Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians Steve Reich is a leading pioneer of Minimalism. Though he creates such detailed work that could place him among the elite composers of his time, he expressed his struggles as an artist. One of his major works, which he believes to be one of his best, was Music for 18 Musicians. This piece was a landmark for Steve Reich because of its simplistic instrumentation, structure and colors produced. Many non-musicians as well as musicians enjoy listening to Music fo
No More Smoking in Films April 28, 2004 Issue Essay What kind of impact do movies have on us? Films can make us laugh, and make us cry, but do they also influence us to engage in the same kind of behavior as our onscreen heroes? We\'ve heard arguments for and against the cause-and-effect relationship of onscreen sex and violence, but what about onscreen smoking? The first recorded opposition to cigarettes was in 1892. Cigarettes were labeled by the Senate Committee on Epidemic Diseases to be an
Catch 22 Although many authors have written comedies and tragedies, fewer authors ventured into combining comedy and tragedy to create a masterpiece – a classic work. Using their unique style and structure, Jonathan Swift and Joseph Heller managed to interlay comedy and tragedy. Although their works were published years apart, they have one similarity – they depict the insanity of the people. “A Modest Proposal” is a satirical essay written by Jonathan Swift depicting the horrific conditions of
Economic Analysis of Hawaii Hawaii, with an area of 28,313 sq. km (10,932 sq. mi.), is the 43rd largest state in the U.S.; 6.9% of the land is owned by the federal government. It consists mainly of the Hawaiian Islands, eight main islands and 124 islets, reefs, and shoals. The major islands in order of size are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Nihau, and Kahoolawe. Population growth has increased by 80,000 persons over the past five years. Demographics show a large number of Hispanic o
JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd Submission Date 26th February 2004-02 National Certificate in Business Studies Year 2 “Rotational moulders providing State of the Art Tool design and fabrication facilities transforming your ideas into Quality Plastic Products.” JFC - An Introduction and Background JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd is an Irish based company, which manufactures plastic products for agricultural, domestic and commercial use. A family-owned business, JFC Manufacturing was set up in 1987 by founder
Managerial Decision Making Exam BUSINESS SCHOOL EXAMINATION PAPER JUNE 2000 MODEL ANSWERS Module Code: Module Title: Managerial Decision Making Date: Time: INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: Section A is compulsory. It is worth 50 marks; the share of marks for each question is shown alongside it. Answer any TWO questions from Section B. Each question is worth 25 marks. Time allowed: 2 hours and 15 minutes (plus 10 minutes reading time). __________________________________________________________________
Critical Essay Gambling, while it lowers taxes and creates jobs, it also causes addicts to lose money and therefore creates a higher crime rate. Back in the day gambling was very popular in North America, long before there was ever a United States. Playing cards and dice were brought over by both the British and the Dutch. By the end of the 17th century, just about every countryseat in colonial America had a lottery wheel. Cockfighting flourished throughout the countries, especially in the South
Do the subjects in Hobbes’s commonwealth retain their liberty? I intend to argue that subjects in Hobbes’s commonwealth do not retain their liberty. However I do not intend to argue that the loss of liberty is total. I will argue that the loss of liberty is gradual, partial and voluntary. Hobbes’s argument is constructed very carefully. He guides you through a series of premises, supported by rhetoric, which lead you, inexorably to his conclusion. The problem for me is that the basic ideas he is
“No on Knight” Campaign August 13, 1999 To: President, COO From: Re: “No on Knight” Campaign Thank you for requesting my consultative participation as a part of your decision making process. I hope that I am able to provide you with an outside perspective to your dilemma, and offer you as much information as possible to assist you in making your decision. The course of action, of course is ultimately your own decision. I believe there are only two courses of action that you will consider. You ca
Howard Kaloogian From 1994-2000 Howard Kaloogian had served the people of California as a member of the California State Assembly. Kaloogian, a Republican has been a leading activist in establishing fiscal responsibility, gaining our individual freedoms, and upholding conservative values. Howard is a conservative political leader who is a successful businessman, educator, and attorney. He has established national recognition by managing current events which face our country and state. The Honora
