of his plays. W
Dear William Shakespeare. Terrific play! My best compliments! I went to see Hamlet; my best applaud to you my friend, another extraordinary play, congratulations. Please inform me if you plan to act another of you beautiful plays; I’ll be there. I know how you love to write and act, but do you never miss a family, do you never miss your children or your wife? I know that I miss my family after just a couple of days I don’t know how you can live without a family. Don’t you regret never being with
Spiritual Journeys in The Winter’s Tale Throughout the semester we’ve been discussing the importance of spiritual growth to the development of characters in Cervantes’ novellas and Shakespeare’s plays. The concept of a spiritual journey is certainly not unique. Many authors have employed the idea that characters do need to change and grow in order to hold the attention of the audience. In stories like “The Jealous Hidalgo” and “The Liberal Lover,” Cervantes shows how some characters absolutely n
Angela’s Ashes April 2, 2004 English Per. 7 1 Today’s society has a tendency of taking things for granted. People forget how to appreciate the little things that life has to offer. Most people, especially in this small town environment, “live the good life” and don’t even realize it. America in general is viewed as a beautiful place with endless possibilities, and it’s been like that for many years now. Majority of our nation’s citizens are not one hundred percent American, and have a number of
Essay #4: Jorge Luis Borges English 1A In Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges attempts to skew the fundamental principles by which most people govern their lives. He constructs roughly allegorical worlds that reflect reality in their complexity and scope. By pulling the reader deeper into these labyrinths, Borges’ stories subtly and without mal-intent, demand a reexamination of the way we collectively relate to the world. Specifically, Borges questions the reliability of the past – something by which
:Cassius vs. Brutus: IX Humanities 3/7/04 In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Cassius and Brutus often clash as a result of their distinct and different characters. Brutus, who is conflicted about whether or not to kill Caesar for the good of Rome, has a more noble character than Cassius, who manipulates Brutus into killing Caesar. Brutus has a noble character, which causes him to question whether or not killing Caesar is the right choice for Rome. During a conversation with Cassius, Brutus s
Tennessee Williams I. Teaching/Learning Objectives for College-Level Students In this first section, I will list some teaching/learning objectives for college-level students studying Tennessee Williams. They are: v To read and comprehend the plays written by Williams. v To be able to explain quotes and/or passages from the plays. v To be able to tell about the life of Tennessee Williams. v To have an understanding of the 20th century culture (ex. - language, family life, etc.). v To be able to r
The Importance of Shakespeare to Poetry Short Lecture English 240 June 16, 2004 William Shakespeare is one of the most influential and well-known poets of all time and his works are essential to the understanding and knowledge of all poetry. His poems have shaped, influenced, and motivated countless poets and their poems throughout the centuries. The works of Shakespeare are often referenced and have directly inspired not only many poems, but also many other works of literature. Shakespeare’s po
To what extent is Shakespeare\'s portrayal of the eponymous hero of Henry V an idealised one? Is your interpretation also true of Olivier’s and Branagh’s filmed versions of the play? The over all view of Henry depends largely on the audience and the director’s interpretation, of course. An audience in Shakespeare’s time saw Henry as extremely favourable, whereas some modern critics view him as a bloodthirsty persecutor. We can look at the different ways in which Henry might be portrayed. Firstly
First Essay: What does The Tragdy of King Lear gain from having a sub-plot? Since the publication of Bradley’s Shakespearean Tragedy: lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth, the critical tradition on King Lear has payed special attention to the issue of the subplot. Critics offer a varied range of arguments against as well as in favor of the use of the subplot. The general opinion among the critics is that the subplot generalise and intensify the main plot. However, in more specific
Feste Could Feste have been aware of Cesario’s true identity even before the truth came out? In Shakespeare’s play, the twelfth night, one may see Feste as intelligent rather than being foolish. Shakespeare has made it clear to his audience that Feste is much more cunning then the other characters. Feste has always seemed to be the character who see’s much more than everyone else. In the movie, the twelfth night, it seems much more obvious that Feste knows Cesario’s not what he appears to be, ho
Raleigh’s Views of Life English IV February 1, 2004 Sir Walter Raleigh has shown himself to be one of the greatest figures of a very great age in literature. Raleigh lived a life of luxury and more or less represented himself as an arrogant man. During Raleigh’s lifetime, he never thought of himself as a writer. Only about thirty-five of his poems have actually survived in fragments because of the passing of time. The worst part of Raleigh ’s poems, is that they exist only in bits and pieces, bu
