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The Great Depression- Major causes.
The Great Depression was a period when persisted the unprecedented decline to respecter in economic activity, and caused something called worldwide depression and was caused for many different events, the most five important causes of the Great Depression were The Stock Market Crash of 1929, Banks Failures, Reduction in Purchasing Across the Board, American economic Policy with Europe, an d The Drought Conditions, all t hose events contributed and were the most important causes of The Great Dep
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TOP 5 CAUSES & EFFECTS OF WORLD WAR I 1)Mutual Defense Alliances : In the decades leading up to WWI the major military powers in Europe made numerous alliances. These alliances were mutual defense agreements where the countries would agree if either was attacked the other would come to its defense. 2) Imperialism Before WWI many of the European countries were on a quest to expand their empires in order to increases their power and wealth; they sought 3) Militarism : Militarism is on the ris
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Tutor Course Date The Role of Polis in Greek civilization Introduction The polis is a name given to the Greek city states which emerged and developed during the classical era of Greek civilization. Burckhardt describes the poleis as "city communities, city states with body of laws" (5). Preston argues that "the polis was much more than a governmental system as it was a culture built around expansion of human intellect- through architecture, drama and mathematics" (1). The polis is "the definiti
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COMM 1010: Case Study
Media Prima: Reality TV Shows Reality TV show has become one of the genre of television programming that people love to watch . According to Collins, R eality TV show is actually a programme in which it is supposedly to show how people behave in their everyday life while anticipating all the re al- life situations and events. In addition, it should be an unscripted life events consisting ordinary individuals while some shows, celebrities may participate in a programme. But, it is mostly seen th
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Seth Jones
Dr. Jones Eng 101 14 October 2016 Where would America be without the second amendment? Chris Kyle was a navy seal sniper and referred to as the most lethal sniper in military history. In 2013 Kyle was killed by Eddie Routh a veteran suffering from PTSD, the death of an American hero struck the hearts of a nation. Chris\'s widow Taya Kyle pledged "Simply having a weapon did not make him a murderer. His life choices did." (Kyle, Paragraph 19) Tara does not blame the firearm for the death of her h
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Seth Jones
Dr. Jones Eng 101 22 October 2016 Loyalty: The Foundation of Personal Connection The best way to prove that people will always be there for each other is through loyalty. Author Veronica Roth said, "I belong to the people I love, and they belong to me-they, and the love and loyalty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could". The amount of loyalty given to a person holds the power and ability to influence a person\'s whole perspective on someone else. Without loyal
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It is almost tautology to know that news organizat
ions or agencies provide ‘news\'. However, one cannot relate to the term of ‘news\' as of one piece. It is important for us to recognize that there are two types of news which are ‘hard news\' and ‘soft news\'. ‘Hard news\' is characterized by Tuchman, (1972) as having a level of newsworthiness. The topics that usually fall under the umbrella of ‘hard news\' are politics, economics, wars, crimes and social matters demanding immediate reporting and publication. On the other hand, ‘
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Konsep segregasi, integrasi dan saling kebergantungan Segregasi bermaksud permisahan atau pengasingan antara satu kumpulan etnik dengan kumpulan etnik yang lain dalam sesebuah negara. Pemisahan berlaku dalam beberapa keadaan antaranya dari segi kawasan tempat tinggal, sistem persekolahan dan kemudahan awam. Segregasi berlaku wujud sama ada didasari oleh undang-undang atau sebaliknya. Konsep segregasi dalam kehidupan yang saya hadapi ialah sewaktu di zaman persekolahan. Saya masih ingat lagi, se
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Milgram Experiment
Stanford Prison Experiment De - individualisation refers to a loss of your sense of individuality and responsibility. Describe the de - individualisation process in both experiments. In Stanford Prison Experiment which is conducted by Zimbardo in 1973, the de individualisation process occurs when the 24 male college students who have volunteered themselves in this experiment, are too intrigued in playing their roles as the prisoners and the guards regardless of their true self identity. This is
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Britten Laffoon
Eng. 101 Long-form Essay #1 Professor Snyder Wasted, or Simply moves too Fast If I were to split up my day and give each "activity" a percentage my day would consist of 50% to school, 15% to work, 30% to my daughter, and 5% to myself. Whether it be seeing a movie, spending time with friends, or just taking a nap I only have 5% to myself. And It makes me sad that school has a bigger percentage than time with my daughter but in order to do well I have to put a lot of time into it. These are the t
