Cold Mountain Charles Frazier uses reverse psychology as a great advantage in his very well known novel, Cold Mountain, a Civil War story with blood on its bayonets and romance in its gentle soul. The author takes some creative risks by reshaping the true battle tales of the Civil War into an epic story that accumulates power and purpose with each turn of the page. The story is set around the middle of the Civil War, perhaps somewhere around 1864, the later and more depressed years at that. Thes
College Students throughout the country enter college each year without the needed study skills. It is not unusual for bright students to get through the lower grades and even through high school without much studying. But when those same students get to college they often find they are completely lost and their grades are falling at alarming rates. Study skills in collage are vital if the student wants to get the most out of his college experience and wants to succeed. In addition, the student
CULTURAL VALUES AND PERSONAL ETHICS COM525 April 19, 2004 Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Cultural values and personal ethics are quite interesting to describe. Cultural values represent the implicitly or explicitly shared abstract ideas about what is good, right, and desirable in a society (Williams, 1970). These cultural values (e.g. freedom, prosperity, security) are the basis for the specific norms that tell people what is appropriate in various situations. The ways that societal instit
EnneagramThe origin of the Enneagram is a bit mysterious (and still the subject of substantial debate). The Enneagram derived from a group called the Sufis, who are a mystical offshoot of Muslims that follow various pagan spiritualities. A Greek man named Georges Gurdjieff, was interested in the meaning of life and traveled around North Africa and Asia learning various spiritual traditions. Allegedly, one of these was called “The Work” which supposedly had been passed down from pupil to teacher
FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY Introduction:- FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY is a relatively new branch of psychology but relates to one of the fastest growing areas of the discipline as indicated by an increase of the practice of clinical psychology within the legal system and the increasing interest expressed by undergraduate and graduate students. The word forensic is derived from the Latin word forensis meaning of the forum where the law courts of ancient Rome were held. Dictionary meaning of psychology is scienc
HUMAN FACTORS IN FLIGHT Crew Resource Management, Crew Coordination, In Relation to Aircraft Accidents Abstract In this paper you will learn how Crew Resource Management came into effect and the reasons behind the need of CRM to further prevent accidents from happening. I will discuss the Communication aspect of CRM, how Crew Coordination is a very important program for multi-crew cockpits, and should be taken very seriously. Finally, I will present some examples of what happens when a break dow
INTERNET USAGE ON TEENAGES THE REASONS FOR CONNECTING TO INTERNET AND USAGE FIELDS OF IT AMONG THE YOUNG PEOPLE AGED 12-19 IN LAST 2 YEARS 29/04/1999 ABSTRACT This research aims to determine the reasons for the young people aged between 12-19 to connect to internet and the usage fields and the reations of people’s personalities and virtual habits. Especially last 2 years, the usage of internet is so increased and this affected all the levels of society. Finding out their reasons to connect to i
Introduction to English Studies “By and large people term ‘literature’ writing which they think is ‘good’. Assess this formulation of literature. Within this statement there arises a problem. This problem lies within the notion of what is ‘good’. For people to term a literary work as that of a ‘good piece of writing, people must have something bad, for which they can compare it to. The concept of ‘good’ writing has been an on-going argument for many centuries now, as peoples ideas change within
Jean Plaget RUNNING HEAD: JEAN PIAGET Jean Piaget: One of the Most Famous Theorists of Cognitive Development SED 502 7/19/04 Jean Piaget: One of the Most Famous Theorists of Cognitive Development Introduction You just had a baby and you think the things it does are so amazing, and your baby is the only one that can do that. Then you talk to other new parents, and their babies are doing almost the same things as yours; some a little more, some a little less. Now your baby is a teenager, and you a
Johnny Got His Gun, Chapter 1 English 10A, 6th Period November 5, 2000 “Chapter 1” of Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo was very confusing. It starts in France with a constant ringing phone that irritates a soldier of WWI. He has flashbacks of his father’s death, senior year, Christ, experiences in the war, childhood Christmas memories, parent’s love for each other, and the old party line. “It [the telephone bell] sounded different from any other telephone bell or any other sound because it ha
Marijuana Eng 111 Nov. 18 WA#5 Final Copy The use of marijuana among college students has been the subject of controversy for several decades. Marijuana use among young Americans peaked in 1979 with a 60.4% of high school seniors admitting to at least trying the drug. Today it is said that 60 million Americans have used marijuana at one point or another in their life. That is approximately 1/3 of the nations population (Internet). If so many people have used it or are using it, is it really bad?
