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Milner Ayala
DEC. 27, 1998

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most famous American writers, he is also known as a poet and a critic but he is most known as the master of the short story form. This essay will is about Edgar Allen poe’s life and it describes what a tough life he had for example his mother died when he was a kid his father was a drunk and after his mother died he and his brother and sister were orphaned his so called father didn’t really consider him much of a son he sent Poe to college but that’s as far as he went because once he got there he was on his own, and so on. This essay also includes some of the things that Poe had to go through to become a writer and some of his most famous works as THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, and THE RAVEN.

Edgar Allen Poe son of the actress Eliza Poe and actor David Poe Jr., was born January 19, 1809. His father was from a good Baltimore family and drunk heavily. His mother however was a good actress but she died of tuberculosis in Richmond Virginia in December of 1811.
After this at the age of 3, Edgar and his brother and sister were orphaned. Edgar went to the home of John and Fanny Allan who lived in Richmond, VA. John Allan was a successful merchant. In 1815 they went to England for five years where he attended private school. Edgar was athletic and smart. As Edgar got older though he started feeling worse and more lowly than the other boys. He fell in love with one of his friend\'s mother whose name was Mrs. Jane Stanard. Her parents disapproved of the relationship so they broke it off. Though his foster father wanted him to go into business, he managed to go to the University of Virginia in 1826.
He then studied French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin and could read Byron and Campbell. He was in trouble from the day he stepped in. Mr. Allan had not given him enough money to pay for his expenses so he took to gambling and drinking. He reached points where his debt was up to $2,000. His “father" refused to pay these debts so his education ended and he decided to leave for Boston in March 1827. He there enlisted as a common soldier under the name Edgar A. Perry. He was stationed at Charleston for over a year, he adapted well to the military discipline and moved through the ranks quickly. He soon became bored of military life and he wrote to his father reconciling with him after the death of his mother in 1829.
With his dad\'s help he got discharged to West Point on July 1, 183

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