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P.S. 28M, The Wright Brothers School |Type Your Na
me Here | | |Class 000 |March 25, 2012 | Materials: Worksheet, pencil, highlighter, Computer PART 1: WORK AND ENERGY WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW... . What is a scientist\'s definition of work? . What is force? . What is energy? Click here to watch a short video about work and energy. Done? All right! I hope you learned the answers to all of the questions we wanted to know! Show what you learned by filling in the blanks below. If you need to watch the video again, just click on it again! You can watch
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Fredric Jameson
Posmodernismo o la logica cultural del capitalismo tardio I. Los ultimos anos se han caracterizado por un milenarismo de signo inverso, en que las premoniciones catastroficas o redentoras del futuro han sido reemplazadas por la sensacion del fin de esto o aque- llo (el fin de la ideologia, del arte o las clases sociales; la "crisis" del leninismo, de la socialdemocracia o del estado de bienestar, etc.): to- mados en conjunto, estos fenomenos quiza constituyan lo que cada vez mas se ha dado en d
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Destiny Banks
Mrs. H. Myers ENGL 1002-63639 15 February 2017 Analysis of " The Yellow Wallpaper " Life during the 1800s for a woman was rather distressing. Society had essentially designated them the role of being a housekeeper and bearing children. They had little to no voice on how they lived their daily lives. Men decided everything for them. To clash with society\'s conventional views is a challenging thing to do; however, Charlotte Perkins Gilman does an excellent job fighting that battle by writing "Th
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The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science
of Paper versus Screens - By Ferris Jabr on April 11, 2013 I believe the article more than a comparison between one way of rea ding versus the other, was bias on why it is better to read on paper than on a screen. Although, by the end of the article it tells you how many magazines, writers, comics and different companies are using technology to give a more pleasant and active reading experience, it still very persuasive on why you should be reading in a paper book. I personally like technology
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The School Days of an Indian Girl Summary
In this story the author let us have an inside on her personal experience of encountering white American people, who tried hard to and put a great deal amount of endeavor in order to have Native American people adapt into their world. The author utilizes a chronological structure, dividing the story into subtitled sections, to show her perspective and feelings through her journey towards the palefaces, as she called them. The structure of this story makes it easy to read and understand since it
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The Alchemist
I have originally chosen a different book to read, but as I began reading it I felt it was hard for me to comprehend many of the words. So, I thought it would be easier for me since I am in the process of learning English and this would have been the first book I read in English. To choose a book I have already read and like in Spanish but in English this time. The alchemist is a book I enjoyed very much when I read it probably 5 years ago in a completely different language, so reading it again
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Choose Not to Judge
"" My dear sisters, I want to talk to you about us, women, and how wonderful and special each of us is. We come in different shapes, sizes and colors, but we are all unique, strong, and valuable. Each of us have different points of views and make different choices in our lives; choices that each of us as intelligent individuals make, because they are what better fits our lives and lifestyles. Some of us identify themselves as feminist, and that is great. I myself identify as feminist, but let\'
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PROFILE: Dr. Robert D. Bullard
25704802452370             Dr. Bullard is known as the father of environmental justice, he has published eighteen books about urban land use, community reinvestment, environmental racism, sustainable development, emergency response, climate justice, smart growth, regional equity, housing and transportation. Dr. Bullard is an activist and academic who has been one of the principal voices of environmental justice advocacy. The 69 years old activist from Elba, Alabama, received his MA i
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E nvironmental Sustainability: The Evolution of Ur
E nvironmental Sustainability: The Evolution of Urban Areas Urban growth in the cities is continually raisin. This calls for less rural areas and more urban areas; with cities comes pollution and contamination, that is why major cities around the world have start to implement sustainability. Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely [2], this means to be able to generate a process that will benefit society as well as the environment. It is important for Americans
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Environmental Racism
Let\'s start by defining racism; as defined by the Merrian-Webster dictionary, "racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race". One might think this is something from the past, although the majority of people might not know that in today\'s society we still have racism; more specifically environmental racism. Everyone should be well inform of what this issue is because it is
