Racism and Slavery

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Racism and Slavery

The Never-ending Battle

Slavery has been a controversial issue in the United States for hundreds of
years. Since the rise of slavery in the America, there have been numerous
accounts of resistance and opposition. Some of the more famous accounts of
resistance against slavery and racism are Harriet Tubman, the mastermind behind
the Underground Railroad, Rosa Parks, who refused to relinquish her seat on a
public bus to a White man, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s movement and most
famous speech I Have A Dream. Although slavery is illegal in the United States
today, I believe that the fight against slavery will never end. Slavery in the
United States is about more than taking Black’s freedom; it is about equal
rights for all races and ethnicities. Sadly, there is too much hatred and greed
in the world to abolish slavery and racism forever.

Frederick Douglass’ Independence Day Speech at Rochester in 1852, is one of
the most profound speeches of American history. It is unthinkable that a Black
man would speak out so strongly against slavery and Whites during a time when
there was so much tension between the Blacks and Whites. Douglass was the ideal
person to give such a speech due to his experiences as a slave. With his
personal life experiences, combined with his education achieved in England, he
was able to present himself with dignity and authority. Through his speech,
Douglass reveals the hypocrisy of America. The best example of this is the last
line of the speech, which states, “…for the revolting barbarity and
shameless hypocrisy, America reins without a rival” (Douglass 5)

Douglass plainly explains how phony the white leaders of that time were. This
is my favorite quote from this article because he points out the hypocrisy of
the laws written by the white male property owners. “What is this but the
acknowledgment that the slave is a moral, intellectual, and responsible being”
(Douglass 3). Douglass is explaining that a Black man can be put to death for
seventy-two crimes in the state of Virginia when a White man can be put to death
for only two. If a being, such as a Black man, committed any of these crimes,
then doesn’t that classify that being as intellectual and responsible? And if
by law, that the White man wrote, Blacks are considered to be intellectual and
responsible beings, then how can Blacks be considered by White men to be the “beasts
of the field” (Douglass 3)? Therefore, law defin

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