The Things They Carried Paper

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The Things They Carried

By: Tim O’Brien

English 10

September 7, 2004

Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried, was a good piece of literature. The book contains
various stories from Tim O’Brien and people he knew during the Vietnam War. The Things
They Carried had very memorable characters that were all unique, realistic, and vividly
portrayed. The plot of The Things They Carried had many recurring images, a well developed
structure, and an extremely worthwhile subject. The theme of the book is universal,
developed as the book went on, and also gave the reader a new perspective.

All of the characters in The Things They Carried were unique, memorable, and very well
described. They all had their own reasons for being in the war, weather they wanted to or
not. There was Kiowa who was Native American, who was very religious, and he was only in
the war because he was drafted. There was also Tim O’Brien’s own story, which was that he
had gotten drafted, and almost ran away to Canada before the war. The characters were also
realistic to the story, mostly because the book is based on true stories from Vietnam.
"The average age in out platoon, I’d guess, was 19 to 20…" They were mostly young men,
all with their own items that they thought brought them luck, or had a kind of emotional
value. Carrying items for superstitious reasons was very popular during the war, which
makes the characters even more realistic and well portrayed.

"When a mission took them to the mountains, they carried mosquito netting, machetes,
canvas tarps and extra bug juice." In The Things They Carried, the phrase "They carried…"
was repeated many times throughout the book. It was the books most popular motif, and it
related to the book, because each person carried different things to different places at
different times. The books structure was also well developed, because when the author gets
the reader into the story that he’s telling at that time, he will end it, and then finish
it later on in the book during another story. Using this kind of structure, it makes the
reader want to keep reading, and find out what’s going to happen next. The subject of The
Things They Carried is very important. It is about the Vietnam War, which affected the
lives of millions of people and changed the world. It’s a good subject for a book because
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