Genetic Engineering Paper

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Genetic Engineering

Humans try too hard to rationalize their life. They toy with subjects that they cannot
comprehend. Genetics are a part of this universe that even scientists do not understand.
Scientists have studied genes for years and have only positively identified one gene. One
would think that with so little understanding of genetics, scientists would not try to
manipulate genes. Their ignorance does not stop them, but only makes their will to
experiment with genetics even stronger. So little knowledge can be hazardous. Mistakes can
be made with catastrophic results. Humans should not toy with genetics due to the fact
that they have very little understanding of them and could make irreversible mistakes.

One might believe that genetics are harmless but everyone knows that genetics are wrong
due to the fact that we are toying with genes that we do not understand. An example of a
genetic experiment gone wrong is killer bees. The bees were engineered to produce a better
honey and more of it. When they were accidentally released into the wild, they started
reproducing at an astonishing rate. Now they have moved up the coast from Mexico into the
southwestern United States. Killer bees are extremely aggressive and will attack their
victim relentlessly until their death. Many human deaths have been attributed to these
violent insects. Some of these deaths are from large swarms of bees attacking an entire
crowd of people. All of the deaths are due to the fact that a scientist tried to utilize
something he did not understand.

The first genetic experiments were cruel. Small animals were exposed to huge amounts of
radiation. The scientists would watch as each generation of animals had different
mutations as well as malformed genes. Todayís experiments are not as brutal but are still
abusive. Scientists try to add genes to and remove genes from an animalís genetic make up.
The scientists then watch how the animals look or function differently. This method is
difficult and does not produce accurate results. Scientists need to wait until they know
more about genetics before they experiment with them. It should not be necessary to
torture animals to gain a little knowledge.

Scientists have had many leads in identifying genes. Only one of them has been an actual
gene that has the same affect in everyone who has it. This is the gene that causes a
psychological disorder. All the other "identifications" have not been confirmed.
Scientists thought that they had found an alcoholism gene. It was later found that some
people who drank and did not become alcoholics had the gene too. Another highly publicized
find that was not confirmed was the "fat gene". This gene was found in slim people as well
as obese people. Scientists should work on identifying genes before they experiment with

Some genes are nothing but excuses for not being lazy. Someone could say that itís okay
that they are obese due to the fact that they have a "fat gene". One could say that going
into a rehabilitation center for alcoholism was useless since they had the gene that
caused alcoholism. Genes should not give us an excuse to be anything but healthy. We as
people are not determined by our genes. Genes mostly dominate our appearance and are only
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