Othello In the play Othello, jealousy is shown to be very evident through the actions of the characters. Jealousy is an emotion that everyone shares, and it is eventually responsible for the tragic ending of the play. Everyone feels jealous at certain times of their lives, and this feeling can cause people to do foolish things. This human emotion also shows people to be weak in the sense that they are never happy with what they have. Shakespeare shows through Othello, Iago, Roderigo, and Brabant
The Nature of Relationships in King Lear and A Thousand Acres In her novel A Thousand Acres Jane Smiley takes the conflict between the natural and the unnatural in King Lear one step farther than Shakespeare. Using many of the same elements in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Smiley shows the deeper complexities of human relationships and experiences by expanding this theme. Shakespeare’s most important use of the theme of the natural and the unnatural is in reference to Edmund. Several times, Gloucester
Love Freshman English II What is love? Is it an emotion, a magical feeling, or just a four-letter word? After reading several of Shakespeare’s plays I think that love is almost impossible to define. The only way to know what love is would be to experience it first hand. In the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare portrayed love in several different forms. The play opens with Theseus and Hippolyta discussing their wedding plans. Theseus states “But oh, methinks, how slow This old moon wanes
Macbeth Q. To what extent do you think that Macbeth is in control of his own destiny therefore responsible for the events in the play? ‘ Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare revolves around an honourable man in the Scottish army who is influenced by a number of people to fulfil his desire to become King of Scotland, which eventually leads to his bloody death. Of course many people have different opinions on whether Macbeth is in control of his own destiny and therefore responsible for the events that
Macbeth Per: 2 In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth the two protagonists, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth demonstrate both strength and weakness of character and action. Through the course of the play Lady Macbeth’s early power and strength weakens while Macbeth’s rises from weakness to a position of strength and great power. In the beginning Lady Macbeth is stronger, however towards the end Macbeth becomes the stronger one. The short tragedy of Macbeth is a morbid story of ruthlessness, power, and murder. S
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare is a play on the theme of love. The play is a comedy and it shows that the course of love doesn’t always run smoothly. Shakespeare uses different settings to show the complication in the lover’s lives. I think that is a very clever thing to do. The first scene takes place in The Palace of Theseus. Theseus, the Duke of Athens, is getting married to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, in four days time. There is a very calm
Othello versus Caliban – Race in Shakespeare’s plays Shakespeare’s plays incorporate an entire panorama of diverse subject matters. He deals with a lot of social, political and cultural issues in his plays. He has the ability to highlight the different aspects of these various issues through the perspectives of his various characters. On the one hand Shakespeare seems to foreground a lot of progressive discourses in some of his plays and on the other hand he seems to be a part of the majoritari
Othello April 16, 2004 I chose Iago as my choice of character to discuss the discrepancy between appearance and truth as the driving factor in how Shakespeare creates characters. Iago is possibly the most heinous villain in Shakespeare. Iago is skillful, untrustworthy, and selfish when plotting his actions. He uses these traits to his advantage by slowly planning his triumph while watching the demise of others. Iago uses Othello’s weakness against him, specifically gullibility and his devotion t
Race in Shakespeare’s plays-Othello versus The Tempest Shakespeare’s plays incorporate an entire panorama of diverse subject matters. He deals with a lot of social, political and cultural issues in his plays. He has the ability to highlight the different aspects of these various issues through the perspectives of his various characters. On the one hand he seems to foreground a lot of progressive discourses in some of his plays and on the other hand he seems to be a part of the majoritarian sensi
JOSQUIN DESPREZ 1440 - 1521 Desprez was considered one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music. Josquin Desprez was born in 1440. Desprez was born in an area ruled by a duke. It was named the Duchy of Burgundy in modern day Belgium. He lived mainly in Italy. Desprez died in 1521. Josquin Desprez did a lot of music work. He was involved with church work. Josquin was very religious. Desprez was employed in Milan. He was also a singer at the Papal Chapel in Rome. He was a music te