Benjamin Franklin: His Life When one takes a look at the world in which he currently lives, he sees it as being normal since it is so slow in changing. When an historian looks at the present, he sees the effects of many events and many profound people. Benjamin Franklin is one of these people. His participation in so many different fields changed the world immensely. He was a noted politician as well as respected scholar. He was an important inventor and scientist. Particularly interesting is hi
Uzbekistan Current Political Economic Situation Political situation Uzbekistan, the most populated republic in Central Asia with almost 25 million in-habitants, became independent, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, on 31 August 1991. Its constitution, adopted in 1992, is rather liberal in its statement. It introduces a Presidential system with a Parliament (Oly Majlis/Supreme Council) elected by universal suffrage, enabling several parties to present candidates. Mr Islam Karimov, former he
Russian Peasant Nineteenth-century moral opinion condemned serfdom. Russian government commissions wrestled over how to implement the tsar’s desire to emancipate the peasants. Finally, in February 1861, against much opposition from the nobility and the landlords, Alexander II promulgated the long statute ending serfdom. The actual emancipation statue proved to be a disappointment because freedom was not accompanied by land. They had to pay the landlords over a period of forty-nine years for allo
Defining Patriotism Since the terrifying events of September 11, 2001 most Americans consider themselves patriotic or “patriots”. However, it is awful opportune for people all of a abruptly consider themselves patriotic. Are they patriotic because they sympathize for thousands of lives taken on September 11th ? Do they consider themselves patriots because they have a flag on the back of their car ? Maybe they believe they are true patriots because they simply love the “amber waves of grain” and
The Korean War There are a number of movies with stories based on history. Even though they are said to be ‘stories’, the majority of those movies are analytical in representing the historical facts. The movie M*A*S*H is one of those movies based on history. This seminar will be looking at the dominant reading of the movie, the historical event which the movie is based on, the validity of the dominant reading in the film and how the future remake of the film should be done according to the histo
Ambiguous Adventure History 1610 October 6, 2003 In Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s novel, Ambiguous Adventure he addresses many problems. Such as the cultural and social choices that Africans faced during the colonial era, how education played a major role in the European colonization area. The one that is most surprising is the role of the Most Royal Lady. She is highly respected by everyone, including the male leaders in the Diallo family. But her role is very unusual, she is a woman and women of this
Russian Revolution The 1905 Russian revolution was not a ‘dress rehearsal’ as Lenin would put it, but rather an indication of popular belief and attitudes of the people towards Tsar Nicholas II’s autocratic regime and of what was to come if current trends in the government continued. Furthermore, it is difficult to argue that the events of 1905 were in fact an actual full-scale revolution. A revolution by definition is one which at the very least, is aimed at effectively overthrowing a former go
ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION To Understand the events that led to the birth and rise of what became an Empire in a very short time, it is necessary to understand the events that preceded the period of the “prophet”. The people of what would have become the Islamic world can be divided into four linguistic families that derive from a common source. These four families can be classified as : 1-Semitic 2-Hamitic 3-Indo European 4-Altaic The first two, Semitic and Hamitic derive from the so called Afro-asia
John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy was amongst the most respected, loved, and remembered American Presidents of all time, and it is fair to say that no President has ever had a life and career which attracts such a huge fascination as that of John F Kennedy[1], and thus his assassination was amongst the most mourned internationally in history. So much so was his popularity, that he was often favourably compared with that of the late Pope John XXIII, who is considered one of the greatest world leade
Living in the Sixties For my research paper, I have decided to interview my teacher from Lincoln High School. He is a good man and helps guide many kids to the right path towards college. He currently visits students in other schools from Lincoln that are in the program he runs called GIRARD, this program helps students with their financial trouble, like the A.P. tests, and also takes students to college trips. His name is Walter Desmond; he is currently sixty-one years old and he made room to