George Bush, Our Leader English 110.006 February 5th, 2004 President Bush led our country through one of its weakest and most vulnerable moments. After the airplane disasters of September 11, President Bush encouraged the U.S. to come together and demonstrate our patriotism to show the terrorists they had not discouraged our powerful union. During this vital time in our country’s history we needed a leader with strength and courage; President Bush rose to the occasion to give us hope. George Bus
The Affect of Politics When living in the United States, almost everyone in some way is affected by politics. Whether it’s a parent paying taxes, to a teenager attending a public school. It almost seems unavoidable no matter what type of background one has. I’m sure there are some cases in which they are people are totally undetectable to the government such as illegal immigrants but other than that most of us have in some way come into contact with the government. Being a 21-year-old student at
Television US History II Honors 7 June 2004 4th MP Research Paper Because we live in such a technologically advanced world, it is hard for some people to imagine a time without Internet, cell phones, and television. Communication in today’s world is instantaneous, even if the news is coming from all the way around the world. The Internet makes accessing worldwide and national events as easy as clicking a mouse, and cell phones help family and friends keep in touch. But the single most effective
The U.S. Patriot Act and The Erosion of Civil Liberties The predictions of prophetic novels like 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and A Brave New World are developing into a modern day reality. The Defense Advanced Research Project, for example, currently administers a program known as “Total Information Awareness” that aims to gather data from all available signal intelligence sources into one database, in the hopes of discovering patterns that will flag for possible deviant activity. This includes inform
Accounting Notes C corporation-corporation that doesn’t qualify for and elect to be treated as a partnership for income tax purposes and therefore is subject to income taxes General partner- partner who assumes unlimited liability for the debts of the partnership: responsible for partnership management General partnership- partnership in which all partners have mutual agency and unlimited liability for partnership debts Limited liability company- form of organization that combines corporation an
Behavioural Psychology Behavioural psychology was an exceptionally popular movement during the 1950s. The ideas that inspired behaviourism were derived from the philosophy of John Locke and Jacques Loeb (Hayes, 1995). Behavioural psychology is essentially the study of not the mind, but the observable behaviour of the subject. The theory of behaviourism completely disregards the complexity of the unseen mind and instead focuses on the environmental factors that influence behaviour. Behaviourism h
Dreams Dreams have been objects of boundless fascination and mystery for humankind since the beginning of time. These nocturnal vivid images seem to arise from some source other than our ordinary conscious mind. They contain a mixture of elements from our own personal identity, which we recognize as familiar along with a quality of \'others\' in the dream images that carries a sense of the strange and eerie. The ancients thought that dreams were messages from the gods. The bizarre and nonsensica
Mechanism Lesson 4 Short Answer 4. Define defense mechanism. Identify two common defense mechanisms and provide your own examples of each. Defense mechanism is the mental strategies used by the ego to defend itself against conflicts experienced in the normal course of life. Fantasy and isolation are two common defense mechanisms. Daydreaming is one of the examples of fantasy – when a person is very poor, for example, he/she may imagine what he/she will eat, what he/she will dress, where he/she w
Alcoholism Running Head: ALCOHOLISM Alcoholism: Causes, Effects, and Treatment Possibilities Alcoholism is a wide-ranging and complex disease that heavily plagues society, especially in the United States, today. The symptoms are many, as are the causes and the effects. Alcoholism may be defined as a pattern of drinking in which harmful consequences result for the drinker, though observers have not agreed upon one specific definition of the term. There are two types of drinkers. The first type, t
Computer—Its Effect on Children’s Learning and Development Psychology 2 Dec 1st, 2001 The role of computers’ effect on childhood education has been a widely controversial topic for decades, and both parents and educators have concerns about the potential benefits or harms to young children. Critics argue that introducing technologies in schools will only waste time, money and childhood development itself by speeding up the pace and cutting down on essential learning experiences that children mus
