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Israeli Palestinian Conflict The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a dangerous and volatile situation that has attracted American attention for some decades. The conflict is a sensitive subject that produce strong emotions in people. This conflict deals with Jewish nationalism, distribution of resources, and politics. About a hundred years ago, Jews underwent a drastic change in their view of themselves. At first a few, and then more, began to call themselves Zionists. Zionism is a term that in it
Juvenile Delinquency Remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label "delinquent" slapped on you ? Did you ever wonder what it meant ? That is what my topic for today is . . . juvenile delinquency. In this report I will: define juvenile delinquency, give the extent of juvenile delinquency, give some suggestions on what causes juvenile delinquency, and what is being done in various communities to deal with this growing problem. The legal term juvenile delin
Labor Unions GROWTH OF THE FACTORY In colonial America, most of the manufacturing was done by hand in a home. Labor took place in workshops attached to the side of a home. As towns grew into cities, the demand for manufactured goods increased. Some workshop owners began hiring helpers to increase production. Relations between the employer and helper were generally harmonious. They worked side by side, had the same interests and held similar political views. The factory system that began around t
Literature: Tool For The Masses to Grasp and Form Opinions on A Subject Over the centuries, one of the most important tools available to protesting groups was literature. Some of the most famous protest literature in the world has its roots in American history. For example, some great American authors of protest literature include Thomas Paine, Thomas Nast, John C. Calhoun, and Martin Luther King. Through eloquent, sometimes subtle means, these authors became the spokesmen for their particular p
Underage Drinking: A Big Problem Underage drinking is wide spread through out the United States. According to Klaidman, of 10 million people under the age 21 who admitted they\'d had a cocktail in the last month, 4.4 million said that they are "binge drinkers," or people who have had more than four drinks in a row. Also, alcohol use among 12 to 17 year olds has risen .9% over the past three years (137). Lack of entertainment on college campuses and easy availability of alcohol can lead to undera
School Prayer Should Be Allowed I attended twelve years of Catholic School. My parents consented to the decision of my enrollment and they knew what was involved. They knew that the study of God and prayer was mandatory. Prayer in school in my case produced and environment of discipline and respect for the teachers. The involvement of my parents and the faculty in the use of prayer was in full agreement. However, my view was not even considered important. My rights had been violated. The First A
A Case Of Needing Serious Revision A Case of Needing Serious Revisions Michael Crichton has penned some of the most engaging, timely, and thoroughly accessible tales to be published in the last twenty-five years. What his novels lack in literary merit and distinctive style they make up for in crisp plotting and edge-of-your-seat suspense. From alien viruses to regenerated dinosaurs, from evil Japanese monoliths to the insidious maneuverings of the modern corporation, Crichton latches onto the sc
Murder "And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him." (Genesis 4:8) Back in those days, murder was pretty clear cut. If you killed someone, it was called murder. Of course, if you had a reason, then it was justifiable. Back then, it was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Or a life for a life. But in these fast paced and politically correct times, is there justifiable murder? Webster\'s Dict
Popes The Protestant Reformation marked a time of great religious, social and political upheaval. For the first time in history the Christian church was permanently shattered. The Reformation originated from a trend in returning to the biblical days of Christianity and a renewal of morality. Unfortunately the Catholic religious leaders didn\'t share in the renewal of morality. The Renaissance popes were partially responsible for the decline of the church;however, it was the Church\'s past histor
Immigration: Pro We live in the 90\'s the age where scandalous and controversial topics cover the news headlines. Such subject matters as homosexuality, A.I.D.S, and abortion are fiercely debated upon. Sides are always taken, with the conservatives battling the liberals. One such argument that has always been debated upon since the founding of this nation has been immigration. The fact that it has been argued over for so long makes it seem ironic. A country founded by immigrants perpetually argu
