Digital Technology

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Digital Technology

Digital technology is not a passing whim, but an inescapable technological advancement. By the year 2006, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will have ordered all analog transmitters off the air. Before long, all broadcasters will commence with the employment of a revolutionary technology that will bring crystal-clear images and interactivity to television. However, the traditional set in the home will become obsolete, and consumer interest in its proposed replacement remains untested. Consequently, only one major network has partly devoted time and resources into designing an extensive outline for breaking into the impending digital epoch. Surprisingly, that broadcaster is PBS. The Public Broadcast System\'s dedication to a high-definition television adjustment present the educational station with an infinite collection of benefits that will have numerous positive implications for the station\'s continuing role as entertainer and educator. Furthermore, high-definition television (HDTV) will significantly enhance the beauty and complexity of all PBS\'s programming.
Founded in 1969, The Public Broadcasting System is America\'s sole television network of public stations. Collectively, educational establishments, community organizations or state and municipal groups, operate approximately 350 member stations. All public television stations highlight the importance of illuminating cultural and educational programming, as well as distinguished programs on nature, science, and public affairs. In PBS: Behind the Screen, Laurence Tarvik depicts this unique organisation as "a $5 million appropriation" which over time, became a "multi-billion worldwide multi-media empire" (xvii). Over four decades, PBS has become a leader in using technology to further its educational objective, such as, closed captioning, stereo television sound amd foreign language audio tracks. Therefore, it was inevitable that PBS would plunge ahead in the digital arena. At present, PBS does not resemble a conceivable pilot to navigate the television industry into this new technological horizon. The major disavanturage for the network is its $230 million annual budget, (that would seem diminutive compared to commercial networks and as a non-profit organization). However, that has not interrupted the network from perfecting a $1.7 billion strategy that will transfigure the station into one of America\'s most advanced program conveyance systems.
At the core of PBS

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