The Effects of the Industrial Revolution The fact that the Industrial Revolution, which originated in England, changed the world is undisputed. Our present lifestyle would have been vastly different had the related events not have occurred. However, we must not romanticize the early changes. They were plagued with disease, poverty, exploitation of children, and the deterioration of the working class. Badly needed reforms came slowly, but inventions and improvements grew at a rapid pace, all of w
Why do you think there was no general European war between 1815 and 1914? In order to understand why there wasn’t a general European war during the time period mentioned it is necessary to look at the relationship between the major powers at the time in both a foreign and domestic context. It is also important to understand why these nations were so concerned in preventing another Napoleon from dominating the European scene once more. In 1815 the five main powers in Europe were Austria, France,
American Painting and sculpture 17th-Century Painting and Sculpture Colonial art reflects that of the European colonizing nations, adapted to the dangers and harsh conditions of a vast wilderness. Spanish influences prevailed in the West, while English styles, with a leaven of Dutch and French, predominated in the East. Outside the Southwest, native styles did not exert a lasting influence on colonial art. Like colonial architecture, 17th-century colonial painting reflects English styles of at l
Colonial Architecture All the colonial houses are alike. From the least important places like farms to places like Monticello all the houses were built in the federal style. The federal style just means that the house would be bilaterally symmetrical. If there was five windows on the top half, then there would be five on the lower half (same on the left and right side). When the plantation owners were in the heat of summer they would come to these houses in Beaufort. Inside these houses, an arc
History April 1, 2004 “Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb,” Sir Winston Churchill. I heard this quote recently and it has stuck with me, and I believe that it is fitting to the topic of history. Through our journeys this semester we have learn
September 11 In a post September 11 world, the confusion and fear pumped into the American population powered the engine behind the Iraq War. The inability of the United Nations Security Council to prevent to 2003 invasion of Iraq has sparked questions over wether this situation has spelt the death of international law, and that the United Nations is heading the same way as the failed League of Nations. In this essay I will explore both sides to this topic and discuss how international law has n
Capital Punishment in America The concept of a life for a life is as old as civilization itself (McCiellan 9). Capital punishment, the legal taking of the life of a criminal, has been utilized in response to three distinct catagories of offense. The three categories are: crimes against the person; crimes against property; and crimes which endanger the security of the nation (Horwitz 13). Capital punishment is still in use in the United States today, but has been abolished by many countries (II 5
Gambling Critical Essay Gambling, while it lowers taxes and creates jobs, it also causes addicts to lose money and therefore creates a higher crime rate. Back in the day gambling was very popular in North America, long before there was ever a United States. Playing cards and dice were brought over by both the British and the Dutch. By the end of the 17th century, just about every countryseat in colonial America had a lottery wheel. Cockfighting flourished throughout the countries, especially in
The Law making process is never affected by moral panics. Therefore as lawyers we need not take account of them. Module tittle: Law 101- Legal Method Introduction Moral Panics is not a new concept, neither are they something that’s been only taking place in the last decade. However moral panics seem to be occurring on a regular basis in last the decade heading towards the 21st century. In this essay I will be looking at how moral panics and how they have affected the Law making process, I will t
Abstract EXAMPLES This paper describes an empirical life cycle model and uses it to predict the behavioral responses to a change in the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program known internally within the Social Security Administration as the “$1 for $2 benefit offset”. This policy has not been enacted yet, but has been actively supported by disability advocates as a way to provide greater incentives for SSDI benefi-ciaries who have fully or partially recovered from their disabilities