The Self: Unitary or Multiple? The self, as a concept is one of the oldest and most persistently researched parts of social psychology. At the beginning of the twentieth century William James put down the framework for many of today’s principal issues. With expert research into the fundamentals of what goes into creating ‘the self’ James argued that it was through our “emotional identification” with them that made them part of “me” (as cited in Franzoi 1996). Many other psychologists have studie
Thirteen Days Management Final Assignment December 25, 2003 ª Table of Contents Preface……………………………………………………………………....... Chronology of Events………………………………………………………… Overview……………………………………………………………………... Questions……………………………………………………………………... Q1. “Thirteen Days” is a classic example of group work dynamics and both intra and inter group politics. The situation was “real,” different perceptions however defined their own sense of reality. What factors can you identify that may have defined “reality”
Sony’s History - Through The Eyes of the Company’s Leaders Sony was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The two complemented each other with a unique blend of product innovation and marketing savvy, and formed a company that would eventually grow into a more than $60 billion global organization. In 1950, in post-war Japan, Ibuka and Morita created Sony’s first hardware device, a tape player/recorder called the G-TYPE recorder. Materials were in such high demand that the first tapes
Buddhism o What is the understanding of the nature of god that is characteristic of this religion? While many people believe Buddha is a type of god, according to most Buddhists this is not true. The Theravadhians, who claim to be the original Buddhists, are certain that Buddha claimed he did not want to be seen as a god. Terry Lovat, author of Studies in Religion states, ‘(The Theravadhians) even claim that the Buddha explicitly told his followers not to believe in any gods. If they believe in
Israel 1) Israel claims her land. The return of the Jewish people to Israel is the super-sign of prophecy. The Bible predicts over and over again that the Jews must be back in their homeland in order for the events of the end times to unfold (see Jeremiah 30:1-3; Ezekiel 34:11-24; Zechariah 10:6-10). In 2003 – a year of failed peace plans, rising Israeli-Palestinian tensions, and continued terrorist activity – Israel began construction of a 320-mile barrier. The structure, now 25-percent complet
BioinformaticsIntroduction We take bioinformatics to mean the emerging field of science growing from the application of mathematics, statistics, and information technology, including computers and the theory surrounding them, to the study and analysis of very large biological, and particularly genetic, data sets. The field has been fueled by the increase in DNA data generation leading to the massive data sets already generated, and yet to be generated, in particular, the data from the human geno
Exploring Telepresence Preface Telepresence is an emerging technology that may totally change our value towards time and space. It introduces an idea in designing computer user interface in a human natural way. The interface enables users to feel they are physically present in a distant site and to control remote objects to achieve user’s goals. Human is able to overcome distance, traveling time and adverse environment for completing remote tasks. Is this technology interesting? This article wil
Carnivalesque Resistance to Global Spectacle: A Critical Postmodern Theory of Public Administration April 12, 2001; Revised April 30, 2001 Pre-publication draft of article published in: Administrative Theory Praxis, Vol 23 (3): 431-458. Abstract I propose a critical postmodern application of Debord’s Spectacle and the carnivalesque of Bakhtin to the theatrics I see happening in city streets, on college campuses, and Internet resisting the new globalized economy. In the past decade pubic administ
Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood 1 Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood Adult and Family Development BSHS 380i 1.0 Date: October 21, 2002 Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood 2 Elizabeth Drew once stated, The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion, And I can see what she was saying. In this day in age, we have to be very careful to what we state as an opinion because you never know who you might be offending. Emotions are part of a management system to coordinate eac
Contemporary Thoughts of Alcohol “Alcohol is a drug. Unlike other drugs, it is available to anyone of legal age and easily acquired. Two out of three Americans over age 18 use some alcoholic beverage” (Wilcox, Introduction). Seeing how alcohol has some to be one of the mainstream accepted lifestyles in contemporary America, we need to question many aspects of it. “The NIAAA estimates that more than 11 million adults in the US are alcohol dependent and another 7 million regularly abuse alcohol” (