The Roman Society The changes in the Roman government affected the social classes and rights gradually became more equal among the people of Rome. New laws and new leaders tried to make society become closer in equality through reforms. It was a long and difficult process to be freed or to become a citizen of Rome and not many accomplished it. Plebeians and woman were thought of as worthless citizens in society, but through time they gained more rights. To show that this is true, I will be addre
The First Amendment: Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace A Michigan college student posts sadistic fantasy about a classmate to an Internet newsgroup and is charged with the threat to injure. A postal inspector in Memphis, Tennessee downloads a pornographic image off the Internet and the California couple who posted it is arrested for violating Tennessee\'s obscenity laws. A programmer\'s encryption software is duplicated by someone else and sent overseas via the Internet; the programmer is charged with i
Should Children Be Allowed To Testify In Court? Over the past ten years, more research has been done involving children\'s testimony than that of all the prior decades combined. Ceci & Bruck (93) have cited four reasons for this : - The opinion of psychology experts is increasingly being accepted by courts as testimony, - Social research is more commonly being applied to the issues of children\'s rights, - More research into adult suggestibility in accordance with reason naturally leads to more
Ethics in Cyberspace Cyberspace is a global community of people using computers in networks. In order to function well, the virtual communities supported by the Internet depend upon rules of conduct, the same as any society. Librarians and information technologists must be knowledgeable about ethical issues for the welfare of their organizations and to protect and advise users. What is ethics? Ethics is the art of determining what is right or good. It can also be defined as a general pattern or
Reasons for the American Revolution The King of England and Parliament were the direct causes of the American Revolution, because of their demands on colonists and harsh reactions after the colonists failure to meet their ridiculous expectations. These demands were far greater than any loyal American was able to provide. The taxes placed on Americans were so heinous that the sugar in their mugs was taxable. Survival while paying these taxes was slim to none. How could Britain force such severe t
Down syndrome Down\'s syndrome is a genetic condition involving an extra chromosome, this change occurs around the time of conception. A person with Down\'s syndrome has forty-seven chromosomes instead of the usual forty-six. A relatively common genetic disorder, Down\'s strikes 1 out of 600 babies. In 95 percent of all cases, the disorder originates with the egg, not the sperm, and the only known risk factor is advanced maternal age-at age 35, a woman has 1 chance in 117 of having a baby with D
The Death Penalty: a Necessary Evil Life is the most wonderful gift that God gives us. He also gives us the power to do what we wish with that life. We can keep it and guard it, or we can take it away. It follows that murder is the worst crime anyone could ever commit. It is a crime that no one can ever make right because once you take a life away you can never give it back. Penalties exacted from criminals are made to fit the crimes committed. The worst crime possible should therefore receive t
The Evolution of the First Amendment The first amendment states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.(encyclopedia) The inhabitants of the North American colonies did not have a legal right to express opposition to the British government that ruled them. Nonethel
The Graffiti Exposure in Wynnum Is it a work of art; or a piece of scrawl sprayed across some bare surface? Ladies and Gentlemen, should Wynnum be exposed to Graffiti? Firstly, I would like to ask you. What is the cost to the government to ‘cover up\' this unwanted advertisement? One recent attack placed a school approximately $4000 out of pocket. Further more, over the last twelve months, my school has experienced nine attempts at destroying the asthetic appeal of the buildings within. I could
freedom of religion I attended twelve years of Catholic School. My parents consented to the decision of my enrollment and they knew what was involved. They knew that the study of God and prayer was mandatory. Prayer in school in my case produced and environment of discipline and respect for the teachers. The involvement of my parents and the faculty in the use of prayer was in full agreement. However, my view was not even considered important. My rights had been violated. The First Amendment of