Me, myself, and I Sometimes I just long for company ..a friend....someone whom I can talk to..........someone who can be the net I use to suppose it to I used to meet so many strangers but at least they were ready to listen to me......whatever it was a sort of escapism .from the real world which hides so many guilt and feelings behind the human masks of a wife, mother husband, father ,daughter ...and many such disguises.......the life becomes so loaths
The Metaethics of Ayn Rand and Objectivism Foundations of Ethics January 2001 Table of Contents o Introduction ……………………………………………….. p. 3-5 Early Ayn Rand …………………………………… p. 5-6 Literary Period ………………………….…………. p. 7-8 Philosophical Period ……………………………… p. 8-9 o Metaethics ………………………………………………… p.9-10 Existence as Primary …………..……....………… p. 10-11 Animate vs. Inanimate Objects ………………….. p. 11-13 Life and Value ………………….…………………. p. 13-14 Fact and Value: The Randian Synthesis ………... p. 15-17 The Rationa
Hawthorne’s Style of Writing in The Scarlet Letter and “Young Goodman Brown” Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American novelist whose works were deeply concerned with the ethical problems of sin, punishment, and atonement and contributed greatly to the evolution of modern American literature. A New England native, Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts on July 4, 1804 and died on May 19, 1864 in New Hampshire. An avid seaman, Hawthorne’s father died in 1808 when Nathaniel was only a young child.
:Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders: Assessing and Treating the Problem PS333 Forensic Psych Final Essay Sex offending is defined as the range of behaviour officially classified as sexual offences. Treatment is usually for those who have committed an offence against others who did not or were not able to give consent. There are three main groups of sex offenders. The first are child molesters, who prey on those who are younger than 16 years of age. The second are rapists, who offend against adul
Rorschach Test There are several different tests that psychologists can use to analyze different things. While some social psychology tests are like the Thematic Apperception Test or others like the Rorschach Test are ore widely used in the field, they all have the good and the bad side of the test. The Thematic Apperception Test is used primarily to see how individuals reveal parts of their own personalities while looking at an ambiguous picture. The TAT consists of 31 pictures that depict a va
The Ontology of Gay and Queer Homosexuality: History, Politics, Ethics April /2001 Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………………….. p. 2-4 Definitions and Genealogy of Homosexuality……………… p. 5- Genealogy of Ontology………………………………………. p. Coming Out of the Closet: Conversion and Inaugeration or Integration……….. p. Genetic Ontology, Social Artifice and Orientations………... p. Conclusion: The Sexual Tower of Babel and Politics of Ontology………………………………. p. -Introduction- In recent years, the gay commu
Communist Manifesto Chapter 1 Summary: Bourgeois and Proletarians The Communist Manifesto begins with Marx\'s famous generalization that the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles (79). Marx describes these classes in terms of binary oppositions, with one party as oppressor, the other as oppressed. While human societies have traditionally been organized according to complex, multi-membered class hierarchies, the demise of feudalism effected by the French Revol
Psychological Detective, Unit 1 General Psychology 5/12/2001 Let\'s do some detective work. Reread the description of Kreskin\'s transmission of numbers (pg. 2-3). Read it very carefully. How many numbers did Kreskin include among those that he said he would transmit? Write down all the possible numbers that Kreskin could transmit, according to his statement to the audience. My answer: I may being with the list of all odd numbers between 1-50, twenty-five (25) of them: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15,
Psychological Detective, Unit 2 General Psychology 5/12/2001 Take a look at Figure 4-3 on page 147 of your textbook. Why was cognitive dissonance aroused in participants who chose between two desirable gifts? How did the participants reduce this dissonance? Write down some possible answers to these questions before reading further. My answer: The psychological state of cognitive dissonance was stimulated because a choice of two desirable gifts caused an incompatibility or inconsistency of choosi
Psychological Detective, Unit 3 General Psychology 5/20/2001 Take a look at Figure 4-3 on page 147 of your textbook. Why was cognitive dissonance aroused in participants who chose between two desirable gifts? How did the participants reduce this dissonance? Write down some possible answers to these questions before reading further. My answer: The psychological state of cognitive dissonance was stimulated because a choice of two desirable gifts caused an incompatibility or inconsistency of choosi