Forecasting 1. Introduction: “Forecasting future events is often like searching for a black cat in an unlit room, that may not even be there” Steven Davidson in The Crystal Ball 1.1 The requirement for Forecasting: Increasingly competitive external pressures and complex environments have resulted in organisational survival becoming more dependant on the availability of accurate and timely information. Forecasting is a key technique used to reduce the uncertainty of the future and providing busin
Eccentricity 1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Objectives Eccentricity\'s objectives are as follows: to serve a community that may not usually be exposed to finer fashions; to consult customers to help them select the most flattering outfits; to initiate the idea of individuality among today\'s youth and young adults; and, to uphold our social responsibility within our community. Eccentricity also has the objective of becoming the area\'s most popular retail clothing company, competing with larger name
Majority among the few The ambition of terrorists to destroy our way of life has lead to many definitions as to the face of these assailants. Current events have forced us to clearly label the face of this adversary and the idealist teachings. While this idealism resides inside of one of the largest and fastest growing religions in the world we as American’s must be careful not to include the majority with this minority. I could further argue that it is this very rational that further escalates
Spanking Spanking, defined as slapping of the buttocks, is a form of hitting and thus of physical violence. That fact alone should make the spanking of children unacceptable by the same standards that protect adults, who are not as vulnerable. However, there is more to spanking than simply hitting: spanking also trespasses on one of the body’s most private and sexual areas—the buttocks. To fully address the wrongness of spanking children, therefore, we must consider not only the issue of physica
The Challenge of Being a Foster Parent Literature Review February 29, 2004 Abstract This review discusses the commonly overlooked issue of how adults should deal with foster children with behavioral problems. It will explain how foster parents can help foster children properly adapt to their new homes, how foster parents can contribute to maladjustment, and what can be done by foster parents to correct pre-existing problems. This review will help others understand the process of fostering childr
Comic Books Positively Influence Psychological Development in Children The arguments in regards to the effects of media on the psychology of children are endless. In the midst of this the stand of what effect comic books have on child development is questioned. Comic books positively influences a child’s psychological development due to their ability to communicate important social issues, stimulate creativity, and depict a truthful sense of reality. It has been expressed by many that comic book
Culture of Peace Peace Theories and Pathways It is clear today that the prospect of war is far more dangerous than ever, given the technological developments of the twentieth century. One would imagine that if thousands of years of evolutionary progress could create phenomena such as electricity, motorcars, airplanes, spacecrafts, and heart transplants that the human race could find some way to escape the cycle of war that has captivated us for as long as recorded history. Unfortunately, we have
PRO-GAY MARRIAGE IN AMERICA America is the land of liberty where everyone has freedom of choice of lifestyle, religion etc. America has always believed in equality with a few exceptions from history which were resolved. Segregation is one of those exceptions. African-Americans until 1965 were passionately hated by whites. Even after the legislation was passed saying that all men are equal, America still struggled to adapt to this change. Today America would not do such a thing as discriminating
Does the Internet Bring Freedom? Will the Internet make the world more free? Some would answer with a resounding yes. Consider, for example, the views of John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who has declared in his widely-circulated Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace (1996): Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind….I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent
Discuss the issues of publishing pictures that have been altered using a computer. Picture and subject manipulations have been a part of photography since it was first invented. But because of computer technology, digital manipulations are relatively easy to accomplish, hard to detect and perhaps more alarming, alter the original image so that checking the authenticity of the picture is impossible. Some critics have predicted that in a few years, images -- whether still or moving -- will not be
