1960’s QUESTIONAIRE Were many people involved in drugs and protests? If so, did you witness or partake in any? Yes, there were many people involved in drugs and protests during the time that I was in college. On my first day of school at the U of M, in September 1969, I remember students taking over the Literature, Science, and Arts building in protest against the war. The Ann Arbor Police surrounded the building, but none of the protesters were caught. Then, in the middle of the night, the stud
Marine Biology Career Study Project: Marine Biology Research Marine biology is the study of organisms that live in the sea. It deals with all forms of life in the oceans, from viruses so small they can be viewed only with the most powerful electronic microscopes to whales, the largest living animals. Marine biologists do numerous things in their working day. They describe and classify marine organisms. They try to determine how these organisms develop, how they obtain food, how they reproduce, h
The Economic Emergence of China, Japan and Vietnam World War 2 in the mid-90\'s drew a hard blow and left a serious and lasting effect to many Asian countries. This however, did not hamper the growth of countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam as their government were taking serious steps to recover economically. Thus, the global market cannot deny a place for these \'Asian Dragons\', because these countries are growing at a tremendous pace to the extent of being capable in emerging as global
Contract for Replacing a Stop Sign CONTRACT FOR REPLACING A STOP SIGN TOWN OF CHILI MONROE COUNTY, NEW YORK OCTOBER, 1998 NOTICE TO BIDDERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed propasals are sought and requested for: CONTRACT FOR REPLACING OF A STOP SIGN TOWN OF CHILI, NEW YORK To be held by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Chili, Monroe County, New York carried out by the plans and specifications prepared by the Engineer. All sealed proposals will be into the Board at the Chili Town Hall on N
Mars Pathfinder What is the Mars Pathfinder mission? The Mars Pathfinder Mission is the second launch in the Discovery Program, a NASA initiative for planetary missions with a maximum three-year development cycle and a cost cap around $150M (FY92) for development. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, manages the Mars Pathfinder for NASA. The mission is primarily an engineering demonstration of key technologies and concepts for eventual use in f
Cloning The cloning of humans may soon be a reality. The recent announcement of a sheep and calf cloned using this technique has sparked much controversy in the modern world. The ethical, legal, and moral aspects of cloning must be addressed by governments quickly and its implications must be taken into careful consideration for the future of mankind in general. On February 23, 1997, Ian Wilmut, a Scottish scientist, and his colleagues at the Roslin Institute announced the successful cloning of
Forensics In this paper I will debating and discussing the distinct topics/ideas that go along with genetic engineering in forensics. First I will agitate the basics of forensics and forensic science is and what some of its uses are. Then I will discuss benefits , risks, ethical concerns with genetic engineering in forensics. Forensic science in its broadest definition is the application of science to law. Forensic science offers the knowledge and technology of science for the definition and enf
Cloning The rapid development of the technology for cloning has led to moral debates around the world on whether or not to ban creating human clones. With the advancement of clone technology two states, California and Michigan have already banned the cloning of humans. "Everybody who thought it would proceed slowly and could be stopped was wrong, said Lee Silver, a professor from the University of Princeton (McFarling 1) . . ." Without proper research on behalf of the politicians of California a
Pesticides Today, we are more concerned with our environment than ever before. Similarly, it is my belief that we are more knowledgeable about our earth\'s environment than did previous generations. I do not believe it would be an understatement to say that the planet earth is in serious jeopardy--from the shrinking rain forests, to the polluting of the oceans and land, to the ozone layer problem. Nevertheless, for purposes of this discussion, it is my intent to focus on pesticides as one partic
Personal Statement I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Computers play a very large role in this field, and I believe that taking CIS courses as well as staying up to date with computer technology is a must for me. Since high school, where I have taken over three years of computer aided drafting (CAD), computers played a very important role in our education. I am also pursuing a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer’s certificate, incase mechanical engineering does not wor