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Global Poverty
            Let\'s start by defining what poverty is, the definition found in the business dictionary online   says that is the condition where people\'s basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. According to the World Bank household surveys, billions of people are living in "extreme" poverty ($1/day) and nearly three billion are in "simply poverty" ($2/day). In this essay I will focus on what are the causes and consequences
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DEMOCRACY & CAPITALISM American society is based on a democracy, where the people elect the representative that will be in power to govern, whoever gets the more votes wins. The article by Eric Gomez explains how the people are not really the ones making those representatives win but the interest groups and bureaucracy behind it. I can see how some groups help the candidates with money for those to have a better campaign but I do not agree with him when it comes to saying the decision is ma
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Environmental Racism
            Did you know that to this day we are still living in a racist country? I have had the opportunity to learn about racism in today\'s society more specifically about environmental racism and it is very sad to get to know how some communities still deal with racism just because they are colored people or don\'t live in the same places as the high society do, they have to deal with waste facilities that are placed in their backyards! They have to be in a polluted and contamin
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The Perfect Image
Abstract: This paper looks at self-esteem related to body image. Our culture tells us there is a certain body type that women and also men need to have. When that body is not achieved then bodily issues emerge. This paper looks at the different parts of self-esteem and how they affect everyone, including young girls. We will go over what happens from having problems with your body, to what causes them, and also to what helps decrease them. Eating disorders in the United States has recently beco
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Maria Martinez
Born Maria Antonia Montoya, Maria Martinez became one of the best-known Native potters of the twentieth century due to her excellence as a ceramist and her connections with a larger, predominantly non-Native audience. Though she lived at the Pueblo of San Ildefonso, about 20 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, from her birth in 1887 until her death in 1980, her work and her life had a wide reaching importance to the Native art world by reframing Native ceramics as a fine art. Before the arriva
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Why were the Bantu important connectors of African
cultures? A: The Bantu are tribes of Africans that migrated gradually from West African to the boundary which is now Nigeria and Cameroon. Historians believe that as they moved towards central, eastern and southern Africa they spread their knowledge and skills of farming , ironworking, and a set of customs and languages. What explains North Africa\'s relative isolation prior to the arrival of Islam? A: Before Islam, North Africa was isolated. They were isolated due to Germanic Europe or because
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Marisa Saravisky 3/8 /2017
Marisa Saravisky 3/8 /2017 EDU 103 Professor Dragotta Suffolk County Community College Assignment #5 Art and Physical- Mental Growth Creative Activities for Young Children, 11 th ed., Mary Mayesky , Ph.D.- Pages 183- 207- "Art and Physical- Mental Growth" Chapter 9 The early childhood art program helps a young child grow in social, emotional, physical and mental ways. It allows them to be individuals and grow at their own pace. The process of human development follows these stages: gross-motor
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The New Woman
"" Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896 Homer Plessy was jailed for sitting in a rail car for whites only. A supreme court case that established the doctrine of "separate but equal is equal" and upheld a Louisiana law requiring blacks and whites occupy separate rail cares. It was applied to schools in Cumming vs. County Board of Education in 1899. It was a setback for black rights until the doctrine was finally overturned in 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. It was used as precedent until 1954
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Marisa Saravisky
Dr. J. Mahabir English 212 T/TH 9:30-10:45 Paper #2 In many of the texts a central concept that emerges is war. This can be seen in Sergeant Michael, An Iraqi Boy , Michael Bautista, A Night in Iraq , Heather McCrae, A Toast to Life , Cory Buzzel , From First Class to Coach and Trueman Muhrer-Irwin, Robert Wise . In Sergeant Michael\'s, An Iraqi Boy , Michael and Thomas were both on guard at the entrance of their FOB. There they stood complaining about how bored and tired they were. They had bo
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Dr. Linda Barber ANT 101 T/TH 8-9:15 Response Paper #1 Anthropology has set characteristics that allocate it from other disciplines. These characteristics include: holism, comparativism, fieldwork and cultural relativism. By understanding these principles, we can better appreciate what anthropology is. When I hear the word holism, I think of medical treatments. When treating a patient, a healthcare professional assess and trea ts them based on their mental, emotio nal and physical health . This