The Power of the Situation A week of urban mayhem was ignited by the April 29, 1992 jury acquittal of four white police officers who were captured on videotape beating black motorist Rodney King. The angry response in South Central produced its own brutal footage, most dramatically the live broadcast from a hovering TV news helicopter of two black men striking unconscious with a brick, kicking, and then dancing over the body of, white truck driver Reginald Denny. The final three-day toll of what
Gun Control Sylvester Erickson College Writing II One of the most controversial issues in our society is gun control legislation. Violence associated with guns is increasing every year and something must be done to stop it. Gun legislation varies in every state. In some states gun policy is stricter than in other states. Gun legislation should be abolished in favor of federal gun legislation. To analyze the problem with gun violence today you must understand the gun laws that are in effect. The
History of the World Bank The WB was created by the Bretton Woods Conference and evolved by adding additional institutions as additional tasks were identified. The initial objective of the WB was to provide loans for the rebuilding of Europe after WWII, later lending is provided to developing countries to foster development. Membership in the IMF is a prerequisite to be member of the WB and the source of the funds it provides are membership subscription quotas, international capital market borro
Sociology and Its Aim Sociology is the scientific study of society and human behavior. This is the most basic definition of sociology that one would find. Getting a little more in depth, it is the study of humans in groups and how they interact with one another. A scientist in this field, a sociologist, would look at these groups by means of the sociological perspective. This involves looking at a certain behavior like you have never witnessed it before. If done correctly the sociologist should
Hackers: Information Warefare Geoff Stafford Dr. Clark PHL 233 The Popularity Of The Internet Has Hrown Immeasurably In The Past Few Years. Along with it the so-called "hacker" community has grown and risen to a level where it\'s less of a black market scenario and more of "A Current Affair" scenario. Misconceptions as to what a hacker is and does run rampant in everyone who thinks they understand what the Internet is after using it a few times. In the next few pages I\'m going to do my best to
Abortion In Roman times, abortion and the destruction of unwanted children was permissible, but as out civilization has aged, it seems that such acts were no longer acceptable by rational human beings, so that in 1948, Canada along with most other nations in the world signed a declaration of the United Nations promising every human being the right to life. The World Medical Association meeting in Geneve at the same time, stated that the utmost respect for human life was to be from the moment of
Abortion During the past quarter century, abortion has joined race and war as one of the most debatable subject of controversy in the United States. It discusses human interaction where ethics, emotions and law come together. Abortion poses a moral, social and medical dilemma that faces many individuals to create a emotional and violent atmosphere. There are many points of view toward abortion but the only two fine distinctions are "pro-choice" and "pro-life". A pro- choicer would feel that the
Abortion Abortion. What is it? Why do people do it? Is it killing a human life? What are the benefits for having an abortion? Should it be made illegal? These questions I will try and answer on the key issue right now on abortion. I will tell you my side and how I fell, and hope that after this you would agree with my opinion. Abortion is the killing of a child before the birth. They usually take a needle and put it into the mothers womb, and kill it. Although that is not the only way to do it.
A Comparison of the Status of Women in Classical Athens and Early Christianity Since the beginning of time the treatment of women has improved dramatically. In the earliest of times women were mere slaves to men. Today women are near equals in almost all fields. In 411 B.C., when Lysistrata was written, men had many stunning advantages to that of their female counterparts. Although women\'s rights between 30 and 100 A.D., the time of the New Testament, were still not what they are today, the tre
Andrea Dworkin Andrea Dworkin has been an influential write, speaker, and activist for over two decades. She claims to be a feminist, and that her ideas are beneficial to women. This paper will show that many of her most popular beliefs are not only detrimental to society, but also not in the best interests of women. In letters from a war zone, Andrea Dworkin presents a collection of speeches and short articles she has composed during her career as a writer and activist. Many of her articles dea