Airbags Research of smart airbags produced surprising results. The expected new designs using innovative technology for solutions to the serious problems with airbags were virtually non-existent. Articles contained reports of the dangers and injuries caused by airbags. Most articles agree that the need to develop a smart airbag is clear. The method of collision detection recognition of crash severity needs improvement. Information provided by most sites alluded to or outlined aggressive efforts
Stanford University I. Introduction A. Stanford was founded by Leland Stanford B. My purpose is to persuade you that Stanford University is the best institution in the nation. C. Stanford is the best university in the United States due to: 1. Its reputation for one of the best educational programs in the nation. 2. Its top of the line students 3. Its award winning facility 4. Its tradition in sports and student activities II. Body A. Stanford has a reputation for having one of the best education
Genetic Testing Stephen Hankinson Barbara Biesecker, M. S., of the National Human Genome Research Institute’s Medical Genetics Branch, defines genetic testing as screening a population group to identify a subset of individuals at high risk for having or transmitting a specific genetic disorder (Glossary of Genetic Terms). Since the 1970s researchers have been experimenting with genetic testing. Today it is monitored by the Human Genome Organization. The goal of this international effort is to id
Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), 26th president of the United States (1901-09), the first president to exploit the public dimensions of his office in an age of mass communications, a reform leader at home and a skilled diplomat abroad. In his lifetime Roosevelt became a personal model, particularly for the country\'s youth, in a way that no public figure has matched. He was one of the most popular presidents in American history. The son of a wealthy, socially prominent merchan
The Erie Canal George Washington was the first to realize the importance and need of canals for the nation\'s development, but never completed his thought. On July 4 1817 the Erie Canal was began by Governor DeWitt Clinton a former New York city mayor and US Senate in Rome New York. It took much persistence and determination by Governor DeWitt Clinton to make the Erie Canal a reality. He believed the canal could be dug across the entire state of N.Y. to form a water route through the Appalachian
GENTIC ENGINEERING Abstract This paper sets out to defend human genetic engineering with a new bioethical approach, post-humanism, combined with a radical democratic political framework. Arguments for the restriction of human genetic engineering, and specifically germ-line enhancement, are reviewed. Arguments are divided into those which are fundamental matters of faith, or "bio-Luddite" arguments, and those which can be addressed through public policy, or "gene-angst" arguments. The four bio-Lu
England England (Latin Anglia), political division of the island of Great Britain, constituting, with Wales, the principal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies all of the island east of Wales and south of Scotland, another division of the United Kingdom. Established as an independent monarchy many centuries ago, England in time achieved political control over the rest of the island, all the British Isles, and vast sections of the world, becoming
CASE-BASED REASONING 1. Introduction Nowadays, Artificial Intelligent and knowledge-based system technologies are used in many business areas. One of them is Case Based Reasoning, this approach has been widely used in many areas of interest such as Education, Medication and Business. Case-based Reasoning (CBR) is a problem solving method which is used a specific knowledge of the previous experienced , concrete problem situation. In order to solve a new problem, it is finding a similar case, and
The Treatment by Arthur Hinds See, this is the size needles I\'ll use on you. They\'re the smallest. They won\'t hurt a bit. All individually wrapped to keep them sterile. Just trust me, darling. I know what I’m doing. Lie down on this towel I spread over the bed and relax while I gather things together. I’ll take care of your leg. Don\'t forget I studied for four months with the best teachers in Shanghai. I can do everything. I was one of the best students in the school--not like the stupid one
Third Cubicle on the Right The doors open, you step off the elevator. You pass the vending machines, coffee makers and a box of glazed donuts. Veering to the left, you enter the array of cubicles from wall to wall. Something catches your eye. He’s young, really young and he has his own desk here at Bell Helicopter Textron. No way you think to yourself, he must be somebody’s kid playing on the computer. To be sure, you approach him and introduce yourself. As the two of you converse he tells you t
