Creative Writing: Things and Stuff

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Creative Writing: Things and Stuff

There is a highly distinguishable d if ference between things and stuff per se.
In this essay I will help the reader become proficient in identifying what may
fall under the classification of things and what is stuff.
The thing is that things and stuff often appear the same on the surface,
but they are in actuality very different. Things have more spirituality as
opposed to stuff, which has a meaning that is more of the literal kind. It is
kind of hard to understand at first, but hopefully I will be able to enlighten
you. Things are like closer to God or something. On the seventh day, God said
"I\'m tired of this creations stuff. It\'s too specific. Let there be things."
And so then there were things. It is in this way that we have God to thank for
our fortunate inheritance of all the beautiful things on this earth. This is
why things are cool.
Stuff is more literal

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