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Marisa Saravisky
Dr. Liebert Marx
PSY 213
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Article Summary

Aiden Killoran is entering 7 th grade in the Westhampton Beach School District in
September 2016. Aiden is 13 and has Down- Syndrome. He attended Remsenburg-Speonk
Elementary school from kindergarten to 6 th grade. The Remsenburg-Speonk district created a
special program for Aiden while he was an elementary student. Under an agreement within the
school district, any child who requires special education would be transported to Eastport-South
Manor. His parents did not want this. They wanted to enroll Aiden in the Westhampton Beach
school district. The school district claimed that this want no t about not wanting to educate Aiden
but that they could not meet his needs. His parents filed a law suit in August 2015 that requested
the court "mandate Westhampton Beach U nion Free School District admit their son as a seventh
grade student in accordance with an IEP, specifying his instructional needs. " With an on-going
hearing, Aiden will receive services at the Westhampton School District. Until his placement is
determined by the special education committee, Aiden will receive homeschooling.

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