Volkswagen Bettle Where you there? Did you see it? The Detroit 1994, Automotive Car Show, they reintroduced The Volkswagen Beetle to the world. This time with a little twist. Now that the new Volkswagen Beetle has hit the market, there is a renewed interest in the old bug. The new Beetle has a waiting list of months before you can receive your vehicle after you place your order. People are showing a big interest and comparing the old bug with the new model. So now some people would like to know
Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee, who was considered to be the greatest soldier fighting for the Confederate States of America, descended from a long line of famous heroes. Many of Lee\'s ancestors played important roles in America\'s history. His father was a Revolutionary War hero and a friend of George Washington. He was often referred to as "Light Horse Harry" Lee. Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in Stratford, Virginia. Lee always admired Washington, and was his hero as a youngster. Young Lee de
HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS A connecting link between the two rivers was considered by the French explorer to be needed if the French were successful in settling this region of the south. In 1810, the citizens of Knox County, Tennessee (current location of Knoxville) petitioned the U.S. Congress to build the waterway that would shorten the distance by more than 800 miles for trade with New Orleans, Mobile and other ports along the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly after Alabama joined the union in 1819, the sta
"Who Are You?: An Analysis of Identity in Three Works of Fiction" Gregory Amundson Comparative Literature 11/24/98 Identifying a person can be a real dilemma. Sometimes it is hard to tell who a person really is because of circumstantial events and factors that other people use to identify a person. Sometimes a person has very little control over how he or she is identified because identity can depend less on whom or what someone is than on the events used to identify that person. This problem of
The Inca As you gaze at the society you live in today, you are accustomed to your culture; your religion, language, government, food, and basically your way of life. What is amazing is that there are thousands of other cultures, all being different in one way or another. It could be said that the most mysterious and interesting of cultures are tose of the ancient world. One of those cultures that we know a good deal about is the Incans. Their span was rather short, yet they accomplished so much.
Hackers Society is classifying hackers as "youngsters" who do not know any better who gain access to a technology where they are a threat to the communications and computing world and who will bring it to a standstill; an anti-social loner spending hours, days even weeks in solitude hacking maliciously into forbidden computer systems. They have a difficult time understanding that the word hacker does not necessarily mean thief, criminal or geek. In reality, a hacker does have human friends, alth
PAUL McCARTNEY, SIX FEET UNDER? I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade...he blew his mind out in a car. He didn\'t notice that the lights had changed.(the Beatles, 1967) These lyrics proved to fans that Paul McCartney had indeed died in a tragic auto accident in late 1966. Some people were skeptical about the explanation, but upon investigating the album covers and the lyrics of the Beatles\' songs, the story seems to make sense. Some of the lyrics have to be a twist
E.E. Cummings In today\' society, we see numerous occasions of people using the English language incorrectly. A good example of this is shown in E.E. Cummings poem "next to of course god america i." Using English incorrectly may be, at the very least, ugly, in the Orwellian sense, but the problems brought on by incorrect use of English may go deeper than beauty. Thus, I agree with George Orwell\'s 1946 essay, "Politics and the English language," in which he says, "If thought corrupts language, l
The United States Air Force Academy The United States Air Force Academy is a public, coeducational military institution of the higher learning. It is one of the five United States military service academies, which train young men and women for military careers. The Academy is an agency of the Department of the Air Force. It stands on an 18,000-acre site in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Air Force Academy is just one option for young men and women in be
James Watt Watt, James (1736-1819) (1736-1819), Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer, renowned for his improvements of the steam engine. Watt was born on January 19, 1736, in Greenock, Scotland. He worked as a mathematical-instrument maker from the age of 19 and soon became interested in improving the steam engines, invented by the English engineers Thomas Savery and Thomas Newcomen, which were used at the time to pump water from mines. Watt determined the properties of steam, especially th
