Modern designing in today's automobile

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modern designing in today\'s automobile

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Modern Designing in Today\'s Automobile
Today\'s automobile is a fine example of hard work and dedication to make our lives easier. Automobiles have progressed an amazing amount since the earliest automobile in the early 1900\'s. Most of us take for granted just how difficult producing an automobile is (car) and do not realize the work and hours that go into developing one. We also take for granted how much cars help us in our everyday lives. We use cars to get to every place we go; whether it is work, school, or anywhere else. Most of us don\'t realize how difficult life would be if we didn\'t have any cars. There are various systems in today\'s automobile which allow it function as a single unit; all of which are vital to the function of the automobile.
The process for developing and designing a car is a long and complex one. The process starts with the engineers. These engineers are some of the most intelligent workers in the automobile industry. They work long hard hours using very high-tech computers and engineering programs. These computers are some of the most high tech, powerful computers available anywhere in the world. It takes many of these engineers to produce a car and typically each engineer has a specific job, such as the car\'s frame. These engineers work independently on their assigned tasks, but they all are aware of what the other engineers are working on. This is because all of the work each engineer produces must work in unison with the work their colleagues are doing so that all the work produced functions as one; as an automobile.
Another important factor in the production of an automobile is safety. There are many different safety devices on cars today which save thousands of lives each year. The engineering
that produces these safety devices requires many hours of development. Some of the more well known devices are air bags and seat belts. They also test these devices to make sure they will pass safety inspections. Some of these tests are so important to the auto manufacturers they will
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even crash cars intentionally to see if they will pass. The engineers use very expensive crash test dummies to simulate what happens to humans in an accident. If the car passes the crash test the dummies have to remain intact and not have any serious damage. Once the car passes safety crash
tests and inspections the engineers finish the car.
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