A view of Young Goodman Brown The story Young Goodman Brown is about a man and his faith in himself, his wife, and the community they reside in. Goodman Brown must venture on a journey into the local forest refuse the temptations of the devil and return to the village before sunrise. The time era is approximately a generation after the time of the witch trials. Goodman Brown\'s struggle between the evil temptations, the devil, and the proper church abiding life, is a struggle he does not think h
An Analysis of Heart of Darkness Conrad\'s novel, Heart of Darkness, relies on the historical period of imperialism in order to describe its protagonist, Charlie Marlow, and his struggle. Marlow\'s catharsis in the novel, as he goes to the Congo, rests on how he visualises the effects of imperialism. Marlow\'s change, as caused by his exposure to the imperialistic nature of the historical period in which he lived is one of the main concerns of our study.Because, Joseph Conrad develops themes of
Anthropology Anth 174 Candomble is a branch of Santeria, an Afro-Carribbean religion which evolved among African slaves from the Yoruba religion. Historically, when slaves were brought to the Caribbean they were forced to take on the religion of their masters; in the Caribbean and South America it was predominantly Roman Catholic. Yoruban decedents kept their religion alive in part by continuing to worship the African deities in the guise of Christian saints; from this tradition evolved Voodoo i
Brief History of the English Language OLD ENGLISH UNTIL 1066. A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE Old English (500-1100 AD) Old English Words The Angles came from an angle-shaped land area in contemporary Germany. Their name Angli from the Latin and commonly-spoken, pre-5th Century German mutated into the Old English Engle . Later, Engle changed to Angel-cyn meaning Angle-race by A.D. 1000, changing to Engla-land . Some Old English words which have survived intact include: feet, geese, teeth, me
MANAGEMENT STUDIES ASSIGNMENT BRIEF MODUAL MG 211 – FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Course: BA/BSc Management Time Guide: 15-20 hours Submission Date: 15.12.03 CONTENTS Section Page No. 1.Terms of Reference 3 2. Procedure 3 3. Findings 4 3.1. Profitability Ratios 4 3.2 Working Capital Efficiency Ratio 5 3.3 Investment Ratios 7 3.4 Liquidity Ratio 8 4. Conclusion Recommendations 9 6. Bibliography 11 7. Appendices 12 Title An investigation into the financial performance of Dickie Dirt Ltd. The report also in
Franz Liszt Johannes Brahms Many composers have achieved greatness in the music world, but two in particular are very unique. Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms have stood the test of time as outstanding composers in many similar and different ways, in both their music and their lives. In each musician’s life, the music is not the only important aspect of his or her creation. Many composers and performers create music that is inspired by their lifestyles or past events, even the regions in which th
Globalization Globalization is the increasing integration of world-economies through the free flow of goods and services across national boundaries. It can be seen as the liberalization of global markets. Goods and services can be defined as tangible and intangible, e.g. the agricultural sector supplying ground provisions can be classified as tangible and the tourism and banking sectors can be classed as intangible as they are service industries. Commonwealth Caribbean states include: Anguilla,
A Comparison and Contrast of Juergen Habermas and Hans Georg Gadamer 20083747 History 104 Nov.19/01 The intellectual battle between the Gadamer-Hermeneutics school and the Habermas-critical theorists is well documented. Hermeneutics claiming a universal applicability stating, “being that can be understood is language[1],” and the critical theorist claiming a reflective reasoning process that goes beyond hermeneutics. The battle has been aptly stated in the rather public disagreements between Ha
Ear Damage ProtectionHow Loud Music Affects Hearing Music Acoustics Ever wonder what it would be like to not be able to hear a bird sing, or trains go by in the distance? Some people do not have these experiences due to hearing loss or damage to the ears. Many musicians suffer from this loss of hearing and damage because of the intensity of their surroundings and a lack of precaution or knowledge of the effects of loud sounds. The ears are very delicate and sensitive. The ears must be treated wi
Air New Zealand Ltd. Level 3 Accounting Internal Assessment 2004 Achievement Standard 90504 Introduction: Who the report is prepared for: This report is being prepared for a potential shareholder and would include my advice as to whether or not they should purchase shares in Air New Zealand Ltd. Purpose of report: The purpose of this report is to fully analyze and interpret the company’s annual financial statements and other relevant information to derive the advice for the potential shareholder