The Nature of Science 1) THE NATURE OF SCIENCE- Pitjendara tribe of Australia finds answers about nature in stones called Ayer’s Rock; it contains 2 pictures of 2 snakes; Liru and Kunia; also contains sand-lizard man digging for water. The goal of science is to understand the world around us. Scientific Method-1) Observing & state problem 2) Forming hyp. 3) Test hyp. 4) Record & analyze data 5) Form conclusion 6) Replicate work. Control exp. allow researchers to isolate & test the effects of a s
The Red Badge of Courage All through history, man always seems to be at war. In some cases he is the attacker, in others the defender. In both cases, these wars are broken down into two basic elements, the battles that are fought and the individuals who fight them. In The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane talks about conflict, courage, fear, cowardice, heroism, victory, and defeat. These elements make up the exploits of war we record in our history books. This paper will deal with war, more sp
Spain: A Country’s History and Economics In order to appreciate a country’s present, future, and economics, it is first vital that one first look at the past. Spain’s early history was known to Mediterranean people as far back as the Stone Age. In eleven hundred B.C. colonies were established first by the Phoenicians and were followed by subsequent colonization by the Carthaginians as well as Greeks. These colonies lasted for some time until they were conquered by the Romans in the second centur
City University of New York The City University of New York was not always the complex beaurocratic giant it is today. CUNY finds it’s roots on 138th Street in Manhattan, at what is now known as The City College of New York, but one school in a network of campus’ that form CUNY. Originally CUNY was but one school, with an ambitious dream of providing education to more of New York’s burgeoning population. The Free Academy was founded in 1847. It opened with a mission to provide education for all
Steam Steam, water in vapor state, used in the generation of power and on a large scale in many industrial processes. The techniques of generating and using steam, therefore, are important components of engineering technology. The generation of electricity is largely accomplished by first generating steam, whether the heat is produced by burning coal or gas or by the nuclear fission of uranium (see Nuclear Energy; Steam Engine; Turbine). Steam also is still much in use for space heating purposes
Marcel Duchamp Marcel Duchamp is considered as one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century by the modern art world. Duchamp, who participated in artistic movements from Fauvism to Surrealism, was an innovator and a revolutionary within the art world. Duchamp, being a founding force in the Dada movement, was also a main influencing factor of the development of the 20th Century avant-garde art. All in all Duchamp has become a legend within the art world. Marcel Duchamp was born on July
Turbines and Compressors In engineering and more specifically thermodynamics there are a number of significant devices. This paper will discuss two of these devices: turbines and compressors. These two devices are related in the fact that they have opposing functions. A compressor uses energy to increase the pressure of a gas, whereas a turbine uses a fluid to produce energy. Also, in this paper a particular type of turbine, the steam turbine, will be discussed in-depth. Compressors As mentioned
John F. Kennedy According to John F. Kennedy, author of Profiles in Courage, the most admirable of all human virtues in courage. Courage reqireÌ#noglut tanvingôrua±jfirations, no magic, and no special combination of time, place, and circumstance. It is a time for each man to look deep into his own soul. Being politically courageous means standing up for the good of the country, no matter [email protected]Ÿ\'on4fquncea. Iº#th¸#bok, Profiles in Courage, Kennedy discusses eight men, John Quincy Adams, Dan
Subject: Health & Canola Oil information Canola oil comes from the rape seed, which is part of the mustard family of plants. Rape is the Most Toxic of all-food plants. Like soy, rape is a weed. Insects will not eat it; it is deadly poisonous. The oil from the rape seed is a hundred times more toxic than soy oil! Canola is a semi- drying oil that is used as a lubricant, fuel, soap and... Canola Oil Canola oil comes from the rape seed, referred to as the Canadian oil because Canada is mainly respo
Genetic Engineering: Designing Our Kids Futures A momentous pioneering journey began in 1987. A group of zealous research scientist received approval for a series of tests involving genetics with the condition that there would be no experiments involving human beings. These scientists carried their experiments to the furthest extreme reaching a cessation. Now they’re brushing the realm of actually altering a fetus before it is conceived. Do humans as a species have the right to “play” with the v