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Dr. Liebert Marx PSY 213 T/TH 12:30-1:45 Special Education Topic Paper By far the most common genetic syndrome, Down syndrome is usually not an inherited condition, but, rather an anomaly at the 21 st pair of chromosomes. Also referred to as trisomy 21, Down Syndrome is the most common form of intellectual disability that can be identified at birth. Down Syndrome is associated with a range of distinctive physical characteristics that vary considerably from one individual to another. Small struc
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Marisa Saravisky
Dr. J. Mahabir English 212 T/TH 9:30-10:45 Paper #1 In many of the texts, different individuals have specific roles and these roles are associ ated with certain concepts. These concept s can be seen in the City of God, Lil\' Fellow the Musician, A Little Matter of Marriage, Person Who Bled Hearts Dry, and The Cutting of a Drink. The film, City of God , shows the darker side to one of the world\'s most well-known retreat cities, Rio de Janeiro. The "City of God" is approximately fifteen miles ou
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Marisa Saravisky
Professor French Ethics M/W 8-9:15 Essay #1 A theory of ethics is a method used to clarify and justify some of the difficult decisions we face throughout life. Many people have tried to find the best ethical theory. But w ho are we to judge what is right and wrong or what is good and bad? For solely that reason, th ere is no such thing as the best ethical theory. If I were to briefly put forth a theory of ethics and had to choose two values , character traits, responsibilities, or ideas about t
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Marisa Saravisky
Professor French Ethics M/W 8:00-9:15 Writing Assignment #2 There are three important views regarding moral standards. These views are objectivism, popular moral relativism, and subjectivism. The one that I find most controversial out of them is Popular (Cultural) Relativism. Cultural Relativism maintains that the same moral principles hold for the members of a particular society. These principles are determined by what much of that society accepts as morally correct. Before we can say what, we
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Marisa Saravisky
Dr. Liebert Marx PSY 213 T/ TH 12:30- 1:45 Article Summary Aiden Killoran is entering 7 th grade in the Westhampton Beach School District in September 2016. Aiden is 13 and has Down- Syndrome. He attended Remsenburg-Speonk Elementary school from kindergarten to 6 th grade. The Remsenburg-Speonk district created a special program for Aiden while he was an elementary student. Under an agreement within the school district, any child who requires special education would be transported to Eastport-S
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Atunci cand oamenii reduc consumerismul :O lecție
Atunci cand oamenii reduc consumerismul :O lecție practică din Japonia Starea economică proastă care a afectat Japonia din anii 1990, pană la inceputul anilor 2000 a adus salarii micii și prețurii mari , deprima n t e , transformand consumatorii liberi in persoane foarte cumpătate ș i făcandu-i o povară pentru econ omia J aponiei . Astăzi , după ani de la recuperare , chiar in gospodăriile japoneze cu o situație bună se folosește apa folosită pentru baie pentru a spăla rufe ,
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Can Other Animals Acquire Language?
From: Freedman, Introductory Psychology, 1978 1. Animals other than humans have not developed communication comparable to human language. But is it possible that other animals have the capacity to learn a language if they are adequately taught? Obviously, this is a fascinating notion. The idea of communicating directly with another species has long been part of human folklore and children\'s fantasies. But on a scientific level, the question of whether animals can learn a language is important
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Trew Morris
Samantha Scheepers ENG4U2 11/21/2016 Totalitarian Equality The key to producing great literature that remains relevant throughout generations is the author\'s ability to utilize themes and character to portray a social message. George Orwell\'s Animal Farm does exactly that by illustrating the rise and fall of Soviet Union communism as an allegorical social commentary through animals that possess very real human traits. Orwell\'s simplistic novella challenges the reader to qualify the concept o
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What are the best candidate ‘material facts' of
What are the best candidate ‘material facts\' of the case? Be as succinct and focused as you can. [10 marks] Material facts are those imperative in the result of the issue, and are those which without, would impact the determination of the case. They describe only which is relevant to and affects the possible result of the case. In Hyam v DPP AC 55, the material facts are as follows: The appellant (Hyam) had had a relationship with a man (Mr Jones), which ended when this man became engaged t
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BASL 2016 Conference