To What Extent Is Hamlet’s Madness Feigned? One of the central issues in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is madness. The focus of my essay revolves around Young Hamlet and the questions posed by this character in respect of his sanity. Firstly, is Hamlet’s madness entirely feigned, as he initially leads us, the audience, to believe? To what extent is Hamlet’s madness an act? Does Hamlet’s feigned madness shield him from actually going mad? Or, an opposing proposition would be, does Hamlet’s feigned ma
Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics Source: Saussure\'s Third Course of Lectures on General Linghuistics (1910-1911) publ. Pergamon Press, 1993. Reproduced here are the first few and last few pages of what are notes taken by a student of Saussure\'s lectures. Ferdinand de Saussure (1910) Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics [28 October 1910] Introductory chapter: Brief survey of the history of linguistics The course will deal with linguistics proper, not with languages and
THE BROADER PICTURE OF A GREAT LEGAL SYSTEM SECTION CODE: 0348 02/19/2004 The U.S. legal system has undergone several gradual changes in development to date. This is mainly due to direct and presumptive influences that restructure certain perspectives on right and wrong, in the effort to attain the fine line of balance termed as justice for all. Sporadic and gradual shifts in societal values on various issues tend to impact the general populous either towards a majority consensus or disagreement
The French Revolution I. Absolutism A. Absolutism defined 1. In the absolutist state, sovereignty resided in kings--not the nobility or the parliament--who considered themselves responsible to God alone. 2. Absolute kings created new state bureaucracies and standing armies, regulated all the institutions of government, and secured the cooperation of the nobility. a. Some historians deny that absolutism was a stage of development that followed feudalism, but, instead, was administrative monarchy.
Compromise of 1850 In 1850, the issue of slavery had once again some to haunt Congress. What seemed like a déjà vu of the Missouri Compromise, Congress would once again be split down the middle over the issue of slavery. The purpose of the Compromise of 1850 also known as the Omnibus Bill was to settle several questions that had recently surfaced within the walls of the Capitol. Unlike the Missouri Compromise, this decisions made in this compromise needed to satisfy the whole country. These reso
Uzbekistan Current Political Economic Situation Political situation Uzbekistan, the most populated republic in Central Asia with almost 25 million in-habitants, became independent, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, on 31 August 1991. Its constitution, adopted in 1992, is rather liberal in its statement. It introduces a Presidential system with a Parliament (Oly Majlis/Supreme Council) elected by universal suffrage, enabling several parties to present candidates. Mr Islam Karimov, former he
Final History Exam 1.List the reasons the US got involved in World War I: The Germans ignored Wilsons calls for peace, resumed unrestricted submarine warfare, announcing that their U-boats would sink all ships in British waters - hostile or neutral - on sight. Then the German foreign minister sent a telegram, nicknamed the Zimmermann note to the German ambassador in Mexico. This telegram proposed an alliance between Mexico Germany promised that if the war with the US broke out, Germany would sup
Civil War History Notes HISTORY 311 NOTES – SEPTEMBER 24th until OCTOBER 24th HIS 311 SEPT 24 -1861- Civil War begins -Nov.-dec TRENT incident -1862-64- Alabama depredations -Oct.-St. Alban\'s rd. -1865- Reciprocity Tr. denounced -1866- Fenian Invasion -sub themes -public opinion foreign policy -xtrnl coincide w/ intrnl issues -colonies and their costs COMPARISON OF CAN AND US -Can and US are parallel -major events, trade are shared -civil society devl\'p same way -culture is same exc. QUE, Loui
“How did Hitler persecute the minority groups of Germany so that he could create his perfect Aryan society?” Historical Essay Year 11 IB History Word Count: 1488 22/3/04 During Hitler’s time in power minority groups in Germany and in Europe were tortured, tormented, exiled and killed. Hitler persecuted various minority groups because he thought they had no place in his master race. Hitler had a vision of a master race called the “Aryan race” which he planned to purify and become world dominator
Martin Van Buren - His Presidential Years 1837 to 1841 HY 201, section 2 April 4, 2004 The Eighth President of the United States In the election of 1836, Van Buren won easily with 170 electoral votes against 73 for Harrison, 26 for White, 14 for Webster and 11 for Mangum. In popular votes Van Buren received a total of 764,176 votes compared to 550,816 for Harrison, 146,107 for White and 41,201 for Webster. Major Issues of the Election of 1836 Van Buren disagreed with Whig candidate William Henry
