Definitions and Examples of Poetry Words Essay

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Definitions and Examples of Poetry Words

Imagery: figurative language.
Example: It was a dark, cloudy day.
Metaphor: one thing is spoken as if it were another.
Example: The entire world is a stage.
Onomatopoeia: words for imitating sounds.
Example: smack, bang, pow, etc.
Personification: giving human traits to things that do not normally possess them.
Example: The tree talked to me.
Realism: the picturing of people and things as they really are.
Example: The Adventurers of Huckleberry Finn is realism, although a fictional story.
Rhythm: pattern of verse.
Example: using the same word to start a few verses in a row.
Simile: likening one thing to another.
Example: Tears flowed like wine.
Sonnet: a poem of 14 lines, two different types: Elizabethan (Shakespearean) or Italian (Petrarchan).
No Example
Symbolism: showing by objects.
Example: a ball.
Tone: a manner of expression showing a certain attitude.
Example: sarcasm.
History of Romanticism
Romanticism, basically, is the belief that divinity can be found in nature. The Romantic
Era took place mostly during the 17th and 18th centuries. However, a lot of American
Romantics became famous in the 19th century. Some more famous poets were William Cullen
Bryant, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. All poetry of this time
was based around the belief that divinity can be found in nature. The most influential
thing that occurred for American Romantics was the composition of Lyrical Ballads in 1798.
The people who wrote this were Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wadsworth, two English
poets. Romanticism was a revolt against Rationalism. Rationalism started in the 17th
century and stated that we could discover the truth by using reason instead of relying on

William Cullen Bryant
William Cullen Bryant was born in 1794 and died in 1878. When younger, he read Lyrical
Ballads, published in 1798 by William Wadsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, two English
poets. The book was a powerful source of inspiration for Bryant, who was considered the
first mature American Romantic. By the age of nine, Bryant was writing poetry that earned
him a reputation as a prodigy. Supporting Bryant were two important factors: his growing
attraction to the belief that divinity could be found in nature and where he lived, which
placed him in immediate contact with the first factor.

He contributed to English by being the first American Romantic. Bryant started this
period for the American poets. As for History, his poems are read as pieces of that time
period that reflect what it was really like. A common tactic of American poets of that
era was realism. Bryant put it to full use. One of his poems, “To A Waterfowl,” depicts
reality with a hidden meaning inside.

“To A Waterfowl”
Whither, midst falling dew,
While glow the heavens with the last steps of day,
Far, through their rosy depths, dost thou pursue
Thy solitary way?

Vainly the fowler’s eye
Might mark thy distant flight to do thee wrong,
As, darkly seen against the crimson sky,
They figure floats along.

Seek’st thou the plashy brink
Of weedy lake, or marge of river wide,
Or where the rocking billows rise and sink
On the chafed oceanside?

There is a Power whose care
Teaches thy way along that pathless coast--
The desert and illimitable air--
Lone wandering, but not lost.

All day thy wings have fanned,
At that far height, the cold, thin atmosphere,
Yet stoop not, weary, to the welcome land,
Thought the dark night is near.

And soon that toil shall end;
Soon shalt thou find a summer home, and rest,
And scream among thy fellows; reeds shall bend,
Soon, o’er thy sheltered nest.

Thou’rt gone, the abyss of heaven
Hath swallowed up thy form; yet, on my heart
Deeply hath sunk the lesson thou hast given,
And shall not soon depart.

He who, from zone to zone,
Guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight,
In the long way that I must tread alone
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