Mental Illness “. . . Justice systems are built on the notion of free will and thus require an examination of the state of mind of the accused. . . .” - M. E. Rice, et. al It is often argued that a person’s presence in a correctional facility, in itself, points to a level of social maladaption as to constitute a possible mental disorder. One study found that only 5% of penitentiary inmates did not have some sort of mental disorder. This study counted “. . . psychosis, a problem of substance abus
Can the Australian Reform Model be applied to France? Why and Why not? Term Paper BBA Summer Semester 2004 Can the Australian Reform Model be applied to France? Why and Why not? May 2004 Table of Contents: I. Subject…………………………………………………………………… II. Introduction......................................................................................... III. The barriers and obstacles towards changes and reforms…………... IV. Is the “National Competition Policy” applicable to France ?…………. V. Conclusion……
An Objection to Mandatory Drug Testing in High Schools for the Participation of Extra-Curricular Activities: Primarily Student Athletes For LA: 401: Science, Technology, and Human Values Spring, 2004 Introduction With the recent steroid a scandal in Major League Baseball, debates over mandatory drug testing polices have sparked interest across the country. One issue that is highly controversial, but has taken a back seat in the in the debate, is the issue of mandatory drug testing policies in h
:Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders: Assessing and Treating the Problem PS333 Forensic Psych Final Essay Sex offending is defined as the range of behaviour officially classified as sexual offences. Treatment is usually for those who have committed an offence against others who did not or were not able to give consent. There are three main groups of sex offenders. The first are child molesters, who prey on those who are younger than 16 years of age. The second are rapists, who offend against adul
Patristic Attitudes Towards Homosexuality Patristic Thought and History September 20/2000 Perhaps the most volatile social issue the church has faced in recent memory, homosexuality and the issues it raises have confronted both the church and Western society. It has polarized the church and even political institutions, with fundamentalists and the Canadian Alliance political party taking a more conservative approach to homosexuality, and liberal denominations and liberal political parties, embr
Sale of Tobacco to Minors Act o Sale of Tobacco to Minors Act (720 ILCS 675/1) o Smokeless Tobacco Limitation Act (720 ILCS 680/3-4) o Tobacco Accessories and Smoking Herbs Control Act (720 ILCS 685/4) o Cigareette Health Warning Act (ILCS 410 85/4) In addition to the state laws, many municipal and county governments have established local laws pertaining to the sale of tobacco products including licensure, signage, and local penalties for illegal underage tobacco sales. Illinois laws regulate t
Schindler’s ListA CRITICAL ANALYSIS In 1993, the greatest filmmaker of our time did exactly what we expected, and then he turned around and surprised us. That year, for the third time in his career, Steven Spielberg broke the record for the highest-grossing film of all time. Big, grand, and exciting, with dynamite special effects, Jurassic Park was a typical Spielberg film. But while Jurassic Park was breaking records, we heard that Spielberg was in Europe filming, of all things, a black-and-whi
International Music Tour Summary The aim of this project was to produce a project plan for an international music tour spanning over six destinations. As a result a report has been compiled planning the project in detail, consisting of several elements. The proposed project was divided into several key elements that where completed by individual members of the project team. The project consisted of the following elements; Project description: Included detailed specifications and aims for the pro
The Ontology of Gay and Queer Homosexuality: History, Politics, Ethics April /2001 Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………………….. p. 2-4 Definitions and Genealogy of Homosexuality……………… p. 5- Genealogy of Ontology………………………………………. p. Coming Out of the Closet: Conversion and Inaugeration or Integration……….. p. Genetic Ontology, Social Artifice and Orientations………... p. Conclusion: The Sexual Tower of Babel and Politics of Ontology………………………………. p. -Introduction- In recent years, the gay commu