Palace of Versailles VERSAILLES, PALACE OF. About 13 miles (21 kilometers) southwest of Paris, in the city of Versailles, stands the largest palace in France. It was built because of the consuming envy of King Louis XIV, and once completed it became the object of envy of every other monarch in Europe. The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Schönbrunn in Vienna, and Herrenchiemsee in Bavaria are only three of the royal palaces built in imitation of the Palace of Versailles. Versailles itself served
Robots Abstract The advent of the Mind Age of intelligent robots envisioned by Hans Moravec will bring profound transformations in global social and technological structures and relations of an advanced intelligence to its environment. The ability of future machines to directly share experiences and knowledge with each other will lead to evolution of intelligence from relatively isolated individual minds to highly interconnected structural entities. The development of a network of communicating
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest and most ingenious men that history has produced. His contributions in the areas of art, science, and humanity are still among the most important that a single man has put forth, definitely making his a life worth knowing. Da Vinci, born on April 15, 1452, is credited as a master painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist. He was born a child to Catherina, a peasant girl. His father was Ser Piero da Vinci, a public n
Immigration Many immigrants come to the United States because it is known as the "land of opportunities", but in the last decade many political analysts are saying that there are no more opportunities left for the citizens already living here. Immigrants come here for job opportunities and to start a new life and career. The question though is that, by allowing the number of new immigrants to influx are we end up sacrificing the people that are struggling to find those opportunities. The number
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in the small town of Ulm, in Southern Germany, near Europe’s longest river, the Danube. His parents, Hermann and Pauline, were Jewish. His father was an electrician who was also interested in electrical inventions. However he was very unsuccessful in his business, and as soon as Albert was born, the family moved to Munich. As a child Einstein was very lonely and shy. He preferred to play with himself in the parks and woods. He first rea
Cloning Introduction: Have you ever wandered what it would be like to have a clone, or what it would be like have a twin? Well in a few years you might be able to clone yourself. That’s if they legalize it in the US I. What is cloning? Cloning is the scientific process of combining the DNA of one organism with the egg of another. Creating a perfect genetically matched lifeform. In other words getting an egg and fertilizing it. Then putting it back in the a surrogate mother. II. Who cloned Dolly?
The Cars of the Future Cars are the chosen form of transportation for most Americans. In 1892 Henry Ford built the first car. It was in 1903 that he opened Ford Motor Co. Through the years cars have been rapidly changing and becoming more useful. Cars now have iron bars in the doors to decrease fatalities in accidents. The common car also has bright lights and engines are being built to reuse gas. As our society gets larger and expands, our cars need more capabilities, for example: the need to t
Creative Writing Dear Sir or Madam, Over the past four years, I have grown into an exceptional writer. When I began my high school career, I was a decent writer. Throughout my first year of high school I learned about mechanics and sentence structure. This made my technical skills improve greatly. My sophomore year the quality of my writing skills expanded and I learned more about how to use words in a more professional way and many new ways of writing, including personal narratives, short stori
TCP/IP: Explored And Explained TCP/IP is not a single protocol, nor is it, as its name might suggest, a pair of protocols. TCP/IP is actually a suite of protocols. In other words, it’s a large group of protocols that work together. The TCP/IP designers’ original intent was to create a protocol that could traverse various heterogeneous network environments while having the ability to take multiple routes to a final destination. This flexibility was crucial. TCP/IP, originally called NCP (Network
GATTACA Review by Alex Potok Movie called Gattaca was actually a very good movie. Even though I have a very bad memory, I still can remember it after two or three months after I watched it. Movie has a very good plot story which I think was very hard to come up with. Scientific content in this movie plays a major role not only because it is so strange, but also because scientists now already working on genetic engineering and it is pretty much possible that very soon this movie’s main idea will