Communications Communication has always been of the highest importance to members of any society. Without communication how would anyone know the day’s current events, know about jobs or know what is happening with one’s family. Most communication had been face to face verbal exchange. Then printed word became a way to communicate especially at a distance. Information took quite awhile to arrive at its destination. People were constantly in need of faster and better communication. The invention
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Law Enforcement Against Prohibition 27 Austin Road, Medford, MA 02155 [email protected] (781) 393-6985 LEAPBoard of Directors Jack A. Cole Executive Director – Massachusetts Peter Christ Treasurer – New York Edward Ellison Director – The United Kingdom John A. Gayder Secretary – Ontario Walter McKay Director – Canada Judge Eleanor Schockett Director – Recruiting, Florida Howard J. Wooldridge Director – Media, Colorado Advisory Board Hon. Larry C
To believe or not to believe, Evolution? Composition 1 November 20, 2003 The topics of Creation science and evolutionary science have long been debated in schools churches and laboratories around the world. Faith and proven facts are two very different aspects in the pursuit of truth. Creation science is the belief that God created the universe. With hundreds of different religions around the world this theory varies in its ideas while primarily stating that a supreme being created all things of
America and Bush through the Eyes of Europe #3122 English Composition I Final research paper November 30, 2003 Table of Contents I. Outline…………………………………………………………………………3 II. Introduction……………………………………………………………………5 III. The Foreshadow……………………………………………………………….6 IV. Runner – up……………………………………………………………………7 V. “This One Time….At Terrorist Camp….”……………………………………8 VI. Watchful Eyes of the Beholder………………………………………………..9 VII. An American in Europe……………………………………………………...10 VIII. Tonight on Euronews…………………………
The Values of the Invisible Man I awoke, there was a crash on the upper deck. I heard a thunderous crackling from my head above. I ran up the stairs and what I saw devastated me. The small wooden boat was completely coated in billowy flames. Help, help, somebody please! I slowly moved towards the sound being careful to dodge flames as much as possible. The smoke was choking me. I could see a faint outline of a face across the deck. It was Tom, my lifelong friend and companion. He was completely
A Timeless Dream Using a classical backdrop and a fairy-inhabited wood setting, William Shakespeare wrote one of his most fanciful of comedies- A Midsummer Night’s Dream around 1594-1595. True to a Shakespearean comedy, it features key ingredients: chaotic events, young lovers, and the satirical element. Shakespeare’s trademark larger-than-life dramatis personae succeed in bringing these elements to life are. The play begins with Theseus, The Duke of Athens, who about to marry Hippolyta, The Qu
How Does Media Today Play a Role in Stereotyping Racial Groups? By In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Race Relations in America Community Studies 111 December 19, 2001 Television media still portray stereotypes of different races in today\'s society, leaving viewers with a pre-conceived notion of where each race falls within society. This gives viewers a negative outlook on races different from their own. Within this paper we will discuss the stereotypes portrayed within the televisi
Research Paper Eng 102 24 March 2003 After reading short stories such as “Barn Burning,” “The Things They Carried,” and “I Stand Here Ironing,” these works made me wonder what the authors were thinking when they wrote these short stories. The short summary before each story do tell some facts about the author, which gives the reader an explanation for where the author is coming from when he or she writes the short story. However, these short biographies left me wanting to learn more information
Sanity is over rated 9/10/04 “Who am I?” A strange question, I am not sure if I can answer that. Let me instead take you on a journey to see how my heart guided me in so many directions. These events and actions that brought me to where I am today. I was in private Catholic school for twelve years, throughout all my years in school I cannot remember a day that I felt getting up and going to school was going to be anything but complete torture. I was an outcast; I spoke to absolutely no one, bein
Separation of Church and State in Dante’s Purgatorio The Divine Comedy by Dante was written to be a guide for religious instruction. It explained religious teachings of the time in a story that was also entertaining, even though it was filled with moral lessons. Dante also used this work to express his comment on current events. Dante uses several allegorical figures in Purgatorio to express his comments on the need for the church to focus more on spiritual matters instead of concerning itself w