Was Abigail Williams a Victim or Villain? The Crucible, by Arthur Miller is a play based on the true happenings of 16 Century Salem, (Miller refers to this time as . . . the spring of the year 1692 ) a small puritan town in Massachusetts USA, also it is based on his own personal experiences involving Senator McCarthy’s Communist hunt, which many people believed also involved a hunt for the US Governments “Witches” (In this case Communists) these were seen as an imaginary threat, which certain pe
How useful is Attribution Theory? Attribution theory assumes that people try to determine why people do what they do. The theory deals with the information one uses in making casual inferences, and the way one deals with this information to answer a casual question. But how can this account to the usefulness of the theory? By knowing the reasons for various behaviours people can better predict future behaviours, and thus protect themselves from any unpleasant surprises (Brown, 1986). This search
YOUTH POPULAR CULTURE FI2010 “”Dick Hebdige argues that style is used within subcultures as a weapon of ‘semiotic guerrilla warfare’ to challenge and resist dominant culture’. Examine this argument looking at specific examples of subculrtural style.” NB: This essay concentrates on fashion style. In the beginning there was style. Invented by our earliest ancestors some 100,000 years ago, this approach to transforming appearance served to mark out the boundaries of each tribe, to indicate differe
Feminist Revolution In the latter half of this century while the New Right has managed to remain unified, organized and focused the Left’s major weakness has been that it has been anything but; in fact it is difficult to ascertain whether the Left hold any shared tenets. There seems to be the vague understanding that left-wing politics are associated with being pro-woman, pro-labor and anti-racist; however even these extremely general sentiments are often confused and mistakenly conflicted.1 Fem
Human Memory Cognition What is memory? Apologies for commencing with a naively under-estimated question likened to that asked by a small child or perhaps a tiresome teenager. However, in this case, to ask such a question will not result in futility or a slammed door. The point here is to illustrate that the existence of memory has far more widely reaching implications than the lay person might at first suspect. Without memory there would be no past. There would be no ability to employ previously
Long Distance Relationships Title page Abstract Introduction Literature Review There are many aspects that need to be considered when looking at romantic long-distance relationships. This type of relationship varies greatly from relationships in which the partners live near one another in a number of ways including communication, idealization, and relationship satisfaction. These ideas need to be addressed when discussing the transition, maintenance, and coping solutions of the relationship. The
Cultural conflicts and social change in Africa and its Sub-region: conceptualising the possibilities and limitations of conflict management Cultural conflict Conflict is a construct referring to affective aspects of a particular situation, which involves antagonists. My observations have led me to suggest that conflict fits within the following table of emotional and affective states in a society, which can vary from time to time: Feeling/State Interaction Consequences Comfort Discussion Stabili
Psychology of The Black Family Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin In Black Like Me, the white author details his startling experiences as an African-American. He spent a month with his skin temporarily darkened through medication and UV light to find out for himself what life is like for an African-American and to expose his experiences. Griffin’s wrote this book to tell whites about what they are doing to blacks. Griffin is a white reporter that would have had little hope of gaining true inf
Wit Wit is a movie based on the psychology of death. It is the story of Professorb Vivian Bearing. At the beginning of the film Vivian is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. The movie follows her through an experimental eight cycle chemo-therapy treatment, each at the full dose. Vivian enters the treatment a witty, tough and cold-hearted scholar. She prided herself on maintaining control of every aspect of her life. She was a controlling and demanding professional. However, while going throu