The practice of doping in sport is possibly as old as organised sport itself. Even in Ancient Greece, athletes used special diets and stimulants to build strength. However it was not until the 1920s that it became clear that restrictions were needed on drug use in sport. in 1966, the cycling and football federations (UCI and FIFA) introduced drug tests during their World Championships, pre-empting the first Olympic testing at the Grenoble Winter Games and the Olympics in Mexico, in 1968. Athlet
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BASL E-Sports
In E-Sports, Video Gamers Draw Real Crowds and Big Money SEATTLE — A bewitching creature — half woman, half deer — battles a shaman and a sentient tree. Lightning bolts strike. Weapons explode. Nasty spells are cast. The video game Dota 2, like so many across the Internet, transports teams of players from their bedrooms to a verdant virtual world where they smite each other through keyboard and mouse clicks. Except on this sunny day in July, every attack and counterattack by a five-person
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BASL Corruption
Fifa corruption crisis: Key questions answered Fifa, football\'s world governing body, has been engulfed by claims of widespread corruption since summer 2015, when the US Department of Justice indicted several top executives. It has now claimed the careers of two of the most powerful men in football, Fifa President Sepp Blatter and Uefa President Michel Platini, after they were banned for eight years from all football-related activities by Fifa\'s ethics committee. A Swiss criminal investigatio
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BASL Transfers
HOW DOES THE TRANSFER MARKET INFLUENCE THE INTEGRITY OF FOOTBALL? In this podcast Sean Cottrell, CEO of LawInSport, hosts a roundtable discussion with three leading sports lawyers Nick De Marco, Nick Tsatsas & Richard Berry. The roundtable includes a discussion on the legal issues that arise from the contractual, regulatory and governance structures in football including: The recent Telegraph sting which led to the departure of the England manager Sam Allardyce; including how would the Alla
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TUTORIAL 4: REMEDIES 2 Learning Objectives: By the end of this tutorial students should be able to: Understand the different interests protected by contract damages Explain the way in which expectation loss is calculated in commercial cases involving loss of profits Appreciate the role of the rules on remoteness of damage Explain the duty to mitigate Understand the function of injunctions and specific performance in providing a remedy for breach of contract ESSENTIAL READING: Review the lecture
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Post-Operation Yewtree, arguably the most famous p
aedophilic crackdown in the UK, which exposed sexual abuse from those in respectable positions in society. There has been a gargantuan rise in the number of reported Sexual Abuse to have been alleged. The BBC found the number of sexual offences recorded by police rising to more than 9% after revelations about Jimmy Savile emerged. This rise, is something that would be predicted, after such a big story and public support being more receptive to victims. There has been a shift, particularily
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Paddy Nnang is a 19 year old on a quelling mission
to rid his nation from mass governmental injustice and the promotion of human rights, promised by the very constitution which \'supposedly\' runs his homeland. Paddy a born and bred Cameroonian national, has witnessed from a tender age the brutality suffered, injustice served, and blind eye shown by those who\'s job it is to uphold these basic human right laws. This only served to further ignite his passion to stop these atrocities and   ensure accountability is gained. An undergraduate of La
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 Aristotle, who wrote Law should govern
 Aristotle, who wrote "Law should govern" The rule of law , is a legal principle whereby each citizen; irrespective of social status, class or demographic is subject to the same standard of law. This, in stark contrast to systems and ideologies of dictatorships and oligarchy. The rule of law is more complex than a singular definition and contains many components, something exemplified by the myriad of different opinions drawn on by thinkers into what it in fact means. The quote from Bradley an
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The intention makes the crime - Aristotle
"The intention makes the crime" - Aristotle A crime, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Law 1 is an act (or sometimes a failure to act) that is deemed by statute or by the common law to be a public wrong and is therefore punishable by the state in criminal proceedings. There are three elements, which all must be satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt for criminal liability to arise. These are; an actus reus acco mpanied by a specific mens rea, and with the absence of defence. Mens rea 2 is th
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Criminal Law - Semester 1
Homicide Means killing, by itself is not illegal. In some cases (defence) may be lawful, depends of course on mens rea. However, in most cases homicide is unlawful. An example of unlawful homicide; murder*, manslaughter* and others e.g. dangerous driving, infanticide (created before diminished responsibility, it was thought lactation affected mental capacity, nowadays however more aware of post-natal depression. Judges previously reluctant to convict. Law commission from a decade to refused to
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