Competitor Analysis: Easy Jet Current Strategy EasyJet is Europe’s leading low cost airline and a new major competitor for Lufthansa. Since launching in November 1995, EasyJet has grown from its base in Luton offering two routes to Glasgow and Edinburgh, served by two Boeing 737 aircraft, to now offer 89 routes from 36 European airports, operating 64 aircraft in November 2002. Following its merger with Go-fly in August 2002, the combined company became Europe\'s Number 1 low cost airline. The Ea
Children in-between: constructing identities in the bicultural family. March 1999 v5 i1 p13(1) While transnational movement and migrancy are not new fields of inquiry for anthropology, the experiences of children from inter-cultural marriage, as a part of these processes, have rarely been discussed. In this context, competing cultural ideas of childhood and child-raising are tackled in the intimacy of the domestic home and family life. Ethnographic evidence from families where there is a parent
How has your understanding of events, personalities or situations been shaped by their representations in the texts you have studied? Truth is often used as a weapon whereby those with authority can take opportunities to wield their power and take ownership of the truth. The truth is always subjective and can be exploited by the power of events, personalities or situations. By understanding the way these can help manipulate the representations of veracity, divulges what influences the truth and
Human Memory Cognition What is memory? Apologies for commencing with a naively under-estimated question likened to that asked by a small child or perhaps a tiresome teenager. However, in this case, to ask such a question will not result in futility or a slammed door. The point here is to illustrate that the existence of memory has far more widely reaching implications than the lay person might at first suspect. Without memory there would be no past. There would be no ability to employ previously
European Herald TribuneI. Abstract T his project presents a concise detailed analysis of a prospective business plan for an innovative new newspaper known as the European Herald Tribune (EHT), which will be in affiliation with the widely read and respectable International Herald Tribune (IHT). The main goal of the EHT is to become “Europe’s Newspaper.” In order to achieve this thorough research has been conducted on the various aspects that may affect the establishment and the possible future su
Long Distance Relationships Title page Abstract Introduction Literature Review There are many aspects that need to be considered when looking at romantic long-distance relationships. This type of relationship varies greatly from relationships in which the partners live near one another in a number of ways including communication, idealization, and relationship satisfaction. These ideas need to be addressed when discussing the transition, maintenance, and coping solutions of the relationship. The
F.O.R. Fitness Business Plan Executive Summary: F.O.R. Fitness is a service to the client that projects individual attention and positive reinforcement in the comforts of the client’s home. We will begin operations in January of 2004. Our proposed business is a service providing personal training at the next level. This partnership will be owned and managed by Francis Namocatcat, Oksana Kovalenko, and Rob Yarrington. Each business owner will contribute an equal investment to the company and shar
THE IMPACT OF MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM ON MANAGERIAL DECISION MAKING PROCESS: A CASE STUDY OF FSB INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC, MAIDUGURI BRANCH, NIGERIA. (COURSE: FOUNDATION OF MARKETING) BUSN 342 OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNE, 2004 This work is a case study submitted to the student service of the AIU, after completion of the course titled “Foundation of Marketing” (BUSN 342) by the writer. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page - - - - - - - - - 1 Table of Contents - - - - - - - 11 CHA
General Motors Case Analysis RUNNING HEAD: General Motors Case Analysis General Motors: Cadillac Case Analysis Situation Analysis In 1986, Lloya Reuss, who was the Executive Vice President of all North America car operations for General Motor (GM), set new goals for GM to achieve because the task before Reuss was an ominous one. In 1959, when Reuss joined General Motors, GM and Cadillac had huge changed. Also, during that time, the U.S. auto market belonged to the three domestic producers (GM, F
SONY ENTERTAINMENT 4-12-04 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. • Howard Stringer, CEO • Located in New York, NY • Sales for fiscal year 2003: $5.3 billion • Produces, manufactures, distributes and markets recorded music and entertainment in a wide range of formats, including video, CD, DVD, MD, Super Audio CD and via the Internet • Comprised of three divisions: Sony Music (domestic U.S.) Sony Music International (all countries outside of the U.S. and Japan) Sony Classical (the worldwide classical musi