Great Expectations: the world of laws, crime and punishment The World of Laws, Crime and Punishment in Great Expectations Great Expectations criticises the Victorian judicial and penal system. Through the novel, Charles Dickens displays his point of view of criminality and punishment. This is shown in his portraits of all pieces of such system: the lawyer, the clerk, the judge, the prison authorities and the convicts. In treating the theme of the Victorian system of punishment, Dickens shows his
Views of Racism in Heart of Darkness Eng 23-12 Instructor Time- 8:00-9:15 A.M. What is the meaning of racism? According to the American Heritage Dictionary, it means hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, is a treasure for criticism on the authors stand on racism. Many believed him to be a racist writer, and many others believed that the novel only implicated the beliefs of his time. He was not only believed to be a racist but also ignorant. Al
How am I going to improve my Intimate Relationship with my Best Friend? Feb 9, 2004 Psychology 135/Preterm paper My best friend and I have known each other for almost three years, we talk to each other everything and we share a lot, but we will argue about things most of the time, and I found out one thing, because we are different. When God made us, he had made each one of us different, we look different, we think different, and even though we have different personality. There are four individu
The Need for More Research on the effect of Rap and Gansta Rap on African American Adolescents Today It has been argued that more research on the effect of music and its content on the health risk behaviors of African American adolescents are needed. A number of studies have been done to try and determine what exact effects may occur on this selected group of adolescents. Research has shown that the number of African American adolescents who listen to rap or gansta rap with explicit lyrics use o
Aristotle’s Ethics and Its Impact on Women 12/4/03 Aristotle deviates from the metaphysical views of previous philosophers, including his beloved teacher Plato, that state that the purpose of human life lays beyond this world. Instead of this doctrine, Aristotle argues that the purpose of human life lies only within this world. Because Aristotle held this belief, he argues that one must make the most out of his life. To do so one must live the best possible life. Aristotle believed that knowing
Motivation MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES I believe that every person is motivated about something; the challenge is to find out how to create a work environment that enables people to express that motivation at work. So how do you motivate employees? The answer to this question seems like is would be simple but it is actually quite complex. In order for employees to become and remain self-motivated, they need to have a reason. In fact, the word motivation means having a motive or reason. In my research I
Second Year Philosophy Essay: on Nietzsche the ‘Death of God’ There are various issues involved here. You need to recall that, for N, the term ‘God’ has extremely wide connotations: it stands for all metaphysics, Platonic Forms, ‘timeless truths’, essences, etc. N. is rejecting the very notion of anything ‘transcendent’ – whether this be theological or philosophical. There is nothing ‘beyond’. Instead of ‘Truth’, there is only my truth, my interpretation. (There’s a very obvious problem with th
Plato\'s Theory of Political Philosophy; An Argument C. 428 B.C.E was the birth time of Plato into an Athenian aristocratic family (Dave Judy, 1998, 21). His father was Ariston who was believed to have connection to one of the early kings of Athens. His mother was Perictione, who related to 6th - century B.C reformer of the Athenian constitution, Solon. His father died when he was a child, and Plato eventually became Socrates\' disciple. Plato\'s works consisted of a set of 41 so-called dialogue
The Modern Values of Midpointery: A Plea for Conversation Philosophy 379A January 9, 2004 In the present age, audiences are not hard to be found, but rather the people that seem to be scarce. To the Single Individual, When you first started me thinking about this project, there were so many different possibilities I could have followed. The writings of Kierkegaard inspired and moved me in ways that I hope no college student ever graduates without, and I wanted to write you something that includ
Community Building with Suicidal Behavior MBA Organizational Behaviour and Design Community Building with Suicidal Behaviour Paper on: Introduction: Human beings have psychological, ethical, and spiritual needs that transcend the normal liberal agenda. Liberals have tended to focus exclusively on economic entitlements and political rights. But most people need something more: We need to be part of loving families and ethically and spiritually grounded communities that provide a meaning for our
