Responsible Driving

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Responsible Driving

Responsible Driving

"Imagine a crowd of 44,000 people in the stands at a World Series or Super Bowl game. A television camera scans the individual faces --- some exuberant, some anxious --- all sports fans out for a good time.
As many people as are in that crowd will die in highway accidents this year. More than half of those accidents will involve alcohol, alone or in combination with other drugs. A disproportionate number of the dead will be young, between the ages of 15 and 24. One group, 16 year olds, will be in 40% of all the singl-car, alcohol related crashes" (Knox 19).
This statement shows the high risk and number of fatalities due to driving. It is very important to learn safe and responsible driving skills, which is why I am giving this speech. If you are prepared and know all of your stuff before your behind the wheel youll probobly do a better job and know the correct manerisms and etiquites of driving. The main purpose of this speech is to let you know how to drive responsibly and safely. I will first review the dangers and risks of driving to let you know what your getting into if you use illegal substances or drive improperly. Then I will go into the basic signs,signals and rules of driving to inform you of the current laws and regulations. Finally I will go through a step-by-step process of driving, from getting out of the drive way to turning onto a highway.

Accident risk is the chance of injury to yourself or others and the chance of damage to vehicles and property. All driving involves risk. You have tonotice that risk always exists and can sneak up on you at any time. 85% of all collisions are the drivers first collision. 49% of vehicle crashes involve only one car. The liklihood of being in a collision any year is only 1/5 people.The chances of suffering an injury that is serious enough to disable you is 1/83 people (Kenel, 8) .
As you can see risk is always very high and should never be forgot.
One huge risk in driving is to be under the influence of an illegal substance or drug. There are many kinds of drugs that affect you perception and driving skills. They include Over the counter drugs, Prescription drugs, Depressants, Stimulants, Hallucinogens and Narcotics. Over the counter drugs are drugs that dont need a prescription and are not illegal. They cure common illness\'s but almost always affect your driving greatly(Kenel,47). Illegal drugs such as marijuana make you drowsy.
Drugs have

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