Provisional Government “The position of the provisional Government was precaucious from the start. Is it fair to say that the collapse of Russia’s Provisional Government was inevitable? The position of the Provisional Government was precaucious from the start, and yes it is fair to say that the collapse of Russia’s Provisional Government was inevitable. It was inevitable because it was weak and had no real power, it had made too many mistakes and had no clear plan of what it wanted to achieve. T
The Decline of Aleppo M.A. student Islam and the West 14, April, 2004-4-14 In the Arabic world, Aleppo was not for all the time considered a metropolis. However, it claims a long and glorious history that traces to the beginning of the recorded history, and has established a regional commercial center for at least more than one thousand years. Located in the midpoint between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean Sea, the town of Aleppo also enjoys an easy access to water and food supply from the s
Islamic World The Islamic world faced a major challenge during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Expanding Western European states and economies played a dramatic role in determining events, both on global scale and within Islamic world. “A major shift in power occurred as declining Muslim fortunes reversed the relationship of the Muslim world to the West, from that of ascendant expansionism to one of the defensiveness and subordination.” (Esposito p125) By the end of the century, ma
The World Trade Organization The world trade organization is the only international organizations dealing with global rules of trade between different nations. The main purpose is to make sure that the trade process is as smooth, predictable and freely as possible. The world trade center began in 1995. It is one of the youngest international organizations. Because of the WTO, producers and consumers will be assured that their finished products, raw materials, components and services that they u
Why do you think there was no general European war between 1815 and 1914? In order to understand why there wasn’t a general European war during the time period mentioned it is necessary to look at the relationship between the major powers at the time in both a foreign and domestic context. It is also important to understand why these nations were so concerned in preventing another Napoleon from dominating the European scene once more. In 1815 the five main powers in Europe were Austria, France,
Women Rights Since the first American colonies existed, women have been characterized for having less civil rights with less career opportunities than men. For many years women have been fighting to enjoy their own rights. Women have raised their voices to demand their full civil and political rights. Women have had to overcome many economic, political, and even social obstacles created by men just to be treated in an equal way in the American society. Generally, the womeni lives have been chara
Paul Cronan Cronan Case Facts: Paul Cronan was employed by New England Telephone Company (NET) in 1973 as a file clerk and promoted to service technician in 1983. In 1985, for a period of six month, Cronan began sporadically missing work due to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) related symptoms. Cronan’s supervisor requested explanation of the absences and assured Cronan that this would be kept confidential. Cronan explained his AIDS status, was excused for the day, and subsequently ord
OAMPS Survey Response Rate Out of 874 OAMPS employees, 537 responded to the survey. The overall response rate for this survey was 61.5%. The response rate varied greatly throughout the various divisions. Total Employees Response Rate AIIL 56 68% Head Office 18 94% IT/Corporate Services 64 40% National Broking 45 58% OFM 50 52% OIB 535 70% OUA 104 28% 874 Clarity: Vision and Mission The clarity index is a measure of how clearly articulated the vision (the long term direction), the mission (the l
Communism Civics / Communist 3/12/04 Communism shaped most of history from the late 1800’s to present 1900, most people believe that Communism is a threat to world peace, but others believe it to be the world’s greatest hope. Communism has many meanings being; a form of government, an economic system, a revolutionary movement, a way of life, or a goal or ideal. Communism is also a set of ideas about how and why history moves, and in what direction it is headed. The founder of these ideas is main
MODERN HISTORY ASSESSMENT TASK #1 (i) Explain the different aims of the three leaders, Clemenceau, Lloyd-George and Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference after WW1. The 18th of January 1919, is a stand-still moment in History as 75% of the world’s leaders came together and prepared to discuss a single topic, the situation of the post-war world. With the exclusion of the defeated states, there was a total of 32 Leaders that attended the Paris Peace Conference. Whilst there was a large majority of