Models of Psychology Biological – views human behavior in biological concepts (inheritance, genes, stress, hormones) Psychodynamic (Freud) – behavior is brought about by unconscious inner forces – uncontrollable Cognitive – how people understand and think about external world (Structuralism Functionalism) mental activities Behaviors – Observable behavior should be the focus. (J.B. Watson) Humanistic – Free will, facilitate human beings Psychology-Scientific study of human behavior and mental pro
What do feminists find to be objectionable in patriarchy, and are they right to be critical of it? The above illustration is one of many that are used on a daily basis in order to make the understanding and also the highlighting of patriarchy an everyday issue in the daily conflict of gender issues. Western female thought through the centuries has identified the relationship between patriarchy and gender as crucial to the women’s subordinate position. For two hundred
Video Games and Their Psychological Effects Each week people throughout the world spend millions of hours playing video games. Is this part of the problem with society today, or is it a new and positive form of entertainment? Since the early 1980’s people have been questioning the negative side effects of video games. Extremists are shouting that it is corrupting children by teaching violence. They have a good point when looking at notoriously violent games like Grand Theft Auto. On the other ha
Aggression Psychology 4th period 2-25-04 · What is Aggression. · Mental processing and why. · How to prevent aggression. · Works cited. · 5 open forum facts. Anger may do more harm than any other emotion. First of all it is very common and, secondly, it upsets at least two people-the aggressor and the person aggressing. Anger is feeling mad in response to frustration or injury. You don\'t like what has happened and usually you\'d like to get revenge. Anger is an emotional-physiological-cognitive
:Arson: Definition - Any willful or malicious burning or attempt to burn, with or without intent to defraud, a dwelling house, public building, motor vehicle or aircraft, personal property of another, etc. Arson: Why do people do it and how can we prevent it? Arson is a common, costly and complex problem in this country and around the world. Arson affects everyone, invading communities, threatening businesses and family security. Deliberate fire setting is the largest single cause of fires in the
Behavioural Psychology Behavioural psychology was an exceptionally popular movement during the 1950s. The ideas that inspired behaviourism were derived from the philosophy of John Locke and Jacques Loeb (Hayes, 1995). Behavioural psychology is essentially the study of not the mind, but the observable behaviour of the subject. The theory of behaviourism completely disregards the complexity of the unseen mind and instead focuses on the environmental factors that influence behaviour. Behaviourism h
Beyond Freedom and Dignity Beyond Freedom and Dignity. B.F. Skinner. New York: Hackett Publishing Company, 1971. 215. This book discusses B.F. Skinner’s beliefs and plans to change people in society through the use of operant conditioning. B.F. Skinner is the man widely known for the psychology of behavior, or Behaviorism. Skinner feels that if people continue to head down the path they are going, that they will be heading for total disaster. He feels that people have a great problem of looking
“Body Behavior” Sociology paper Guayaquil - Ecuador UEES 2/8/2002 Contents: o Introduction o What’s Body Behavior? o Body Behavior in Business o Body Behavior dictionary o Interviews o Conclusion o Bibliography 1. Introduction. - Body language is the behaviors expressed by a person, even if it’s masking what he really feels in an unconscious level is transmitting the truth and can’t be hidden with words. Language is classified in verbal and non-verbal and the verbal language is only 7% of the me
Child Abuse February 25, 2004 Psychology 1010 In 1999, a survey was taken that showed 22 % of abused children were victims of physical abuse, 8% sexually, 54% through neglect, and 16% by emotional abuse. Psychological abuse can include a number of different factors including neglect and verbal abuse. The majority of abuse that takes place is done so psychologically rather than physically. Many children are simply ignored by their parents and have little or no involvement with them because of thi
Critical Observation Paper The study of social psychology in the behavioral observation of a crying infant. Abstract An infant crying is a behavioral trait of all new born babies. An infant’s first instinct when born is to cry. Why do infants cry? When infants cry it can be for a various amount of reasons. As a parent it is their responsibility to figure out what is wrong and keep the infant from crying. The research method used is naturalistic observation. The subject is observed in its natural